Roberta Awakens.

This is another classic, a longish tale of a high school girl, Roberta, who goes to a slumber party at a friends, plays around with her first lesbian experience, then goes on a sexual journey to fulfill her newfound desires. A bit cheesy at times but LOTS and LOTS of hot, nonstop girl/girl sex.

(RATING: ***** [best])


Chapter 1 - Roberta Goes to a Party

I knew my wife Roberta was bisexual before I married her. I didn't know exactly how much until our first anniversary.

She found this out by accident, at a slumber party when she was 15. Eight girls were going to sleep over at Nancy Gilbert's house, on blankets laid on the floor. Her parents were going to be away for the evening. The girls had decided it was to be a "sex-story" party. The plan was that before going to bed, the girls were to sit together in a circle, and each tell a sexy story. Preferably it should be true, but if not, fantasies would be allowed. Each girl had to dress very scantily, in only a short, sheer nighty. No bra or panties were allowed. The more sheer, the better. This was to enhance the "sexiness" of the moment. In fact, Nancy's rules were that if it wasn't sheer or short enough, they would have to sit naked.

The day of the slulmber party, Roberta started to feel very nervous. She had always worn very plain pajamas, and didn't even have a nighty. She felt funny in her stomach about going to a party where the girls were going to dress like that. Admittedly, the nighties would cover things up, sort of, but it was just the thought of being in the room "almost" naked with several other girls. It felt so... well, naughty. Still, they were all good friends, and it was just for fun, she told herself. It couldn't be any worse than changing in the locker room, could it?

Actually, as she thought about it, she couldn't even remember noticing the girls in the lockeroom because she was usually daydreaming. Tonight would be different. She would be listening to the stories and very self-conscious. Hardly the kind of situation in which she would daydream and ignore. She felt very... something... excited?... tingly? Hard to pinpoint.

Roberta went to the mall, and into a lingerie shop. A young salesgirl asked her if she could help her, as Roberta stood before some mannequins with some very risque, short, almost transparent outfits.

Roberta jumped, and blushed. She nervously said "Well, er. Yes. I need to buy a nightie".

"You mean a negligee? What did you have in mind?" the cute, bubbly little clerk asked.

Well something that comes down to about here".. Roberta's hand signaled somerwhere just barely below crotch level, "and it has to be semi-transparent?".

"Oooh", said the young thing. "For some handsome boyfriend?"

"Well no, not exactly", said Roberta. "Actually it's for a slumber party?"

"A slumber party?!", asked the clerk. "My, aren't we the naughty girls. Well, come over here and let me show you the selection".

The clerk talked Roberta into a short "Fredericks of Hollywoood" type thing, a print design with a lacy white border, open on the sides, tied by two bows. It was quite sheer. Her AA breasts and nipples that stood out like eraser tips, would be quite visible to any of the girls who cared to look. Her young pussy, with puffy lips and a slight tuft of brown pubic hair would also be in view below when she sat down. She didn't have any other choice, she rationalized, since if the outfit wasn't scanty enough she would have to go naked.

Perhaps I should briefly describe Roberta at this point. She was beautiful, with shoulder length blonde hair. She was the "shy" girl next door type, very huggable. Totally innocent big brown eyes and perfect smile. Her 32 AA breasts were forming nicely, as already mentioned. Quite a sexy target for those who enjoy young innocence personified.

When Roberta arrived at the party, she went to the basement rec room to change. She put her negligee on, trying to ignore the other girls. Back upstairs, Nancy had the girls sat around in a circle, as planned. Roberta was self-conscious, and crossed her arms over her breasts. She made sure she kept her legs closed.

Nancy knew the girls would be nervous, so she gave them each a beer. Slowly Roberta relaxed, until shortly, she was leaning back into the couch, with her hands down in her lap. As the stories started, one girl told of a time when she made out with a boy in the back seat of a car. She got very hot, and they started to pet. As they french kissed, she put her hand on the outside of his pants and played with him, making him real hard. She then opened the boys zipper, and pulled out his hard cock. Putting two hands around it, she jacked him off, until he moaned and came all over her hands.

Roberta's tingling got more defined, and moved lower. Her breasts felt a warm glow. She started to get wet as the girl continued her story. Roberta pushed her hand lightly into her crotch. She wanted to put her hand down and rub against her pussy, but couldn't do it with the girls there. (It should be mentioned, that Roberta loves to play with herself. We'll see this in a later chapter. Her best attribute is that when she brings herself off, she spouts like a fountain. It is extremely noticeable. It is easy to gauge her excitement level by the amount of cum she produces).

As Roberta looked around, she found herself sneaking looks at the other girls in their sexy outfits. She found it hard to concentrate, because of what she could see through them. Breasts from sizes AAA to C were showing. Different sized nipples were poking right through the negligees. She stole looks between the other girls legs, much as a boy might do. She could easily see the other girls pussies. As the stories continued, some girls sat cross-legged. As Roberta studied the girls more closely, she could clearly see that she wasn't the only one feeling horny. Two of the girls had their hands in their laps, and were quietly pushing them into their crotches to aid their feelings. For some reason, it made Roberta even wetter to covertly watch this activity. Several girls were noticeably damp.

As the stories continued, Roberta kept stealing glances between here young friend's legs. The heat now started to rise in her cheeks. She couldn't stop herself... she was getting hotter looking at the girls than from listening to the stories. Fortunately, they didn't know what was causing her flushed look, as they felt flushed themselves.

One girl, Patti, sitting directly across from her, noticed Roberta's furtive glances at all the girls' crotches. Roberta kept looking, more often than usual, and she unconsciously licked her lips when she did so. Patti got suspicious, and decided that perhaps these were more than just curiousity glances. She smiled to herself, as she decided that if Roberta wanted to sneak looks at the girls, she would tease her to see how far she would go. The next time Roberta looked toward her, Patti leaned back on her elbows and pushed her breasts tightly against against her pink nighty. Roberta's breath caught in her throat as she stared at Patti's swollen nipples, clearly aroused from the stories. Roberta felt a strange twinge in her nipples as well. Patti chuckled to herself.

Patti then slowly lifted her knees. The next time Roberta looked toward her, Patti caught her eye and mouthed "watch me!" Roberta blushed and looked away, embarrased at being caught.

When Roberta's eyes again couldn't help but return to Patti's breasts, Patti smiled at her and again mouthed for her to "look". Knowing she was caught, Roberta looked around to see if anybody else had noticed them. Nobody had, so she looked back at Patti, who slowly parted her legs. Roberta couldn't help but keep staring at Patti's breasts and face. Patti motioned for Roberta to look down. She did, as Patti's slowly spread her legs open, until her dark pussy was visible. A shock of adrenalin went through Roberta. She quickly looked back up at Patti, who had looked away, as if nothing were happening, and pretended to be listening to the stories. She took this as an invitation to look back down. Patti spread her legs even wider. Roberta's cheeks got very hot, and her pussy was very wet. She stared intently at Patti's wide-open pussy lips and pubic hair. Roberta couldn't stop looking now, even when she knew Patti was looking back at her. Patti let Roberta watch her for ten to fifteen minutes. Roberta was very, very aroused. Her pussy was on fire, and she wanted to rub it, but couldn't

When Patti caught Roberta's eye again, she smiled and motioned for Roberta to spread her legs, too. Roberta, embarrased, shook her head "No!". She hadn't considered that Patti might want her to reciprocate. To her disappointment, Patti then closed her legs to Roberta's gaze.

Now Roberta didn't know what to do. She looked sheepishly at the floor. She looked around, and could see between some of the other girls legs, but not nearly as clearly as what Patti had showed her. She was breathing heavily. When Patti caught her eye again, Roberta gave at her a soulful look. She wanted to look again so badly.

Patti mouthed the words "Want to look at me again?" Roberta was too embarrasesed to answer.

Patti mouthed, "Come on, I know you do." Roberta didn't know why, but she quickly nodded "yes". Patti again motioned that Roberta would also have to open her legs. Roberta reluctantly mouthed "OK!". Nervous, hot, and wet, Roberta leaned over onto her left side, with her leg along the floor. She then slowly raised her right leg so the Patti could see her pussy as well. Patti then opened her legs almost all the way up for Roberta. Roberta couldn't remove her eyes. She was dripping now. Cream was running out of her pussy and down her legs. She almost came looking at Patti and letting Patti look at her.

Patti mouthed the words, "You like this don't you".

Roberta blushed and nodded enthusiastically, "Uhh, huh."

"Go ahead and look. Enjoy."

Patti again pretended to ignore Roberta, and listened to the stories, all the while keeping her pussy open to Roberta's stares. She let Roberta have her fill, without her feeling self conscious. Roberta told me later that Patti was so right, she did like it. Very much. She had never felt like this before. She was mesmerized by Patti's pussy, and had never been hotter in her life, even when petting in the back seat of the car with her dates. How could she get so hot by looking at another girl. Her boyfriend didn't get her that hot. She and the Patti kept looking at each others pussies and nipples, until it was time to go to bed.

------------- Roberta Gets a Closer View

As the lights went out, Roberta's eyes gradually grew accustomed to the darkness. The moonlight was brightly shining in, and several night lights in the room were on. She and Patti were on one side of the room away from the others. Roberta didn't fall asleep right away. She couldn't, her pussy was so hot. She was hoping the other girls would fall asleep, and then she could rub herself off. She thought she heard a couple of the other girls masturbating, and heard them moan when they came. This made her even hotter. Roberta rubbed her slit very lightly while she waited, needing release badly.

After the others fell asleep, Patti suddenly slid her blanket over close to Roberta, and whispered to her.

"Roberta! Tell me the truth. Did you enjoy looking at my pussy?"

That startled Roberta, who thought everybody was asleep. Roberta was too embarrased to answer, so Patti asked her again, "I saw how you looked at me, Roberta..., I saw where you looked at me."

Roberta shook her head no.

"Come on Roberta, when I closed my legs your eyes almost pleaded with me. You wanted to look at me so bad, you even spread your legs for me."

Roberta didn't know what to say. She was hot. Confused. She didn't know why she did what she did... she just couldn't help it."

"Ok, Roberta. Answer me one thing. Very honestly. Did it make you hot to look at me?"

Roberta could only nod.

Patti then whispered, "Do you want to see my pussy again"?

When Roberta didn't answer, Patti switched around on the blanket, so her pussy was near Roberta's head.

"Don't answer, let's try an experiment." Patti was lying on her left side, about two feet away from Roberta. She lifted her right leg, putting her foot on the floor with her thighs propped open, so Roberta could see between them again.

Roberta couldn't help it, she looked between Patti's legs.

"Can you see me?", Patti asked.

Roberta let out a small sigh in response.

"Good. Let's try my question again. Did you like looking at my pussy?" she asked.

Roberta nodded, "Yes".

"Did you get horny while you looked at it".

"Mmm, Hmmm", Roberta answered, this time more fervently, still nodding, and still looking.

"Did you get wet?", Patti asked?

No answer. Just a moan... "Ooooh, God, Patti please.."

"It's Ok, Roberta. Don't be embarrassed. I don't know why, but it's making me horny too. Go ahead and look at me."

Roberta could clearly see Patti's brown pubic hair. Her puffy mound made two big lips on the side. In the middle was her slit, with some smaller lips slightly visible in between.

"Well, how is it, Roberta?"

Roberta's started rubbing her legs together and said, "Nice...".

"That's the girl. Rub your legs together while you look at my pussy. Enjoy yourself."

They were silent for a minute while Roberta soaked in the view.

Patti said, "Baby... I'm getting hot letting you watch me. Keep doing it. Can you see me getting hotter?".

Roberta saw that Patti's pussy was starting to grow and open up. The smaller lips were protruded more now. Some noticeable wetness appeared between her legs.

"Oh, yes... your pussy's getting bigger... and wetter, Patti." Roberta's hips started to move more noticeably, and her legs rubbed together as she tried to masturbate herself. She was not afraid to let Patti see her do this anymore. She needed release.

"I can't see you very well, Roberta. Open your legs up so I can see you, too", Patti said.

Roberta opened her young, tight legs to Patii's gaze... "Mmmm... I've never done this before. You look so good. Such a nice, hot, young pussy."

Roberta let out a gasp. She grew hotter as she let a girl look between her legs, for the first time.

Patti said, "How does it look? You really like looking at me, don't you."

Roberta sighed. "Oooh, yes... yes, it's nice." Her hips kept moving, although with her legs spread out for the Patti to look at, she couldn't get any friction to rub herself off. She knew she must be soaking wet.

"You're worse than a boy, Roberta... looking between my legs. Only boys get hot looking at pussies."

"Mmmmm. No. Oooh. Oh, I can't help it. I don't know why I'm doing this."

Patti said, "You should see your pussy, Roberta. You're really getting wet looking at me".

"Ooooohhh. I know." Another gasp escaped Roberta's lips.

Patti whispered "Do you want to play with yourself while you watch me?"

Roberta's moaned loudly, and her legs involuntarily closed so she could rub her thighs together very hard.

"Come on Roberta, open up again so I can see too."

Roberta reluctantly opened her legs again. "Go ahead, Roberta, touch yourself. I won't tell anybody. Show me how hot my pussy gets you. I want you to do it."

Roberta moved her right hand down between her legs and gently started to rub along her slit.

Patti responded, "Mmmm. You like that don't you. Do you want me to open up some more so you can see how wet you're getting me?"

"Yes, please." Roberta responded, uncontrollably, as she rubbed her pussy harder.

"Good girl". Patti opened her legs really wide, and moved her pussy within a foot of Roberta's face. "Go ahead, Roberta, rub yourself. Show me how much you like it. Show me how much you like to look at my pussy. It's wet, isn't it. Look at how wet it is".

Roberta could see into Patti's wide open pussy. Her inner lips were full and wet. Cream was all around the entrance.

Roberta groaned and put a finger in her pussy, and started to work it in and out.

Patti said, "My goodness, Roberta, you're such a slut. What would your parents say if they knew you were at a slumber party playing with yourself, while you looked at a girl's pussy?

"Oooh", Roberta moaned. "Oooh. Don't. I... I can't stop."

"You like frigging yourself while you look at my pussy, don't you? Say it."

"Oh, yes", whispered Roberta.

Is this your first time getting off with somebody else?"

Roberta nodded quickly, "Yes".

"I'll bet you've never seen another boys cock, have you", she asked Roberta.

Roberta furvishly said, "Yes I have!"

"Did it get you this hot?"

"No... I mean yes. Oooh, please Patti, don't make me think about it." answered Roberta

"No?!. A cock didn't make you hot.. but looking at my pussy has you creaming, doesn't it".

Roberta frigged herself even faster, and moaned, "Oh God, yes."

"Roberta, I watched you tonight, looking at all the girls' tits and pussies. You were just like a boy...looking under everybody's nighties. Admit it, baby. You like to look at pussies, don't you? Cocks don't do it for you. But a nice wet pussy sure does, doesn't it?"

"Mmmhh. Oh God Patti. Please stop." said Roberta.

"Come on Roberta. Show me how much hotter a pussy gets you than a cock".

Roberta now inserted a second finger in her pussy. Her palm was rubbing her clit. She writhed and moaned while staring at Patti's pussy. It was so close, she could smell the wetness. Oh, God, she loved this.

"I've never seen a girl who liked to look at a pussy and finger fuck herself. Are you a lesbian, Roberta?"

"Ooooh. No. Oh, Patti, please don't."

"You like wet pussies don't you? You're going to cum looking at my pussy, aren't you? Take a look at this." Patti reached down with her right and, and spread her pussy lips open wide for Roberta with her fingers. She exposed her extended clit for Roberta's longing eyes."

"Oh, God", Roberta moaned, "Don't.

"This is what you want isn't it. To cum, while you look at my nice big wet pussy... my nice big clit. Go on, tell me, Roberta. Do you like my clit?"

Roberta groaned, and arched her back and jacked herself to an orgasm. "Ooooh. Oooooh. Aaagghh. Ooh, God this feels so good."

"Look at it Roberta. Admit it. You're a lesbian."

Roberta moaned and rubbed herself even faster... squeezing her legs together on her hand. Her orgasm was welling up from deep within her. The words ous through her brain; "lesbian... lesbian!" as her eyes savored Patti's pussy. Her orgasm hit hard. Cum pulsed out in several long squirts and drenched her hand and the blanket. The aroma was powerful.

As Roberta came down, her heart beating rapidly and still finger fucking hersef furiously, Patti kept whispering to her to go ahead and keep looking, so she could remember what a pussy looked like close up. Roberta hypnotically obeyed. Her legs opened and closed on her hand, as she continued to rock with smaller orgasms.

"Oooh, baby. What a hot slut. You came buckets. That really got you off, didn't it?", Patti said.

"Oooh yes. That was good Patti. Thank you. I've never cum so much in my life".

Chapter 2 - Roberta Tastes a Pussy

After a silence, Patti whispered. "Roberta, sweetheart, I got awfullly hot letting you look at my pussy and my clit. I think it's time for you to return the favor. Since you like my pussy so much, I think you'll like this even better". Patti moved her pussy even closer to Roberta's head and opened her legs as wide as she could.

"Patti, what are you doing", asked Roberta.

" I want you to get a good look, up close, to remember what got you off," Patti replied.

Roberta was still hypnotized. She stared into Patti's cunt. Her mouth was salivating. She licked her lips.

"Like it, Roberta? I don't think you can see it well enough to remember it properly, though. Open me up wide... go ahead, use your hand. Spread my pussy open and take a good look at it.

"Oooh. No. No, I can't. Oh, Patti, please, no."

Patti's pussy remained open. "Come on pussy slut. It's only fair. I want you to feel how wet you got me."

Roberta took her right hand from her soaking pussy and brought it up to Patti's cunt. She gently spread Patti's pussy wide, until she could see her clit. She could also see deep into Patti's hole. All around her pussy and between her lips Patti was soaked.

"Oooh, God", Roberta moaned. "Oooh your wet."

"What a little slut ", said Patti. "You just got off, and you're still moaning. Like to look at my wet pussy?"

"Mmmmm. Oooh God, please don't make me do this," Roberta said, holding the lips open to her view. She could smell Patti's moistness vividly.

"Go ahead, rub my pussy, baby. Look closely at it while you do. See how much wetter wet you can get it".

Roberta gently started rubbing Patti's wet pussy and clit.

"Oh, God" moaned Patti as she started rocking back and forth on Roberta's finger. "You're good, you little pussy slut. Rub me harder. That's it. Oh, that's great. Take your finger out and taste it".

"No. Don't make me do that, please. It's nasty." Roberta said, as her thighs started rubbing together again.

"Come on, Roberta. You know you want to. I can see you squeezing your horny pussy again."

Roberta took her finger, and put it in her mouth. It tasted better than she thought it would. She rubbed it up and down Patti's slit some more.

"Mmmh, ooh... aaagh. Yes, baby. That's it. Do me.", said Patti.

Then Roberta stuck her finger deep inside Patti, down where the source of her cream was. Again, she removed her finger, and put it to her mouth. "Oooh that's good" she thought. She licked her finger off like it was a small cock, while her pussy was clenching down as her hips and thighs started grinding together.

"Mmmmh. You like it, don't you? Now, kiss me down there," said Patti.

"What. No.", Roberta said, a chill running through her.

"You liked how your finger tasted, baby. Go ahead. There's more where that came from. I know you liked the taste, I saw you sucking your finger and squeezing your legs. Keep playing with me. Now, lick your finger again."

Roberta stroked Patti's slit some more. God it was juicy. She plunged her finger into Patti's hole again, then pulled it out to lick it some more. "Mmmm". Then again. "Ooooh".

"You like my pussy juice, don't you Roberta. Look how wet you've made me down there. Please, Roberta... lick me. We both need it."

"Oooh, Noooo. Oooh, Oh God. I can't." Roberta said, "please".

"OK, how about this for incentive." Patti reached her hand over started rubbing Roberta's clit. Roberta started humping Patti's finger immediately

"Just as I thought. Can't get enough, can you. Come on, kiss my cunt, lover. Just try it once."

Roberta couldn't help it any more. She leaned over between Patti's legs and kissed her clit.

"Oooh" said Patti, "that's it. More".

Roberta put her tongue out, and licked it. It tasted good. Once she started, it was too much, she couldn't stop herself. She had never tasted anything so good in her life. Roberta tongued Patti's pussy from top to bottom. Patti was leaking cream onto Roberta's loving tongue.

Patti stuck her finger deep inside Roberta in a gesture of thanks, and started finger fucking her in return.

"Oh, your good, Roberta. Show me how much you like doing that ". In response, Roberta humped Patti's fingers and hand harder, while she licked in long strokes around and to the top of Patti's slit.

"If you do it really good, Roberta, I'll give you another finger. Would you like that?"

"Mhhh Hmmm...". Roberta stuck her tongue as far as she could into Patti's hole, and started reaming her out. Her tongue rimmed around and around and into Patti's depths. Patti inserted a second finger into Roberta, who was now panting and writhing on the blanket.

"You like to eat pussy, don't you, you little pussy slut. Lick the cream out of my cunt. Oooh. I'm dripping onto your tongue."

"Do my clit now, please.?" Patti begged. Roberta took Patti's clit into her mouth, and started sucking on it.

Patti moaned, "God, your something. Tongue it... Aaaahh, yes... that's fantastic.... Now suck it... Oh, God, Roberta. Slow down. Oooooh... shit... You're going to make me come, if you keep that up".

Roberta was mouthing Patti's whole pussy and chewing on her clit, while Patti finger fucked her in return. Patti's creamy liquid was pouring into Roberta's mouth.

"Roll on your back. I want to sit on your face," Patti said.

Roberta obeyed. She grabbed Patti's hips with her hands and pulled her pussy tightly onto her mouth. She went after Patti's pussy ravenously.

"Ooooh yes. Do it to me.. Aaaah. Flick my clit some stick your tongue inside. Oooohh, you're doing it to me. Oooh, God baby, this is too much. I'm going to come in your mouth, slut. Do you want it in your mouth?" Patti asked.

"Mmmm, Hmmm. Oh yes" Roberta writhed even harder on Patti's hand while she continued eating.

"Oooh. You want my cum? Oooh, yes. Oooh it's coming soon. I can't hold it any more" moaned Patti.

"Oooh, yes. Give me your cream, Patti. Do it. Right in my mouth" said Roberta.

Patti said, " Here goes. Aaaagh, my God, oh your good. Oh God, it's coming. Oh I can feel it".

As Patti came, Roberta clamped her whole mouth around Patti's pussy, put her tongue inside and started reaming her. Her tongue reached Patti's "G-spot". Patti started cumming violently. Not squirts, like Roberta's, but thick cream that pumped out globs. Roberta sucked, and swallowed all Patti's juices. She could feel Patti's cunt clamping up on her tongue. She gratefully drank all the cream Roberta could offer. Roberta put two fingers into Roberta's pussy and fucked her furiously. Roberta's hips were moving madly. She pulled her legs up and opened them for Patti as wide as she could. "Ooooh. Ooooh, no. Oooh. this is so good. I'm cummmmmiiinnnggg Patti. Rub your pussy on my face while I come on your hand. Aaaaahhhh."

Roberta came on Patti's hand for the second time that night.

Patti stayed on Roberta's face, rubbing her pussy all over Roberta's mouth and nose. Roberta's face was soaked, but she loved it.

"Oh, God Patti. Rub it on me. Let me clean you up." Roberta licked Patti's pussy, as Patti gently moved her pussy all around Roberta's mouth. Roberta opened her mouth, and pulled Patti down tightly, gluing her mouth to Patti's pussy. She then inserted her tongue as far as it would go into her and sucked the rest of the cum out of her. Roberta kept licking and licking. She couldn't stop.

"That's it, Roberta, lick me clean, you little pussy whore. Oh what a lover. I can't believe how you love my pussy".

Roberta sighed happily, "Mmmm Hmmm, I love your pussy." Patti wrapped her legs around Roberta's head, and Roberta fell asleep with her mouth stuffed in Patti's pussy.

.............. Roberta Can't Quit

Around 4:00 in the morning, Roberta drowsily awoke. God, what a night. She never thought she could ever do something like that. She looked over at Patti, who by now had turned back around, and was lying on her back on the blanket. Robert's pussy was slightly sore, so she put her hand down to gently rub it.

As she remembered how Patti sat there during the stories and opened her legs for her, and how Patti had made Roberta jerk off while staring at her open pussy, she started to get hot again.

Roberta heard noises across he room. In the shadows, she saw two other girls doing something. One was leaning up over the other one, and her arm was actively moving up and down rapidly. The other one's legs were spread open, and she was obviously bucking her hips into the other girl's hand. Roberta could hear her stifled moaning... "Oooh Nancy. Do me baby. That's it, make me cum. Ooooh, God. Ooooooh"....

"At least I'm not the only one", thought Roberta, somewhat relieved that the stories had apparently gotten to some of the other girls as well.

As she remembered her experience looking at Patti's pussy, her middle finger moved down to where it was moist, and then back up across her clit. "Mmmhh. God, I must be a slut", she thought. "I can't believe I let her sit and cum on my face". She started getting hotter, and stroking her pussy a little harder. "Aaaah, what a nice pussy. What a taste!"

She looked over at Patti. Patti's nice pear-shaped "B"-sized breasts and nipples were standing out tight against her nighty. "Oooh. I shouldn't be doing this", she thought. "First pussies, now breasts. She continued to rock lightly on her hand. She realized everyone was asleep, and they wouldn't know. She thought to herself, "I may never get the chance again. Might as well make the most of it."

She couldn't help it. As she rubbed clit, she moved closer to Patti where she could see her better., and just watched her breasts for a few minutes. Patti heard her, and opened her eyes.

"Hi, my adorable pussy slut. What are you doing? Oh my, playing with yourself again, huh?" said Patti.

"Mmmhh, Hmmm" said Roberta, this time not nearly as bashful as earlier.

"What's getting you turned on now, you horny thing?"

Roberta didn't answer, but her eyes kept dropping down to Patti's breasts.

"Oh. You like my tits too, do you?"

Roberta moaned, and stroked herself even harder.

"Well then, here, let me help". Patti slowly undid the two ribbons holding her nighty closed, and pulled it open until her breasts was visible.

"Oooh, God", cried Roberta.

"Play with yourself, baby while you look at my tits. Look how big my nipples are getting for you. Go ahead, look at them... I haven't even let a boy look at them before, you know. I know they're getting you hot. Play with yourself ."

"Oooh. I like your tits. Your nipples are beautiful". Roberta licked her lips.

"Are you going to cum again looking at me? Oh, yes, I think you are. Here, kiss them".

Roberta couldn't control herself. Her mouth clamped down on Patti's right nipple, as she frigged herself .

"That's the baby. Suck my nipple. Bring yourself off, you horny sweet slut."

Roberta came uncontrollably, again, all over her hand. Her mouth never let go of Patti's breast.

"Oh, that's the good girl. Suck on my tits. Let's go back to bed. You can suck on them all night".

Roberta and Patti lay down side-by-side. Roberta played with herself and sucked Patti's breasts until sun-up. Before everybody got up, Roberta asked Patti to please keep what happened a secret... that it was a mistake. She just got a little out of bounds.

Patti kissed her gently on the mouth, and held her close. She said "Don't worry about it Roberta. I enjoyed what you did to me. A lot. I mean, I'm not queer or anything. I thought it would be just harmless fun to see if I could get you hot. Well, it worked. You did. And you got yourself off. The problem is I got a carried away and got myself hot in the process. Fortunately, you were kind enough to take care of my problem. Let's forget about it."

"Thanks, Patti", I knew you'd understand.

Patti held Roberta close, and kissed her nose. "Don't get me wrong, sweetheart. I said I wasn't queer. I also said I won't tell. But think about it... I really do think girls turn YOU on."

"Oh, Patti", Roberta fell on her shoulder and shook her head. "Oh, how could you say that".

Patti held Roberta's cheeks gently in her hand. "Baby, I didn't say I hated you for it, or that I wouldn't be your friend. But honestly, I have never seen a girl act so much like a boy... I mean you got hotter than I've ever seen a person get looking at my pussy... only boys do that. And you've got to admit, I don't think any boy could eat pussy the way you did. You were a natural... and it was only your first time... God your were good! My pussy is oozing thinking about it. The way you sucked my cunt, while you tongued me? Ooooh yes, baby. You get off on girls, alright"

Patti pulled Roberta close, and kissed her. Softer. Longer. They hugged, and kissed, for several minutes. Finally Patti broke away. "Don't worry, Roberta. I loved it. With your abilities I think you'll have lots of friends".

Chapter 3 - Roberta is Confused

Roberta was very confused. At school, later the next week, she couldn't look her friends in the eyes. She couldn't believe what she had done. She tried to rationalize... the sheer outfits, the half-naked girls, the horny stories... it was bound to make any girl hot and want to cum off. It just so happened she got a little over excited, that's all. Patti couldn't possibly be right. She was determined to conquer this.

Friday she was going out on a date with her boyfriend Jerry. Roberta decided to dress as sexy as possible, in a very short skirt, and not wear a bra. She didn't usually fool around, but she wanted to do this, so she knew she was OK. She talked Jerry into going to the park to neck. She had him bring a few beers to get her going.

As they kissed, Jerry hugged and pulled her tightly. Roberta tried to squeeze her legs, but only a slight tingle was evident. She put her hands inside Jerry's shirt, and rubbed his muscles and his nipples, and kissed his chest. He started playing with her tits through her sweater. Yes! that definitely felt good. They made out some more. Roberta then undid Jerry's belt, and pulled down his zipper. She was feeling better now. Jerry started frenching her madly. Roberta put her hand on the front of his cock, and felt it getting bigger under his shorts. She rubbed it up and down. God it was big, she thought. Finally she pulled it out through the opening. She rubbed it and looked at it. She looked at his face... he was loving it.

"Go, Jerry honey. I want to watch you come, baby".

Roberta started stroking him off. She switched hands, to her left, so she could put her right hand up her own skirt. She rubbed her clit through her panties. "Oooh". she sighed. But... there was a problem. Although she was having fun, she realized she was not nearly as wet or hot as she was that last Saturday night. "Oooh, God, no" she thought. Desperately stroking Jerry off, and desperately trying to play with her own pussy.

Jerry finally started moaning, and thrusting his hips in his hands, "Go Roberta. Go baby. I know your playing with yourself, you hot bitch. My pricks got you hot, doesn't it. Oooh, that's right baby. Oooh keep it up. I'm going to cum, baby. Aaaaggghhh" and his cum spurted out all over Roberta's hand. Roberta used the wetness to keep stroking him. She kept playing with herself too, but it wasn't working. She didn't feel like cumming. She finally stopped, exhausted. They made out some more, and then went home.

Chapter 4 - The Big Experiment

Now Roberta was really in distress. Jerry's cock didn't get her off. Patti's words kept ringing in her ear. She thought the problem over some more. She was forcing it, that's it. She took Jerry out, but she wasn't relaxed and she tried to force it. Roberta decided she needed to try a drastic experiment. She would prove to herself that Saturday's occurrence was just an anomaly.

Her parents planned to go out the next Saturday. Roberta often stayed home, took a hot bath, dressed in sexy panties and bras, and then laid in bed and played with herself for a couple of hours, until her panties and bed were soaked. She enjoyed the feel of her fingers tremendously. She usually didn't even fantasize, and certainly didn't use any books or anything... simply the relaxing, loving feeling of her hand got her going. This Saturday she would try something different. Her plan was to go out Saturday, and into the local news and magazine store, and buy a couple risque magazines. She would do a comparison. She would buy a men's "Muscle" magazine... knowing that the big specimen's would get her hot. She would buy a girl's "Seventeen" magazine, which she read periodically and was sure that wouldn't do much for her. To elevate the risk, somewhat, she wanted to sneak into the "X-rated" section when it was empty and grab a girlie magazine, and also one of those magazines she heard about it with naked guys. So armed, she would then have her Saturday bath, spread the magazines out on the bed, and have a contest. First one to get her off wins. Since she had never seen one, she was sure if the Men's magazines had any erect guys, she would get off instantly.

Saturday came, and she went to the store. She had on a pair of tight cutoffs, which had the nice effect of stimulating her pussy. Roberta found the muscle magazine and the Seventeen. Looking around, she waited until the "X-section" was empty. The flush rose in her cheeks, and she rushed in. Oooh goodness. What to pick. She didn't know there were so many.

"Can I help you... Roberta isn't it?"

Roberta jumped, totally embarrassed and turned around quickly. She was startled by who she saw. She recognized the girl from school. Suzy was her name. She had long blonde hair, pulled back into a pony tail, thin high cheek bones, that California tanned look, and had an awesome body. She had on heavy red lipstick and makeup, and a sensitive perfume. She was stuffed into some very tight Calvins, and a tight cotton "T-shirt", cutoff on the bottom so her tummy and belly button were visible. Her hips were full, her ass filled out the Calvin's perfectly, and she had one of those perfect wide pelvises that a man would just like to rub against. Her small "32A" breasts, braless under the T-shirt, showed near perfect nipples poking through.

"Oh, hi Suzy. No, I... uhh... I mean" Roberta was speechless.

She was looking Suzy up and down. Her gaze shifted up to Suzy's nipples, then down to her tight pants, and back again. Roberta was dazed. She felt tingly again. "My God what a body" she thought. Then she looked at Suzy's face and realized she'd better say something.

Roberta stammered "Well actually, I'm doing a school project, and I'm supposed to find an erotic Men's magazine. The project's about homosexuality."

"Oh, naked men, huh. Come over here. Here's a nice one". Suzy opened it up, and showed her a centerfold of a handsome blonde man in a swimsuit, with an obvious hardon. "Mmmmh, how's that hunk, Roberta."

Roberta stared. But didn't say anything.

"Look at this, is this what you're after?" She turned the page. The man was naked, in bed, stroking his hardon.

"Oh my God. I don't believe it. I... uuhh. sure. Give it to me, I'll take it". She was not very convincing.

Suzy winked at her. "He sure makes my pussy moist? How 'bout you? She obviously thought Roberta wanted it for other purposes.

"What else can I get you".

Roberta looked around. She needed a girlie magazine. But how would she explain that. "Well, actually, uuh, wait. My brother wanted me to pick him up a girlie magazine. But I've never gotten one. What would you recommend."

"Oh, your brother, huh. Well come here" Suzy said. She decided she'd see what Roberta was really like. She was kind of cute. What if the magazine was really for her.

Roberta feared Suzy didn't believe her. "Check this out... Club International... gorgeous women." Suzy pulled one off the rack and opened a page for Roberta. The heading was 'Bailey, Cycle Slut", and this gorgeous blonde, with a silver mini-skirt pulled up to where her panties were visible in the back, turned three quarters back to her, was staring right at her. Her miniskirt covered ass was pushed out provocatively. Roberta's eyes dropped to the panty line and her gorgeous ass and legs.

"Ooooh. Ooooh my", Roberta stammered. Suzy was embarrassing her.

This time, Suzy moved close, right in front of Roberta.

Suzy's pushed her ass back against Roberta's front, while she showed her the picture. Her perfume was overpowering. Roberta looked at the photo.

"How about this", as Suzy flipped the page.

Bailey was sitting with her miniskirt up to her waist, her sliver striped white blouse open revealing the most impressive tits Roberta ever saw. Bailey was again looking right at her. Her mouth slightly open, challenging her

Roberta's eyes dropped to where Bailey had her panties pulled to the side with her left hand, while she rubbed her clit with her right. "Oooh, God she thought. She started feeling that hot feeling gain. Was it her imagination, or was Suzy rubbing back into her crotch. Or was she rubbing her pussy on Suzy's ass?

"How about the next page". This page showed four great shots of Bailey. "Look at the top... bent over, rear view. Look at that ass. I'm sure your brother will love it". Roberta rubbed bumped Suzy's ass again, but then got a grip on herself.

"Uh, yes. Yes. That's fine Suzy. I'm sure that he'll like that. Thank you", as she breathlessly closed the cover.

Suzy licked her lips and looked at Roberta. "Yeah, I can tell. Bailey's just the right kind of girl for him isn't she. I'll bet she could make whoever looks at her wet their pants good".

Roberta's thighs clinched as she tried to ignore the double entendre.

She took the magazines to the counter to have them put in a bag and pay for them.

"Bye, Roberta. Let me know how the report cuuums out" chuckled Suzy. "Come on back if there's anything you think I can help you with again."

"Yeah, OK. Bye Suzy", Roberta said as she quickly exited the store. She ran, breathing very rapidly, to catch the bus home.

Roberta didn't think anything much of the tingling feeling in the store. Anybody caught red-handed by someone they know would have been embarrassed just the same. She was embarrassed by Suzy's comments... almost challenging her to get hot looking at the different pictures.

That night after her parents left, Roberta slipped into the bath and leaned back. She lightly rubbed and pinched her little nipples until the stood tall. "Mmmmhh" she sighed. "Ooooh this is going to be fun". She washed herself, and spent extra time on her pussy. The anticipation of doing something naughty and looking at dirty magazines was getting her warmed up. She savored the sensation.

She got out and dried off, again paying special attention to her nipples and pussy. She sprayed some perfume down there and rubbed some into her nipples... it stung in a fun sort of way. Then she went to the bedroom. To get in the mood, she opened her drawers and took out a pair of lacy panties, with a tight crotch, but loose enough legs to get a finger or two under and put them on. The main reason she wore panties when she masturbated to contain Roberta's cum when she finally went off. She was going to put on a white lacy bra, but then opened another drawer and pulled out the lacy print nightie she wore that Saturday night. "Mmmhh, that's it" she said to herself. She pulled it on, and looked at herself in the mirror. God she was naughty. She saw her breasts... and how easily they must have been seen that night. Her cheeks started to flush.

Suzy then put several big pillows against the wall, and leaned back, spreading her legs open. She reached for a magazine... the muscle one. She opened it and started thumbing. Handsome hunks galore. In exercise shorts, short tops, no tops. She enjoyed looking at them, but nothing else much was happening. "Oh, well", she thought, "maybe magazines don't do much for me. I'm going to have fun tonight anyway". She shut her eyes and brought her hands up to her nipples and pinched them. "Mmmh. Oh that's good".

Reaching down, she grabbed the Seventeen magazine. A pretty straight-haired brunette in a short white leather jacket graced the cover. Roberta opened it... thumbed past the makeup ads. The first picture that stopped her was a Sears clothing ad. A cute short-haired blonde, wearing a blue-velvet evening gown was happily walking along with two other girls. The thing that caught Roberta's attention was that the dress had narrow straps... her top chest, shoulders and arms were totally bare. She also had tight firm legs, in very dark stockings. "Ooooh, nice outfit" thought Roberta. "Nice legs". She couldn't turn the page for a minute. She kept looking a the blonde's legs, then at the middle girl who had nice big hips, then the dark stoking covered legs of the third girl, and back. She turned several more pages... now rubbing her left nipple slightly. A "Maurice" ad showed a tall, long-legged red-headed teenager in a very short gray pleated miniskirt. "Mmmmhh" sighed Roberta. Her legs started pressing together as she stared at the girls legs and hips. Several more pages. "Macy's". "Ooooh, oh my God" breathed Roberta. A sexy looking brunette in two photos. One with a tight light blue satin sleeveless blouse, cut short at the midriff. Roberta could see it pulled tight on her small breasts. Roberta's hand slid down to her panties. She looked at the next picture... a black satin skirt (slip?) with a black velvet, hip-length tailored jacket... very open at the top. The waistline of this young thing was very accentuated. Beautiful hips and legs. Roberta lightly stroked the front of her panties. She was getting wet.

"What are you doing girl, she thought. This is NOT getting you hot". Her pussy refused to confirm that as she rubbed lightly, and looked back and forth.

Toward the end. A perfume ad. Girl on a motorcycle... Print dress with the skirt pulled up to her hips. Hip and legs totally visible... nice firm legs. Roberta rubbed a little harder. Her hips started moving. Page turns. Another add... a guy holding a girl from behind in the "club melrose". She had on a short sequined pullover, tummy and navel totally in view, and a short denim miniskirt, with sequins. Dark stockings topped her solid legs. Her tight breasts and wide hips beckoned.

Roberta squeezed her legs and rubbed her slit harder. "Oooh, I don't believe I'm doing this. Ooh this is naughty. Mmmhh, her hips are nice. Look at him. He's rubbing himself right on her ass". Roberta slipped her hand under the leg band of her panties, and found she was very wet. She put her finger right on her clit. "Aaah. Oooh that feels good" she moaned.

More turned pages. A black and "yellow" ad. Very young girl. 14? Beautiful. Grunge look, tight black leather miniskirt. Tight buttoned blouse. Arms up in air opening holes on blouse to see in. Parts of her bra, and her belly and sides are totally visible. Solidly built legs. God her breasts looked cute. Roberta rubbed harder.

OK, let's get to the good stuff, she said.

She put the Men's "X" magazine on her left, and the Club International on her right. Opened the men's mag to the guy in the tight bathing suit.

"Mmmh". more rubs of her wet pussy. She then opened the girlie magazine to the opening page of "Bailey".

"Ooooh. Oooh. Nooo." moaned Roberta loudly. That panty covered ass was too much. She put a finger inside and started pumping. She looked back at the man. "Mmmhh. Good looking". She looked at Bailey's face... her open lips, her breasts, then... "Ooooh. Oh, God" her ass again. Her bare legs were too much. Roberta's gaze locked on Bailey. They scanned her gorgeous body... up and down, up and down. Roberta moved her finger in and out, in and out. Faster, faster.

She looked at the man's face. She looked at Bailey's ass. She frigged faster. "Oooh god. Look at him." She tried hard. Not much happened. Back to the girl. "Aaah. Nooo. I don't want to do this!". She liked looking at this girl. She stroked her "G-spot", faster and faster. She couldn't help herself. She turned the page. Bailey's held her panties open, showing Roberta her pussy. Her right finger on her clit.

"Ooooh. Nooo. Oh what a nice clit she has. Rub it Bailey. Rub it for me". Bailey was beautiful. Bailey was looking right at Roberta from the magazine, challenging her to try not to look. "Oooh, Bailey, Oh I can't help it. Mmmh your tits are so gorgeous. Your mouth. I want to kiss your mouth. Your pussy. Mmmh your legs... I want to rub myself on your legs."

Turning the page quickly, Roberta saw that Bailey was now totally naked. There were four different pictures. One, from the back, miniskirt around waist bent over on the motorcycle and spreading her ass. "Ooooh God. Oooh Bailey, what a pussy. What an ass."

The second picture was an extreme frontal closeup of her pussy. Bailey's panties were pulled aside, as she opened her lips wide. Roberta could see right inside... "Oooh God, not that. Not. Oh, just like Patti's pussy. Oooh I love your open pussy, you hot cunt. Open it for me. I'm frigging myself off on your wet pussy. Oh my God." Roberta felt it welling inside her. She knew this one would be big. "Ooooh". Her hips rose off the bed and she jammed her fingers as deep as they would go, as she squirted cum all over the insides of her panties, her legs, and her hand. She kept rubbing as she came down.

Looking at the fourth picture, Bailey was in full frontal view. She squatted down with her knees spread wide, and held her pussy open. Roberta couldn't take it. She rubbed faster again. Two fingers inside. On her G-spot. "Aaaah, you bitch. What tits. Open your cunt for me". Roberta suddenly realized that this was the same view that she would get if Bailey were sitting on her face. She couldn't stop. She shot off again. Cum leaked out of her panties onto the bed..

"Oooh. Ooooh that was good", she sighed. "Oh Bailey, my little cunt. Oh you got me off, beautiful. I think we found a winner! I'm keeping you right here by my side." She never asked why again. She stuffed the magazine with Bailey under her mattress for another day. The others went in the garbage.

After that night, Roberta just went with it. She liked to look at girls. Well maybe "like" was too light a term for what happened to her when she looked at them. She slowly looked more and more at the girls around her. She was a female voyeur. Roberta slowly became more addicted to them. She knew now she would need to masturbate every Saturday night, looking at nude girlie magazines.

Roberta played with herself some more as she drifted off to sleep, dreaming of that night with Patti, and what it felt like to look at a real pussy. It was only shortly, that her activities would become more aggressive.

Chapter 5 - Who Has the Rubbing Touch?

Roberta was obsessed now. It was Thursday, and Saturday was coming up again. She had been getting hotter all week thinking ahead to Saturday night. She had to get another girlie magazine to get herself off.

Saturday morning, she dressed a little more provocatively, in a halter top, no bra, and tight white shorts, cut very high. A pair of regular white panties, wide across the crotch, complimented the bottom half. This was nice. The tight shorts put just the right pressure on her pussy.

As she entered the magazine store, her cheeks started to flush and her pulse sped up. Her pussy tingled with anticipation. It was early. There was nobody else in the store. Suzy was working there again, bending over to put some magazines on a lower shelf. She had on a tight, short black miniskirt, which her ass and hips filled out perfectly. "Mmmhh, what a body," , Suzy thought, admiring her, "I bet she has a lot of boyfriends. "

Suzy turned around. Roberta noticed that she wore loose cotton blouse, cut short and tied below her breasts. The top buttons were undone. She obviously didn't wear a bra.

Suzy was definitely a hot babe. She had several boyfriends, and loved to take them to park. Suzy enjoyed dominating them and degrading them. She would get them hot, unzip them, pull their dicks out of their pants, and then french kiss them while she let them rub their cocks all over her skirts or pants until they came all over her. This activity got her very horny... unfortunately, she usually had to go home and bring herself off by hand, since the boys were so selfish.

Suzy then saw Roberta staring at her. Suzy had wondered a couple times about her. She thought she detected a slight flush in Roberta's cheeks last week, especially when she showed her the girlie magazine. She definitely felt Roberta press against her ass as she looked at that one picture. "Almost like one of the boys", she chuckled to herself; "then again, probably not... just my imagination". Anyway, why was this thought on her mind? Suzy certainly wasn't queer, with all the boyfriends she had. Still, something was missing from her relationships.

Suzy stepped forward toward Roberta and stooped down, pretending to look on the lower shelf for something. Roberta's eyes were drawn to the last undone button on her blouse. She could see one of Suzy's breasts; small and conical, mostly nipple. It was strangely thrilling, more so when Suzy straightened back up and Roberta saw her expression. She'd done it on purpose! She'd wanted her to peek! She felt tingly in my middle.

"Hi, Roberta. Need some more help with your project?" Suzy asked, again with several meanings.

"Uh, yeah. I need to get a couple more magazines."

"How were the last ones? Did your brother like the Club International?"

"Yeah, I guess he did. I don't know", lied Roberta.

"Here, let me do something, so you can look without being disturbed". Suzy went to the door and locked it, and turned the sign to "CLOSED", then walked back to Roberta.

OK. Let's see, tell me what it is that you want?" The emphasis was clearly on the word "want".

"Let's try another men's magazine," said Roberta.

"OK. Look at this one". Suzy began to tease her. She opened to the centerfold. Two men were standing together, kissing. Their cocks at full staff. "Mmmm. Look how hard they're getting for each other"

"Oooh my. I can't believe they do that.". Said Roberta.

"Look at this Roberta. The shorter guy is playing with the tall one. Look how hard he's getting him."

"Oh my, that looks... uuh... interesting", panted Roberta.

"Interested in homosexuality, huh" asked Suzy.

"Well, no. I have to research this for my paper" Roberta replied.

"Is this what you want then", breathed Suzy close to Roberta's ear.

"Yeah, sure. That's perfect for my paper".

Roberta took it and just stood there, puzzled. How was she going to get the girlie magazine.

Suzy rescued her. "Oh, I forgot, Roberta. What about your brother. Doesn't he need another magazine too?"

"Uuh, yeah. Please", said Roberta.

"OK, let's see what we've got. Mind you I'm not as familiar with these magazines, so we might have to look through them a little to see what you think he'd like".

Suzy reached way up. Roberta watched her beautiful ass as her miniskirt rose up. She caught a hint of Suzy's panties, and a full view of her naked legs. Her pussy started to moisten involuntarily.

"OK. Let's see what we've got", as she brought it down.

Suzy moved directly in front and to the right of Roberta. Her ass was too close. Roberta wanted to press against it. Roberta looked down Suzy's blouse and saw her naked tit again. She moaned, very softly... "oooh".

"What was that Roberta."

"Nothing, just clearing my throat". Roberta's mouth was dry. The heat was stirring in her loins.

"Look at this", Suzy opened the latest issue of Mayfair. "These girls are so young they're almost illegal." She opened it to the centerfold, "Melinda". Melinda was a big girl, with long red hair, waved to one side and going to the middle of her back. She was standing spread-legged, totally naked, save for the solid black thigh-high stockings she wore. Her arms were stretched way above her head, showing off her breasts.

"What do you think, Roberta. Will your brother like that?", Suzy asked? She purposely leaned her mini-skirted ass back against the front of Roberta's white shorts to see what Roberta would do.

"Uh huh, Yes, I'm sure he will". Roberta did not back away.

"Come here, help me hold this magazine so you can see better" said Suzy.

Roberta took the magazine in her left hand. Suzy put Roberta's right hand around the side of her waist, then grabbed the right side of the magazine herself. Roberta pussy now pressed very nicely into Suzy's ass. The feeling of being this close to Suzy was overwhelming. Her hand absentmindedly started stroking Suzy's waist and hip.

"Look at the next page, Suzy. Look how she's sitting."

Melinda was sitting, with her top on, on the floor in front of a couch, with her knees drawn up to her chest. The inside of her thighs and her pussy were showing.

Suzy had turned her head so her lips were right next to Roberta's as she said that. Roberta stared at the picture. Suzy kept her head where it was watching Roberta's, as her breathing got faster. Roberta almost felt like kissing her.

"Oooh. Oooh. Suzy, don't. Let's stop." Roberta was out of control. This was the exact pose that Patti made, at the party. Roberta rubbed unconsciously, harder, into Suzy's rear end. Suzy wiggled her hips back into Roberta, giving permission.

"How about the next page, hot pants". Melinda, wearing wide-open legged cotton panties was leaning back on the couch. She had on a black "super bra" making her cleavage powerful. She had the sexiest look Roberta had ever seen. Gazing downward, she saw Melinda's legs were totally spread open revealing a most beautiful pussy with full lips and a big clit. She was mostly shaved... only a hint of pubic hair. Roberta kept rubbing, now losing control.

"Do you want me to find one of two girls together, kind of like the magazine with the two guys? Would your brother like that do you think?" asked Suzy, very teasingly.

"Oooh. Ohh God" cried Roberta. She rubbed her crotch on Suzy's ass harder, no longer trying to hide it.

"My goodness, what's wrong Roberta. Is this picture getting you hot? Look at her carefully... mmmhhh, what a nice pussy. I think this is getting horny. Do you like to rub on me?" Suzy turned her head and gently kissed Roberta.

"Mmmmh Hmmm" moaned Suzy, as she rubbed harder.

"Who said I'd let you rub on me, you little slut? You have to ask permission to do that. That's what my boyfriends all do." Suzy asked.

"Ooooh. Please Suzy. I can't stop. Please...?" begged Roberta.

Suzy parted Roberta's lips and stuck her tongue in. "Go ahead, Roberta. I don't mind."

"Oooh, Suzy. What are you doing to me?"

"Here, put the magazine down. Get right behind me; give me your hands". Suzy pulled Roberta's hands up over her nipples. Roberta's pussy rubbed directly against Suzy's black miniskirt very hard now. Suzy put her hands back behind her, and gripped Roberta's hips to hold her tightly against her ass. She kissed Roberta again, and rubbed back into her hard. Roberta was squeezing Suzy's nipples between her fingers.

Roberta pleaded, "Suzy.... this is too much. I love your nipples."

"Go ahead, baby. Pinch my nipples. Play with them. Mmmhhh. You're making them hard. Tell me how much you like my ass?

"Oh, God, Suzy. I love rubbing against your ass."

"That's exactly what my boyfriends do. They rub their cocks on my ass. It makes them cum."

" Ooooh....Suzy. This is too much."

"Is that what you're going to do, Roberta? Do you want to cum on my ass like my boyfriends?"

"Mmmmhhhh. Suzy... I can't stop," Roberta moaned while Suzy stuck her tongue down Roberta's throat. "Oh, God. I'm going to cum. I can't help it. Oh, no. It's coming. Oh your ass is nice. Aaaaagghh, I'm cuuummming. Oooohh. You're making me cum in my pants. Oh, God. I can't stop. It's shooting out all over. Oh, God, I'm soaked.",

"My ass made you cum all over your shorts, didn't it. Look at you!" laughed Suzy.

"Oooh God Suzy. Why did you do that to me?" she asked, still grinding into Suzy as she got her breath back.

"Well, I had to see if it was really a Men's magazine you wanted. Guess I have my answer, huh?"

"That wasn't fair. The Men's magazine did get me started."

"Oh, yeah? I don't think so Roberta. Put the men's magazine back. I'll get you a different one." Suzy pulled down the magazine with photos of two girls in each set. "I think you'll find these more fulfilling." and she kissed her again.

"Oooh. I'm sorry. I got carried away."

"I didn't mind, Roberta. You're just like my boyfriends... Hmmm, maybe better. Quick, come over here with me." and she dragged Suzy to the back room and shut the door.

"Roberta. Look at your shorts. They're drenched. I let you cum on me."

"I couldn't help it. I got so hot", said Roberta.

"Well now you've got me hot. I have you pegged right, you might enjoy helping me fix that. You owe it to me."

"How?" asked Roberta.

"Roberta, kiss me again." She pulled Roberta to her and kissed her again. They made out quietly for a minute. "Roberta, please, put your hand up my skirt."

"Oh. No Suzy. I can't. I'm not what you think."

"Please. Help me." As Suzy kept kissing her, she held Roberta's hand and moved it down under her skirt and finally on top of her panties. She covered Suzy's palm and started rubbing against it.

"Mmmmh. Keep kissing me, Roberta. Rub me. Play with my pussy. I need it bad."

Roberta rubbed Suzy's pussy up and back with two fingers. She pressed in and made contact with Suzy's clit. She then rubbed Suzy's clit gently through her panties.

"Good job, Roberta. Keep it up. Do me."

Roberta was getting hot again, too. Her wet panties rubbed gently against Suzy's leg. "Oooooh," moaned Roberta. Roberta was enjoying this. She played with Suzy's panty slit like a pro. Suzy hunched up and down on Roberta's hand.

"Oooh. Good baby. Do it Roberta. Rub my clit. That's it. Now, put your hand inside." She tongue kissed Roberta some more.

Roberta quickly put her hand quickly down the front of Suzy's panties. "Easy girl, take your time", said Suzy. "My you're eager. Have you done this before?

"No... uum. I mean. Well once. Only once."

"Did you make her cum baby." asked Suzy, as Roberta rubbed her.

"Mmmm... yes. Yes, she came. Alot."

"That's what I thought... experience. Show me. Finger fuck me. Make me come like you did that other girl.. Oh God, that's it. Aaaaah you're good." Suzy moaned.

Roberta responded, "Go for it, Suzy. I love your clit. How does that feel?". Roberta took Suzy's clit between her thumb and finger, and pinched it lightly several times. Then she rubbed her middle finger up and down her moist slit. Finally, when Suzy was grinding her pussy hard into Roberta's hand, she stuck two fingers inside and started fucking her with them. "Come on, Suzy. Cum on my hand baby. Give me your cream, sweetheart."

"Aaaaaghh. Roberta... this has never happened before. Ooooh you're soooo good. I can't hold it. I can't believe I'm letting a girl jerk me off. Oooooohh. I'm cuuummminnng. Take my cream baby. Oh god, I'm cumming on your hand" Suzy's legs spread completely and jerked up and down on Roberta's finger. Her cream pulsed out all over Roberta's efficient hand. "God your a good girl. Ohhh. Keep it there. Gentle. Take it easy. Lightly. Oooooh".

Roberta kept fingering her lightly. Suzy opened Roberta's mouth and stuck her tongue deep inside and pulled Roberta into her tightly. Roberta all of a sudden came in her panties again as she hugged tightly against Suzy's thighs and nipples.

"Oh, that was good, Roberta. Look, we've got to talk. I'm not queer or anything. I mean, I get all the boys I want. But I think I've got something you want... and there's alot more where that came from, so to speak. You sure have a way of handling a girl. I want to get together with you again. I mean, I'll be still dating my boyfriends and all, but... well, I might be helpful to you. What do you think?"

"Oh God Suzy. Oooh yes. OK. That'd be great. When?"

I'm out of town next week. How about a week from Monday after school. Meet me in front of my apartment. I'll take you someplace private.

"OK" said Roberta.

"Oh, and Roberta. Dress so you're accessible, if you know what I mean", she chuckled. "A dress is easier for me to work with."

"OK. And how about you, Suzy?"

"Don't worry about me, baby. I know how to dress for you. Just like I do for my boyfriends. Liked my tight black skirt today, didn't you baby? At least that stain on the front of your shorts tells me you did... a whole lot"

"Oh, Suzy, I think I love you." said Roberta, as they hugged and kissed once more.

Chapter 6 - Back to Nancy's

Roberta got a note from Nancy that there was to be another slumber party. The attire was to be the same. She got warm just thinking about it.

I guess I'll go, she thought. It might be another good chance to take a better look at the girls, in a situation that "allows" it. She wondered if Patti would be there. "Mmmmhh" Her pussy tingled at the thought.

On Saturday, she took her short nightie with her and went to Nancy's. Nancy rang the bell and escorted her in. "Hi, Roberta. Glad you could make it. Please go get changed". Nancy was wearing a Frederick's of Hollywood white and gray bustierre. Her nipples were sticking out on top. Roberta had trouble taking her eyes off them for a moment. Strangely, she was wearing some tight, thong-style, panties. Nancy turned and walked away. Roberta almost creamed her panties looking at her naked ass.

Roberta changed and came out into the living room. Nancy sat Roberta in a recliner and gave her a beer. Roberta drank half of it down quickly. She was nervous. She was tingly. The buzz came on pretty fast.

Only two other girls were there. Patti, wearing a red see-through teddy, with snaps covering her pussy, and Beverly, a cute blonde with beige double-lace panties and a lace, see-through bra. She was totally naked otherwise. All three girls were on the couch. Roberta briefly wondered why she was the only one with her pussy not covered.

"So, Nancy, what can we do this time. Should we tell more stories? That was kind of fun" said Roberta.

"Well no. That's not exactly what I had in mind. Look girls. You three were invited for one reason. You got into it more than the other girls last time. That night we all got together, you were all dressed like little exhibitionists. You got horny listening to the sexy stories. You could easily see each other's tits and pussies, if you wanted, and even see how hot the stories were getting some of the girls. I've hosted these parties several times, after I was invited to my first one two years ago and found out how exciting it could be. But the last time was the first time that... any of the girls went beyond a little looking and feeling horny."

"Like what Nancy", asked Beverly.

"Well you should know, you hot little thing", said Nancy.

"What do you mean, Nancy".

"Why are you dressed half naked in those panties, Darling".

"Mmmm, no reason. Because we're supposed to dress sexy?" said Beverly.

"No, you naughty little pervert. Your dressed so that someone who likes to look between little girls legs at their panties, will get all hot looking at you, aren't you?"

This comment made Roberta blush. Her gaze was instantly drawn between Beverly's legs.

"Slide down on the couch, Beverly. Good. Open your legs, and stay like that for a little while. Tease us, darling".

Roberta looked at Beverly's naked body, and long legs. She eyed Beverly's tits behind her sheer brassiere. Beverly's lacy panties were tight against her slit. God she looked hot, opened up like that. Nancy was right.

Beverly caught Roberta's eye and smiled at her. Roberta's mouth went dry and she moaned. She looked up at Patti, who said out loud, "Like that, Roberta?". Roberta looked over at Beverly's pussy again. Beverly's crotch was moving up and down ever so slightly as she got hot exposing herself.

"Mmmmh Hmmm", Roberta responded looking back at Patti. She then looked back at Beverly's crotch.

Beverly said, "It makes me hot to open my legs like this Nancy. But who would ever get hot looking at me?"

"You little tease. I certainly did that night after we went to sleep. It was hard not to." Nancy was looking at Beverly's little pussy too, rubbing her tongue on her lips, and obviously enjoying the view.

"Mmmmhh. Oh, yeah. Yeah that was good, Nancy".

"In fact, your little pussy's getting me a little horny right now, baby. Spread your legs further."

"You mean that it was you guys getting off about 4:00 A.M. that night?" asked Roberta. Her pussy got wetter as she realized that Nancy had jerked Beverly to orgasm that night.

"Yes", said Nancy. "I couldn't help it. This little pussy showoff here couldn't keep it quiet, and started playing with herself. It was bad enough earlier... she was sitting right across from me and giving me beaver shots all night. But when I saw her getting herself off, I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to feel her pussy, and loan her a hand, so-to-speak".

"Ooooh, God, you felt so good", said Beverly. She took Nancy's hand and put it on her the front of her panties. "Please Nancy. Rub me again." Nancy started gently rubbing Beverly's pussy again.

"Don't mind us girls. Beverly's little pussy is out of control. I've got to take care of her, if you don't mind," said Nancy.

"What about us?" asked Roberta. Why are we here?"

"Roberta honey", said Nancy. Do I have to spell it out. From what I understand you got awfully hot yourself that night?"

"What? What do you mean" asked Roberta, innocently. She gave Patti a nasty glance, like "why did you tell?". Patti shrugged her shoulders like she didn't do anything.

"Oh, come on Roberta. Did you think you were being coy? The girls couldn't help but see that you spent most of the night looking between our legs. Your face was a vision of pure lust. I saw Patti there flash you, and you begged for more. In fact, I kind of enjoyed looking when you opened your pussy for her, too."

"Oh, my God. You saw me?" asked Roberta.

"Mmmm, Hmmm. Sure did. Did you enjoy yourself Roberta?"

"Mmmm. Well, no. I mean, you've got me all wrong".

"I don't think so, sweetheart." said Nancy. "Your getting hot looking at Beverly's little pussy here just like me. And I know Patti gets you hot. Patti. Do Roberta a big favor and unsnap your teddy, honey. You don't mind, do you Roberta.

Patti unsnapped the teddy, as she was told. Roberta's eyes were drawn to her beautiful pussy. "Oooh no," thought Roberta. "it's happening again". Roberta's pussy was swelling and starting to drip slightly.

"Ooooh, Nooo. Please" said Roberta. Patti smiled at her and let her watch for a minute. She then pulled her knees up to her chest, and opened them wide, letting Roberta have a raw view of her big pussy.

"I'm sorry, baby" said Patti. "I can't help it either. Its gotten me hot every time I thought about having your sweet little eyes between my legs. Look at me honey. I'm spread open for you. I'm getting you hot letting you look at me".

"Roberta?" asked Nancy, "I see you like Patti. What do you think of Beverly's pussy here". She pulled Beverly's panty legs aside, and rubbed right down into her cunt, making her moan and hump her hand."

"Oooh Nancy. Please," said Roberta. "It's too late", she thought, "my pussy's throbbing".

"Do you want her to slide down and open it a little more for you?" asked Nancy.

"Mmmmh", sighed Roberta. She stared at Beverly's pussy for a few minutes, and then moved back to Patti.

Patti looked in Roberta's eyes... a look of supreme understanding. Roberta looked down and stared straight at Patti's cunt.

Patti nodded at Roberta, and said, "You know what you want to do, don't you Roberta. Do it for us. Show Nancy and Beverly what you do when you get hot."

"No, Patti. Please. Not here." knowing her pussy was too hot to stop this.

"Do what, sweetheart. What does Patti want you to do?", asked Nancy.

Nancy's was now finger fucking Beverly very quickly. Roberta watched this and moaned out loud.

Patti got her attention again. "Roberta. Look at my pussy baby. It's getting hot for you again. Now look at Beverly's cunt. See how wet Nancy's getting her?" Beverly was starting to buck her hips harder against Nancy's hand, and moan. Her nipples were very visible through her bra. "It's OK, Roberta. Make yourself feel good, honey."

Roberta dropped her hand to her lap. She started rubbing her pussy.

"I'll open it wider, if you open up too, just like before" Patti implored.

Roberta spread her legs. She liked the fact that she had been naked all this time. She was so wet.

"Do it, baby. Look at me. I like it when you look at me like that. Mmmmhh. That's it Roberta. God, baby, your soaked. Look how turned on, I get you".

"Oooh yes. Yes Patti. Open your pussy and let me see it."

Patti took her hands and opened it. Her hole and big clit in clear view.

"That's it. Hold it like that. Ooooh, God. What a beautiful clit. MMMmmmhh". Roberta put a finger in and started to jerk herself off. She was licking her lips and looking from Patti's eyes back to her pussy. Yes, this is what she loved. This is what she was made for. This was better than magazines..

Nancy slid down and moved her panties aside too. "So you get off looking at pussies, huh Roberta?" asked Nancy. Look over here. What do you think of mine?" She spread her lips open wide, as she frigged Beverly who had her legs splayed wide open for Roberta's view, too. "Three pussies for your viewing pleasure. Play with yourself. I wonder if the girls in the lockeroom get you off too, you little lesbian."

"Ooooh, God. This is too much. I don't know who to look at. Mmmmh Nancy, you've got big lips. Beverly's cunt's so hot and wet when you play with her. But, Patti, mmmhhh, yours is my favorite baby. Oooh. What a nice clit. I remember it so well. Your going to make me cum again, Patti. Oh God."

"Show the girls how you squirt all over the place when you look at pussies, Roberta ,", said Patti.

"Aaaagggghhhh", Roberta screamed, as she finger fucked herself to a mindblowing orgasm. Her pussy juice squirted two feet out onto the carpet. "Ohhhhh. Arrgghhh. Ooohh this is hot. Mmmhhhh. Oh what a cum. That was delicious. God that felt good. You're all so beautiful."

'Oooh god. Oooh that's too much", screamed Beverly, and she came hard all over Nancy's hand.

Nancy frigged Beverly off, and then hugged her and kissed her hard. Her hand moved up and kneaded Beverly's little breasts. They made out like two lovers for about ten minutes.

"Roberta, that was good baby", said Patti. "You got me hot doing that. That wasn't nice. You're going to have to fix that aren't you. You know you're not done yet, don't you baby".

"Huh? I don't know what you mean, Patti. I'm exhausted. I need a minute or two to rest, OK?"

"No, Patti. I'm talking about me. I need you. Look how wet my pussy is. Tell Nancy what else you did that night."

"Huuh!" Roberta gasped. No, she couldn't tell anyone that.

Nancy had taken her panties off and started rubbing her own pussy now. "Why, what did Roberta do, Patti", Nancy asked. She allowed her pussy to be exposed to Roberta while she played with herself.

"Well", said Patti. "I promised not to tell. But I think if we all just spread out here for our little pussy lover, she might come clean." The double meaning was too much for Roberta.

Patti looked at Roberta and opened her pussy way up. Roberta looked at Patti's wide open pussy. "Oh, God, she thought. It's beautiful. Patti's right. I want her pussy. I need to feel how wet she is." Glancing at Nancy and Beverly who were also spread open and playing with themselves, Roberta decided to do it. "OK, girls. I can't help it. Please don't tell anyone. Watch."

She got up from the chair and knelt down in front of Patti. She gazed at Patti's pussy, then looked up at her.

Patti said, "That's a good girl. Do it baby. Show Nancy and Beverly how much you want to taste it." She gently held Patti's head and pulled it toward her pussy. Roberta's lips and tongue were wet and hot, as they made contact with Patti's cunt. Roberta pulled Patti's lips open with her fingers, and started sucking her clit and licking up and down madly.

"Ooooh. Oooh God, baby. Oh, I forgot how hot you get me. Oh, don't baby. Not so fast. Oh God, Roberta, I'm going to burst. Oooooh slow down... please.!"

Patti pulled her knees to her chest opening herself completely for her pussy lover. Roberta clamped her lips over Patti's pussy and tongue reamed her like she did before. Tonguing in and out. Right into her "G-spot". Patti bucked up and down, but Roberta's mouth hung on.

"Oooooh, Roberta. Do me. Suck my cunt. Fuck it with your tongue. Oooh you're fantastic. Her it comes honey. I can't hold it. Aaaaahhhhh!" Patti exploded, bursts of heavy cream pulsing into Roberta's mouth.

"God that tastes good" thought Roberta to herself. "Mmmhhh". She swallowed Patti's cum, and then cleaned her with her toning until Patti had calmed down and had served all the cum she had into Roberta's mouth.

As she looked up, cheeks flushed, Roberta saw Nancy playing with herself, and on the verge of orgasm. "Oh, God, you little cum sucker. Ooooh that was good to watch. Come here, quick, you little lesbian. Lie down. I have a big present for you if you like to drink cum so much."

Roberta lay down on the floor, and Nancy squatted right over her face. "I'm not queer, Roberta, but watching that was too much. You've got me so hot I've got to try this. Show me what you do. Go ahead, do me cum licker. Eat me out." Nancy begged.

Roberta started sucking and licking Nancy's bigger pussy. Nancy removed her hips back and forth and rubbed her clit all over Roberta's tongue and lips. She reached down and grabbed Roberta's small nipples, wrenching them between her fingers. "Do it bitch. Your nipples are so big... look at them... I never went for girls before, but your nipples have my cunt dripping. Spread your legs so I can watch your pussy get wet while you ream me."

Roberta's legs opened. She tongued Nancy's clit. Nancy was getting closer. She looked at Roberta's nipples, and then looked down at her pussy. She saw how soaked Roberta was. Nancy thrust a finger into Roberta's little pussy. Roberta screamed. "Ooooh. That's good Nancy. Finger fuck me. I'll eat you until you cum baby. Cum on my face. Keep fucking me with your finger."

Nancy couldn't take any more. Her pussy ground down and let loose a torrent of come into Roberta's begging mouth. Roberta gave her the patented liplock and tongue lashing deep inside her pussy walls, causing Nancy to spasm repeatedly. "Ooooh. Ooooh my, Roberta. What a good girl. God your good. Mmmmh. I'm glad I invited you tonight. Oh, what a good little lesbian clit sucker. How about you. Did you enjoy that? Let's see" Nancy stuck three fingers into Roberta's pussy, and madly jerked her off.

"Oooh yes. Do me Nancy. God your pussy is nice. I'm going to cum. Sit on my face while I cum, baby. Ooooh you taste good. Aaaagggghhhhh." Roberta showed Nancy she was not partial as to whose hand she willingly soaked, as she jerked and squeezed her cum onto Nancy's beautiful fingers. Finally she collapsed, fully drained.

Later that night Beverly asked "Roberta would mind eating my pussy. That looked so hot earlier?" She was curious what it felt like to have her young pussy eaten out.

"Sure, Beverly. You've got such a sweet little pussy. Come here and open up your legs". Roberta enthusiastically dove into Beverly's sweet young, hairless, cunt. It was tighter than the other two, but nonetheless got just as wet.

Roberta rolled over and lay on the ground. "OK, Beverly. This is the fun part. Put your pussy right on my face. That's it. Now rub your slit back and forth on my tongue". Every once in a while, Roberta would stick her tongue in, and move it around, causing Beverly to moan. She then licked and sucked on Beverly's tiny clit.

Beverly moved a little too far forward, and Roberta's tonnage accidentally rubbed against her asshole. Beverly moaned. "Ooohhh, that's hot. That felt good Roberta". Roberta got really hot, too, when she realized what happened.

Beverly gratefully started fingering Roberta, who was extremely wet from licking Beverly's little pussy and asshole.

Beverly again moved forward, this time on purpose. She rested her ass over Roberta's tongue, this time a little longer. "Roberta. Please. Lick my asshole. Mmmhhhh. Oooohhh that's good." Both girls moaned harder.

Beverly moaned, "like that, Roberta, don't you. You like to eat my asshole. Are you going to get off doing this you dirty thing?" She stayed over Roberta's tongue while she fingered her harder.

Roberta put her right on the front of Beverly's pussy and clit, and fingered her, while her tongue worked over her asshole. "Do it Beverly. Cum on my hand you little slut. Mmmhhh your ass tastes good." Roberta played faster with Beverly's clit, and tongued her asshole until the young girl finally spasm'd and came all over Roberta's hand and chest.

Roberta couldn't take any more, and rose to a huge orgasm on Beverly's little fingers, while Beverly continued to rub her asshole on Roberta's tongue.

The girls then cuddled up together and went to sleep, happy they'd discovered this little lesbian slut who would keep them all very content.

Chapter 7 - Girlfriends

Roberta never did go to bed with a boy in high school, but managed to find ways to continue her erotic activities with several other girls.

Suzy was her steady during Junior year. She would take Roberta to her apartment house after school, and they would sneak down to the basement in the dark, by the storage lockers. There, they would put their arms around each other and make out, just like a boy and girl. Roberta said she not only found out that she loved looking at girls and touching them, but that she also enjoyed hugging and kissing. She could make out with Suzy for hours. Roberta said she got so turned on that a Suzy could make her cum in her panties, just by french kissing her, and holding her tightly so their tits and pussy pressed together. She liked the feel of other Suzy's hot little body, and would rub against it. When Suzy and Roberta made out, Roberta said she usually came several times before she went home.

Suzy discovered quickly that sweet, innocent Roberta loved being talked dirty to, and was an expert at playing with pussies. This was exactly what Suzy needed that her boyfriends wouldn't give her.

Suzy held the back of Roberta's sweet head, nuzzled Roberta's ear and neck, and then moved her lips over Roberta's in a lasting kiss. Suzy then whispered to her, " Roberta? Are you ready to do it, baby?"

"What, Suzy?"

"The reason you came down here with me, Suzy. To get into my panties."

Suzy then forced her tongue inside Roberta's mouth, and the french kissed. Roberta moaned.

"Come on Roberta. Tell me how much you want to play with me. Beg for permission."

"Mmmmh, can I put my hand up your dress Suzy?. I need to feel your wet pussy. Please? Let me play with you. You've got me so hot for your pussy, baby."

While they hugged and kissed, Roberta put her hand up Suzy's skirt. She rubbed the inside Suzy's thigh for awhile, and finally moved up to her panties. She put her hand over Suzy's pussy, pressed her first two fingers in lightly, and played Suzy's her slit and clit. She felt Suzy's panties immediately get wetter. As Roberta moaned into Suzy's mouth, she stuck her finger under Suzy's panty leg and into her pussy. Roberta fingered her gently until Suzy couldn't take it anymore and came on her hand. Although she wasn't queer, Suzy enjoyed this alot more than the boys. Roberta was so talented with her fingers!

Suzy then reciprocated. She kissed Roberta and told her, "You're so good honey... better than any of my boyfriends. You're the best pussy player in the world. Thank you. Did you get hot playing with me?".

Roberta moaned and kissed Suzy hard in response.

"Do you want to get off?".

"Mmmm Hmmm", Roberta moaned.

"Here. Hug me tight. Rub your pussy against my leg. Do yourself on me." Suzy lifted Roberta's dress so the front of her panties were showing, and pulled Roberta against her skirt-covered leg. As Suzy tongue kissed Roberta, she put her arms tightly around Roberta, one hand on Roberta's ass, and the other hand on the back of Roberta's head. She held Roberta's head tightly as she french kissed her, and told her what a slut she was. Roberta gently but persistently rubbed herself on Suzy's leg. She loved this. Finally, as Suzy stuck her tongue deep inside Roberta's mouth, and their tongues dueled, Roberta came, soaking her panties and the front of Suzy's skirt.

Roberta really got off looking at Suzy's in her outfits. Usually, Suzy stayed dressed while they made out, because she knew how hot this made Roberta. One time Suzy had on a tight pair of cutoff black jeans, a silver belt, and a tight, thin, beige vertically pleated sweater. This outfit got Roberta extremely aroused.

Suzy asked Roberta "like my cutoffs?" Suzy stood, spread her legs wide, and put her hands on her hips. Her pussy lips were showing through the material. She turned around so Roberta could see how well her ass filled out her pants. Her thin waist and small breasts in that sweater were breathtaking.

Roberta looked at her longingly, and moaned, "Mmmhh. God, you're so sexy, Suzy."

"As good as the pussies you jerk off to in the magazines?"

"Uh, huh. Even better" responded Roberta.

"Come here slut. Kiss me" said Suzy. While they kissed, Roberta started to rub against Suzy's leg."

"Put your hands on my waist and hold me tight, Roberta. Mmmhhh. Kiss me."...

"That's the girl. You're getting me hot. Play with my tits. Make my nipples hard," Suzy ordered.

They stood in silence, hungrily kissing each other while Roberta did as she was told. Roberta squeezed Suzy's small tits roughly, then pinched her nipples between her fingers. Suzy's nipples got rock hard, as they continued to kiss.

Suzy stuck her tongue into Roberta's mouth and licked furiously.

Roberta dropped her hands to Suzy's ass, and kneaded her buns through the cutoffs. Roberta pressed against her harder. Roberta's pussy was now beyond the point of return. "Oooh, you feel so good Suzy. Your body gets me so turned on."

Suzy said, "You've got me hot too, Roberta. You like playing with my tits and ass, don't you. You know what I need now, don't you, baby love? Please? My pussy's dripping. Open my zipper, sweetheart... That's it... pull it down gently. Roberta undid the snap on the front of Suzy's cutoff's. Roberta stroked Suzy through her panties, with her middle finger, while they kissed. Roberta's finger pressed deep into Suzy's cunt lips through her panties, and felt her warm wetness flood them.

"That's it Roberta. Keep it up. Oh, god. I need your finger inside me so bad. I've waited a week for this. Do me... please... put a finger inside. Hurry." She grabbed Roberta's head madly and frenched her some more. Roberta moved her hand up and it inside Suzy's panties. She pushed down until her middle finger found the wet entrance to Suzy's pussy. Roberta then inserted her finger, and started fucking Suzy with it."

"Aaaah. That's fantastic, baby. You do this so nice. Quick, lift the front of your dress up. Wrap your legs around my leg and rub yourself against me. Kiss me." As they french kissed and squeezed their breasts together, Roberta started breathing harder and humping Suzy's leg. Suzy squatted slightly, and moved her pussy rhythmically on Roberta's finger.

"Oh, Roberta... You're too good. I hope I'm not queer. You've got my pussy on fire. Keep fingering me."

Suzy put both hands under Roberta's skirt and kneaded her ass through her panties, while Roberta writhed against her leg. "Go on Roberta. Your so hot and wet I can feel it against me. If you want to cum, go ahead."

Suzy stuck her tongue into Roberta's mouth, and Roberta couldn't take it anymore... her left hand gripped Suzy's leg tight and she rubbed harder.

"That's it, baby. Do it. Cum all over my leg. You know I get you hot Soak your panties for me you hot bitch."

"Mmmhh. God, this is too much" said Roberta. She fingered Suzy rapidly as her orgasm approached.

Suzy loved this. "You like my legs, huh slut? Kiss me, Roberta. Finger fuck me. Show me how much you like my little outfit. Want to wet my leg, baby?""

Suzy held Roberta's ass and helped her hunch up and down, while fucking her mouth with her tongue. Roberta moaned uncontrollably. She came, cream shooting out and drenching her panties and Suzy's leg,

"Mmmh, that's it baby. Keep cumming. Oh, your soaking me Roberta! Do it baby. Come on, pump it. Hump me. Oooh, its running down my leg, I feel it. Oh, God... this is too much, your finger's doing it to me. Oh, God, Baby, I'm going to cum. Do it. Finger fuck me. Oooh, you're so good. That's it! I'm cumming, honey. Keep fucking me! Yes. Do it. Fuck me you lesbian slut. Ooooohhhhh!"

"Mmmh. God that was good." Roberta said. Suzy agreed.

Roberta kept humping and kissing Suzy until it was time to go back home.

Chapter 8 - The Dance

Once, they went to a dance together. Suzy was dressed in a bright red mini skirt, and a see-through blouse. While they were at the table, Suzy let her skirt ride up and parted her legs slightly, as she faced Roberta. She had on a pair of red silk panties, with lace around the legs and across the front. The lace similarly ran across the back, just at the bottom edge of her ass cheeks. They were made to fit tightly, and her pussy lips clearly showed through. They were slightly transparent.

Roberta noticed, and blushed, licking her lips. Suzy let Roberta watch her for awhile, knowing she got turned on looking at her pussy. After awhile, Suzy asked Roberta, "do you want to dance, honey."

Roberta said, "Suzy! We really shouldn't. People might talk. What would they think".

Suzy whispered in her ear, as she licked it, "Probably nothing lover... most of the girls know what a pussy lover you are by now, anyway. It will only confirm their suspicions. Maybe it will encourage one of them to check you out!" and she laughed. "C'mon. Nobody'll notice".

Suzy took Roberta out onto the dance floor and they danced a few fast. Several times, as Suzy spun around, she made sure her skirt flew up and she flashed her panties at Roberta. Roberta's cheeks were flushed from Suzy's hot display.

When a slow dance came on, Suzy put her arms around Roberta. She slowly, but firmly pulled Roberta in close to her. She told Roberta to put both of her arms around her neck, like a girl would with a boy. Roberta did. At the same time, Suzy pulled Roberta's waist in tight until their breasts were rubbing together nicely. Roberta started to feel that familiar tingling in her loins. Suzy rotated until Roberta's back was to the wall. Suzy slowly lowered her hands down Roberta's back, until they were resting on her tight black skirt. She started to gently play with Roberta's ass where nobody could see her.

They danced slowly; dreamily. Roberta felt their breasts rubbing together, and felt Suzy lightly grinding into her pussy. Her breathing grew more rapid. Suzy held Roberta's face in her hands and kissed her lightly, right in front of everybody. Roberta couldn't stop. She kissed back. Suzy's right leg was at its favorite spot, between Roberta's legs, and she started to rub Roberta's ass harder. Roberta's hips responded as she rubbed against Suzy's legs.

Suzy murmured between kisses, "I've never seen anybody who likes to make out as much as you do. You like it better than my boyfriend, don't you".

Roberta moaned "Mmmh, Hmmmh. Your kisses get me hot, Suzy. But stop. Somebody might see us". Still facing away from the rest of the people, Suzy kissed and licked Roberta's ear and neck.

Roberta was getting extremely wet now. Suzy kneaded Roberta's ass some more.

"Not here, please", she said breathlessly, to Suzy.

"Why not? You like it, don't you?".

Roberta sighed. "Yes, but we can't...".

"Roberta, go to the bathroom and take your panties off."

"What!" asked Roberta.

"Just do as I say lover. Take off your panties. I'll be waiting for you.", and she kissed her again.

Roberta looked around embarrassed and went to the bathroom. She removed her panties and put them in her purse. As she put her finger in her slit, she noticed she was soaked from making out with Suzy.

When she went back, Suzy took her out on the dance floor again, and pulled her tight. She licked and kissed her ears and rubbed her ass again.

"Come here Roberta. Hug tight against me. Put your head on my shoulder like a boy." Suzy put her hand up on Roberta's neck and held her close. She nuzzled Roberta's ear and whispered to her.

"Do you like my mini-skirt, my innocent little slut?" asked Suzy, as she pressed her leg into Roberta's pussy.

"Yes", said Roberta.

"Did it get you hot to look under my skirt, earlier, while we were sitting there?"

Roberta didn't answer.

"I know you looked up my skirt, Roberta. I let you. I know how hot it gets you.".

Roberta moaned. As they danced tightly together, she to pressed more firmly into Suzy's leg . Her wetness started to leak onto Suzy's skirt.

"What did you see? Did you look at my panties, baby".

"Oh, God, Suzy. Your getting me so horny. Don't. Yes, I saw your panties", moaned Roberta.

"Could you see my pussy through my panties?"


"What did you want to do with it, pussy slut".

"Play with it" moaned Roberta.

"Make it hot and wet? Make it cum?" asked Suzy. She stroked Roberta's neck and hair.

"Oh, God, yes" said Roberta, as she rubbed harder.

"You want to rub yourself off on me, don't you Roberta? You're so hot I could make you come right on my mini-skirt. Right here in front of everybody. Lift up the front of your dress for me". She turned Roberta around so nobody could see what she was doing.

"What?" asked Rebecca.

"Go ahead, do it, nobody'll see. Your back is to them. I want your bare pussy on me. That's it. I can feel your naked wet pussy rubbing through my skirt. I'm going to let you cum on me, Roberta. Enjoy yourself."

"Suzy, I can't. Please..." Her voice faded. Her pussy was overwhelmed with sensations. She couldn't help it. She rubbed faster.

Suzy took Roberta's right hand, "Put your hand under the back my skirt... on my panties. Nobody can see us.", said Suzy.

Roberta did as she was told, and started writhing. "You like my panties? They have lace, at the bottom. Feel it."

"Mmmm, Hmmm... Oh, God yes. Oh I like your lacy panties, Suzy" said Roberta. She moved both hands under Suzy's skirt, onto her ass.

"They're going to get you off, aren't they you little slut. You're going to come all over me while you play with my lacy panties." Suzy lovingly kissed Roberta's ear, as her hand stroked her hair. Roberta moaned into Suzy's shoulder.

Roberta rubbed herself against Suzy's skirt and legs, while her hands played with Suzy's panties under the back of her mini-skirt. She was helpless. She couldn't stop playing with Suzy's satin covered ass, and the lacy bottoms. She loved the thought that a girl was letting her massage her panties and feel her ass up, like some boy. Roberta rubbed moaned into Suzy's neck.

As Suzy tongue-fucked her ear, Roberta moaned "Oh, god, Suzy. I can't take it. I can't hold out much longer. Ooooh. You're going to make me cum. I'm going to wet all over you, baby. Aaaaagggghhh....". With that Roberta hunched and came brutally against her lover's leg. Cum pumped out, "Oooohhh, God", then pumped again, "Aaaahh, Suzy honey". Finally a third time. "Mmmmhhh. Wow. I've never cum so hard." Roberta's come drenched Suzy's skirt and dripped down her leg.

Suzy hugged and kissed Roberta and held her ass tightly while Roberta wound down through several smaller spasms, wetting Suzy's skirt further each time.

When they broke to sit down, Roberta looked down at Suzy's skirt to assess the damage. The whole front right side over her leg was dark red, against the lighter background. She could see the glistening spot at the top where the moisture expanded down.

"Come on, Suzy. Walk on my left, and behind me, so nobody can see," Roberta said.

"Mmmm. Kiss me," Suzy said. They hugged tightly and kissed like two lost lovers. "Don't worry about it, sweetheart. I'll just tell people that somebody had an accident and spilled something on my skirt". She giggled. "Nothing like the truth!".

Chapter 9 - Dressed to Kill

The next day, in the basement of the apartment, Suzy asked Roberta, "How did you like last night?" Roberta didn't say anything.

"Come on Roberta, lover. You can't get enough, can you. I made you cum right out in public on the middle of the dance floor". She hugged Roberta to her, and they started kissing her madly. Their tongues fought. Roberta again felt that familiar twinge.

"Roberta, what got you the hottest. My skirt?"

"Yes", said Roberta.

"I don't think so", said Suzy, and stuck her tongue violently into Roberta's mouth.

"Try again, baby. How 'bout when I felt your ass while you rubbed against me".

"Mmmmh, yes", said Roberta, as Suzy started nuzzling her neck.

"You're lying, aren't you, slut. How about my panty covered ass".

"Oooh, God, yes", moaned Roberta, and started french kissing Suzy harder.

"Get along the side of me, my horny bitch. I've got a present for you", Suzy said.

Roberta did as she was told. She got on Suzy's right side, with her arms around Suzy's waist. Suzy's left arm was around Roberta's neck. They kissed gently.

"OK, baby. Give me your right hand". She took Suzy's hand and put it on top of her breasts over her sweater. Roberta could feel her bra and nipples through it.

"That's it. Play with me, sweetheart. Show me how you like my tits." Suzy again pressed her lips against Roberta's while they hugged and made out.

Roberta moaned, "Mmmhh," while she played with Suzy's tits. "Nice present, Suzy", Roberta said, as she slowly started moving her pussy against Suzy's hip.

"That's not the present yet", said Suzy.

"Huh?" asked Roberta.

Suzy took Roberta's right hand and placed it on the front of her skirt. "Play with my pussy, like you know you want to".

Roberta started rubbing her hand against the front of Suzy's skirt, and hugged her with her left hand around her back, at the spot covering her bra. They kissed some more. They were both humping and breathing hard now.

"Oooh, your making me so hot. I love to play with your pussy.", said Roberta, as she ground herself firmly into Suzy.

"OK, Roberta, put your hand under my skirt and do me. You know you want to".

Roberta rubbed her loins harder, and kissed Suzy more fervently, as she gladly did as she was told. She was surprised at the very soft, silky feel of Suzy's panties. She cupped her hand over Suzy's crotch, and pressed her middle finger into her. They kissed and played for several minutes.

"Mmmh, your good, you hot little slut. Now, lift my dress up and take a look at what you're doing to me", said Suzy. Roberta did. She saw that Roberta was wearing the red lace panties. The front was getting soaked from their playing.

"Oooh, God. Mmmh." Roberta said, as she grabbed Suzy, kissing her and rubbing against her violently.

"Like that, huh panty slut. Keep playing with my pussy through the front of my panties. That's it. Rub me with your finger. Mmmhh. Now, put your left hand on the back".

Roberta slid her left hand under the back of Suzy's skirt, onto her satin covered ass, and started rubbing madly.

"Like?" asked Suzy. Roberta started grinding harder, while stroking Suzy's pussy faster.

"You want me to lift my skirt up so you can rub yourself right on my panties", Suzy asked.

"Mmmm Hmmm. Oh God, yes", Roberta said. She ground hard against Suzy, while she continued to play with Suzy's pussy and ass.

"Put your hands inside my panties, baby. You know you like to play with my pussy."

Roberta put her right hand down the front of Suzy's panties, and inserted her middle finger into Suzy's cunt. At the same time, she put her left hand into the back of Suzy's panties onto her ass. Roberta started to massage Suzy's ass, as they kissed and frenched. Suzy licked and kissed Roberta all over her ears, cheek and neck, as she let Roberta service her and rub off on her panties.

"Oooh, you hot little slut. I'm glad I found you. You really like to get girls off, don't you."

"Mmmh, Hmmm" moaned Roberta, rubbing harder against Suzy's panties.

"Pull your skirt up, Roberta, so you can rub your panties right on mine".

"OK", said Roberta, and pulled the hem of her skirt up and tucked it in. She then returned to her position, and started rubbing again. "Oh, god. That's a lot more sensitive. Oooh. I'm not going to be able to hold out too much longer".

"Hey Roberta. Did you like it the other day when I let you take off your panties and come right on my leg?"

"OOOOooohhh. Ooh yes. God yes. That was hot," said Roberta.

"Would you like it if I let you do it again?... Right now?... You could rub your hot cunt right on my panties."

"Aaaah. Oooh yes," Roberta cried. She quickly broke their lock, and pulled her panties off. She then got back in position, her wet pussy right on Suzy's panties, put her right hand into Suzy's panties and her finger in her pussy, and put her left hand back to her ass.

Suzy started hunching her pussy against Suzy's finger, and french kissing Roberta. Her hand was holding Roberta's head in place, while she tongue fucked her.

Roberta continued finger-fucking Suzy's hot wet pussy, while her left middle finger stole down between Suzy's ass cheeks, onto her tight anus. Roberta started rubbing it, as Suzy continued to tongue-fuck her.

"Oh, God, Roberta. What a slut. Do you like to rub my ass?"

"Mmmmhh. Yes." sighed Roberta.

"Stick your finger in, you little slut."

Roberta pushed her finger into Suzy's ass, and started fucking both ends of her with her fingers.

"Oh, God. Oooh. That's hot. I'm so wet, baby" said Suzy. "Oh, you like to rub your pussy on my panties, don't you. Here, kiss me while you do that".

Roberta did, letting Suzy's tongue her mouth. While they french kissed, Roberta rubbed harder and harder against Suzy.

Suzy prodded her on. "Go ahead, panty slut. Get yourself off again. You like this don't you. I've never seen such a slut... one hand fingering my pussy, the other fingering my ass like some boy. Go ahead, sweety, play with me. I bet you can't hold it. I'll bet your going to put your cum all over my pretty panties".

Roberta screamed, "Ooooh, Oohh God, I can't take it. Your panties are so good. Your ass is so good. God your pussy's so wet and beautiful. I'm cumming". As they french-kissed and humped each other, she creamed all over Suzy's panties and hip, and down her legs. "Oooh, God. What a rush. I've never cum so hard. You know how to make me hot, Suzy".

Suzy kissed her, hen gently pushed Roberta to her knees. "Take off my panties. You can keep them to remember my pussy by . You know what's coming, and you know want to do it." Roberta took the sides of Suzy's lace panties and gently pulled them down. Suzy then put her foot up on a box, opening up so Roberta could get a good view.

"Do you like to eat pussies, as much as you like to play with them?" Roberta didn't hesitate. She knelt down on the ground, letting Suzy almost sit on her face, and she licked and sucked Suzy's clit and pussy. As she did this, Roberta played with herself. She inserted two fingers into her pussy. Suzy noticed this, and said, "Very good, Rebecca. Oh you're good. You're so hot, baby. My pussy's got you wet again, hasn't it? Go ahead, make yourself cum while you eat me out. Show me what a pussy eater you are.". Roberta frigged herself faster, until she came in an explosion, drenching her legs for the second time in 20 minutes.

Finally Suzy said "I'm going to cum in your mouth, baby. Drink it pussy slut. Show me you like it". Roberta did. She showed Suzy the trick where she clamped her whole mouth around her pussy, while she stuck her tongue in deep. "Oooooh Goddd. Ooooh your good, baby. Like that. With your tongue. Suck with your mouth. Oh yes, cunt lover, here it cooommessss,,,,. Aaaahhhh." Her cum gushed into Roberta's mouth and throat. Roberta swallowed everything, and then tongued her lover Suzy clean. The two girls then got up and dressed, kissed, and hugged, until, exhausted, Roberta had to go home.

Suzy continued to bring Roberta to the apartment at least 3 times a week during that year. Roberta serviced her soundly each time.

Chapter 10 - The Movies

The night of the dance, a 15 year-old Sophomore named Sandy was quietly sitting across the room by herself, rather bored. She noticed Roberta come in earlier with Suzy and sit down nearby. She started to wonder if the rumors about her were true... some people said that Roberta was into girls. She thought about it for a moment, and decided it didn't make sense. Suzy was known as a "looker" for the guys; a real slut who parked with practically anybody. She watched Roberta and Suzy get up to dance, and waited to see if it was anything more than just two lonely girls dancing together. At first, during the fast ones, she didn't think much of it, other than the fact that Suzy was flashing her panties when she twirled. When the slow ones came on, though, she watched the two girls stay on the dance floor and move close together. Sandy knew they were more than just friends the way Roberta put her arms around Suzy and pulled her close. She saw Suzy kiss Roberta's ears and throat, and saw them made out. A shiver went through her, and she tingled between her legs.

Later, she clearly saw Roberta put her hands down low, behind Suzy, almost like they were on her ass. Sandy couldn't quite tell for sure, but she knew that Roberta's hands were not be where a girl would normally put them. Then she saw Roberta rub against Suzy's leg like she was in heat. As Roberta rubbed harder, her mouth opened wide, and she pulled Suzy into her tightly. Sandy could have sworn, if this wasn't in public, that Roberta had just had an orgasm.

Sandy got very hot watching this. Her pussy was moist by the time it was over. When she got home and in bed, she quickly put her hand on her pussy and played with herself. She fantasized about what the two girls might have actually done together. Within minutes, she arched her back and came on her hand.

Sandy fantasized about Roberta for the next two nights. She had never been interested in girls before, but seeing Roberta in heat made her wonder what it was like. She knew that her own hand sure felt good; another soft hand might not feel bad at all. Sandy decided to see if she could get Roberta to confess to her and tell her what was going on..

The next day in school, she saw Roberta by her locker. She walked up and started some light conversation. "Hey, Roberta, I saw you at the dance Saturday. You sure looked like you were having a good time."

Roberta blushed. She wondered what Sandy saw. "Yeah. It was fun, wasn't it."

Sandy went on. "Hey, there's a good movie at the theater next Saturday night. Want to go see it with me?"

"Yeah, sure Sandy. What time?" asked Roberta.

"How about 7:30. I'll come pick you up". Sandy said. She paused, shyly, wondering how to continue. "Uhh, Roberta... this may seem strange... I don't know how to ask you this, but..." Sandy stammered.

"What's wrong Sandy?" Roberta reached down and held Sandy's hand warmly in hers, to reassure her.

"Roberta. Don't get mad, but...oh, never mind."

"Go ahead, Sandy. I won't get mad. Tell, me, what is it."

"There's a rumor that you like girls. Is that true?" Sandy rushed it out, then blushed.

"Sandy! Why did you ask me that?" Did you hear something?"

Roberta thought about this question for a moment. If Sandy was really worried about it, she wouldn't have asked her about it. Sandy must have another motive. She stepped very close to Sandy, bringing their hands up between them where nobody could see them. "Or are you curious, Sandy?"

"Well, you know... there are rumors... I'm sorry, this isn't very polite," Sandy said.

"I think you're curious, aren't you." Roberta said. She softly brushed the back of her hand up and down over Sandy's left breast. "Don't worry, Sandy. Lots of girls are curious." Roberta gazed intently into Sandy's eyes watching for a reaction. Sandy breathed faster, and turned bright red. Her nipple betrayed her, as it hardened despite her conscious efforts to not show any reaction. Roberta rubbed her right index finger gently over Sandy's tit. Then, she took Sandy's nipple between her thumb and forefinger and lightly pinched it. Roberta toyed with it, while she continued to stare into Sandy's eyes.

"Uuhh. Well, that's why I wanted to go to the movie with you Friday. I wanted to find out..." Sandy continued.

"That's OK, Sandy. You don't have to say anymore. I'd love to go out with you Friday." She kept playing with Sandy's nipple. Sandy didn't move away. "We can talk about it then. Bring your car." Roberta said. "And dress nice"

"I'm glad your not mad at me, Roberta. Yes. Yes, I want to do it Friday. I'll be over to pick you up." Roberta gave Sandy's breast a big squeeze, and then pulled her hand away. Sandy quickly turned and walked away down the hall.

Roberta watched Sandy's sexy walk. Sandy was a long-haired brunette, with small, perky breasts. She always wore knee length, but hip-hugging, skirts, and semi-sheer white blouses, which piqued Roberta's interest. Her hips really moved nicely under her skirt. . Roberta knew Sandy enjoyed that quick feel of her breast. Her pussy was warm thinking about how Sandy let her play with her right in the school hallway. Roberta squeezed her legs together, then went to class.

During the week, Sandy masturbated every night, thinking of how turned on she got when Roberta rubbed her breast. Thursday and Friday she abstained. She didn't know what to expect, and she didn't know why, but she wanted to make sure she would be very horny on Saturday.

On Saturday night, Sandy pulled up in front of Roberta's house. Roberta walked out to the car, dressed in a short, dark yellow, pleated mini-skirt. She had on plain light yellow, satin textured, cotton panties, and a light yellow, button-up cotton blouse. She looked like the girl next door. She opened the door and got in next to Sandy, moving to the middle of the seat. Sandy was dressed similarly, this time with a much shorter, navy blue pleated miniskirt and a light blue blouse. Underneath she had on a very sheer, light blue bra, over her size A breasts, and light blue panties with lace trim around the legs and over the crotch... similar to the red ones that Suzy wore at the dance. Feeling slightly naughty tonight, she added dark nylons held up by a light blue garter belt that she had worn one time at a wedding. She never dressed like this for anyone before.

Sandy pulled the car away from the curb, and started driving.

After a little silence, Roberta said, "well, Sandy. It was very sweet of you to offer to take me out like this."

"I wanted to, Roberta. Your such a sweet girl. And... I... I was so curious..."

"So you want to know if I really like girls, like people say?" asked Roberta.

"I... I mean... I don't know. I'm really nervous about this. It's really none of my business"

"You're hoping I tell you I do like girls, aren't you, Sandy?"

"Well, I don't know... I mean. I guess I am."

"Let me answer you like honestly, Sandy. Yes. I do like girls." answered Roberta. She let it sink in for a minute.

"Oh, my," said Sandy. "I don't know what to say." Her heart beat faster and adrenaline started pumping.

"Are you nervous," asked Roberta?

"Uhh huh... a little?" answered Sandy.

"So, do you want to know about it, or do you want to stop right now," asked Roberta.

"Mmmhh, no... I mean, I'm very curious. I want to know why? and how? and everything," responded Sandy.

Roberta was getting very wet talking to a "virgin" like this. She had never done this before; played the seductress to a young innocent girl. Sandy was so cute. The thought of seeing more of her gorgeous body got Roberta very hot. Her eyes shifted down to Sandy's beautiful nylon covered legs and short skirt.

Roberta was nervous too, as she said. "You look very nice, Sandy. I love your skirt. Mmmh, you have very nice legs. Sexy, in fact." Roberta put her hand on Sandy's leg. As Sandy drove, Roberta's fingers rubbed lightly up and down over her nylons, sending shivers through Sandy. Roberta couldn't believe Sandy was really letting her do this. Now she knew how a boy felt seducing a girl on a first date.

Her fingers walked higher, to the top edges of Sandy's nylons, and slowly up under her skirt. She rubbed the inside of Sandy's thigh and spread her hand out over it. She massaged Sandy's thigh, which opened and closed slowly. Roberta moved her hand across to the other leg, pushing Sandy's skirt up slightly. She rubbed all over the inside of Sandy's other thigh. Finally, she moved it back to the closer leg.

Roberta's fingernails played games on Sandy's leg, from her knee to within a few inches of her pussy. Sandy didn't stop her. She was very nervous, but she was getting tingly and wet at the same time. She couldn't stop. By not stopping her, Sandy knew she was giving Roberta permission to play with her.

"Sandy. Do you really want to go to the movie?" asked Roberta.

"Why, what else did you have in mind?" asked Sandy.

"Well, how about if we just go somewhere private, where nobody can see us, and park." Roberta said.

"OK. Sounds good," answered Sandy breathlessly. "Where should we go." Sandy's pussy was dripping at the thought that she was letting Roberta take her to park. She hadn't even parked with a boy yet.

"Well, the theater is OK, it's close. But let's park way in the back, where there aren't any cars". Roberta answered. She turned the car radio on softly to a light jazzy station to fill the quietness. "That is if it's really OK with you." She continued to play with Sandy's thigh.

"Yeah... yeah sure. That's fine." answered Sandy.

"You're sure?" asked Sandy. "We don't have to, if you'd rather see the movie."

Sandy was responding to Roberta's touch. "Mmmm Hmmm. I'm very sure," answered Sandy. "I think I'd like to be alone with you for a little while."

Sandy swung the car into the theater parking lot, then went back behind it to the very end of the lot. Nobody else was parked there. She pulled in, about 50 feet from a light, and parked. She turned the car off, but left the radio on.

Roberta took Sandy's hand. "Look at me Sandy. I can see you're nervous. But if you came this far, it's because I think you want to go further. Is that right?"

"Mmmm Hmmm. Yes. I think so." answered Sandy. Her blue eyes were so beautiful.

"Sandy, let me ask you. Have you ever done anything with anyone?"

"No. Not even a guy."

"Then why do you want to be with me?"

"Roberta. I saw you that night at the dance... with Suzy."

"What did you see Sandy?" Roberta's hand dropped back onto Sandy's leg.

"Well, I saw you dance real close. I don't know if I was imagining things or not, but you looked more like lovers than friends. I saw you two hugging and then making out with each other," answered Sandy.

"And what if we are lovers. What would you think of that?" asked Roberta.

"I think its hot. I don't know why, but I felt all tingly while I watched you two, and thought of you two like that."

"Go on, Sandy, what else did you see?" Roberta rubbed up, within an inch of Sandy's pussy and then back down.

"Well, you were dancing awfully close. When you turned around, I saw her licking your ear and neck. I'm sorry, Roberta, I couldn't stop staring."

"That's OK, Sandy. Did you see us make out."

"Uuh huh. I saw her kissing you, I think." Sandy said.

"Mmmmh, you sure did. We had our tongues in each others mouths, Sandy. What else did you see," asked Roberta.

"I'm not sure. I watched you hold her close. Your hands were behind her, but I couldn't see. They looked like they were... uhmmm."

"On her ass, Sandy? You're right. I couldn't help it. My hands were on Suzy's beautiful little ass. She was wearing some new, very sexy, red lace panties that I couldn't stop touching." Roberta felt Sandy's legs open up for her exploring fingers.

"Oh, my God. Then I did see it. Ooooh." Sandy's legs clenched together. She was getting hotter.

"Is that it Sandy?"

"Well, almost. I mean, I'm wondering, It looked like she was trying to get you hot.. I mean ... you were pressed up against her leg... I don't know how to say this... you looked like you were getting off... right there on the dance floor... with her."

"What if I admitted to you that Suzy did get me hot... very hot." admitted Roberta.

"Mmmhhh. That turns me on," said Sandy. Roberta rubbed lightly across the front of Sandy's panties, causing Sandy to shiver.

"... she made me take my panties off, and lift up my dress so my naked pussy was right on her skirt." Roberta emphasized this by rubbing Sandy's leg.

"Oh, my. Oooh. You must have been awfully hot to do that."

"Sandy, I'm almost embarrassed to tell you this. She got me so hot that I rubbed against her until I came all over her leg.. right in front of everybody. I couldn't stop. I came so hard I soaked her skirt."

"Oooh, Roberta. It gets me so hot to imagine what it must have felt like. I'll admit something to you, too. Maybe I shouldn't tell you this, but... well, watching you get off got me so horny that I went home and played with myself for a week thinking about it."

"Did you like watching me get off?" asked Roberta

"Mmmhhh. I sure did." Sandy answered honestly. Her legs opened and closed, while Roberta continued to stroke back and forth between them, across her panties.

"Roberta... how did you get to like girls? How did it all start" asked Sandy.

"Well, if you'll keep it a secret, I'll tell you..." Roberta said. She told Sandy about her first time at the slumber party, and about how this girl (she didn't give out any names) teased her by opening her legs. She told Suzy she found that up to a certain point it was just curiosity, but all of a sudden past that point she couldn't stop... she was so turned on she was obsessed. She told her about later that night, when the girl made her look between her legs, and how it got her so turned on she couldn't help but play with herself while the girl taunted her.

When Roberta was done, Sandy was quite flushed. "Gosh. I can understand that. I mean if you spend the night telling horny stories with a bunch of half naked girls, and then some girl shows herself to you close up for an hour... I could see how anybody would be tempted. I don't think it's serious, Roberta."

"No, Sandy. It's different with me. You don't understand... It wasn't a one-time thing. I'm obsessed. Girls get me very hot. I'm OK to a point, but just looking at them or touching them in the right way can push me over the edge... I can't stop until I get off. In fact, talking to you and looking at you... Mmmmhhh. you're so pretty... Sandy,, you've got me extremely turned on." Roberta said.

"You mean, I get you hot," asked Sandy, innocently.

"Mmmm hmmm. Very hot." Roberta whispered.

They looked at each other in silence. Finally, Roberta said "I've got an idea. Do you want to try something?"

"Sure, but let's go slow. Please?"

"I won't even touch you, if you don't want. Did it really interest you to watch me get hot with Suzy?"

"Oh, man. Did it! I couldn't stop squeezing my legs together when Suzy made you come."

"Would you like to see me get hot again?" asked Roberta.

"Mmmhh. I sure would. How?" asked Sandy.

"It's easy. You look so gorgeous tonight, Sandy. I like your nice little outfit." Roberta gulped, and her pussy twinged at what she was about to do. She looked Sandy's body up and down. "Your legs are very nice." She moved Sandy's skirt halfway up her legs. "Your legs are getting me horny, Sandy." Sandy spread them apart for Roberta's admiring eyes. Roberta's cheeks got very hot.

"Come here. Give me a little kiss." Roberta took Sandy's head, and lightly kissed her on the lips, then backed off. They pressed their lips together again. Then Sandy's arms went around Roberta and she started breathing harder. They kissed... harder. Sandy's lips parted. Roberta put her tongue inside Sandy's mouth... gently. She frenched Sandy, swirling her tongue in her mouth, knowing she was getting her hot. Sandy was into it, savoring these new, rushing sensations. Sandy's pussy was getting wet. She liked this. She had never felt this way before. This was fantastic. She squeezed her legs together.

Roberta was so hot she had to get relief. She broke away. "Now, Sandy, you're going to help me. Lean back... against the door."

Sandy leaned back, her feet sort of sideways on the floor, her shoulders back against the door.

"Stretch your chest out". Sandy raised her arms behind her head and stretched. "Mmmmhh. That's good."

"Do you like my breasts," Sandy asked.

"Mmmm Hmmm. They're very nice."

Sandy unbuttoned her blouse to her waist, and pulled it off her shoulders. Her nipples showed through her small light blue bra. Roberta moaned.

"They aren't too small are they?" Sandy pulled her bra cup down over one breast, and lightly played with the nipple until it stood up.

"Oh, God, Sandy. Your breasts are so beautiful. Make your nipple hard for me. Pinch it. That's it." Roberta said. Roberta's started to squeeze her legs together. "You're getting me hot, Sandy."

Roberta's eyes dropped to Sandy's legs. Roberta's tongue started licking her lips. "I like your legs too baby. Show them to me. Slowly. Pull your skirt up."

Sandy took her shoe off and put her right leg up on the seat, next to Sandy. She pulled her blue pleated mini-skirt up until her panties were showing. She was getting horny showing Roberta her nipple and panties. She unconsciously played with her nipple while she let Roberta look at her. Roberta had a good view of Sandy's stretched out leg, the top of Sandy's nylons and her bare thigh. Roberta put her left hand out and rubbed Sandy's nylons over her foot and calf, while she watched. Sandy pulled her dress up a little more, almost to her waist. Roberta's saw Sandy's pretty light blue garter belt. "Like this, Roberta?" asked Sandy.

"Yeah. I sure do. Mmmhh. You've got nice panties. I like the lace alot. I like your garter belt, too.?"

"I wore it for you, Roberta. I wanted you to see me in it?" teased Sandy, as she posed for Roberta. "What about you? What are you wearing? Lift your skirt for me so I can see."

Roberta leaned back on her door. She put her left leg under Sandy's and put her right leg on the floor. She lifted her yellow miniskirt up over her satin panties, exposing herself to Sandy. Sandy moaned. "Like my satin panties? I like the smooth feel on my pussy. Also, I tend to come a lot... they'll help protect your car seat." She giggled.

"You too? I thought I was strange. I squirt all over when I come. I didn't think anybody else did." Sandy looked at Roberta's pussy. She could see it was soaked. Sandy was enjoying this newfound voyeurism.

"You keep exposing yourself to me like this, Sandy, and you'll see how I squirt," answered Roberta. "You look sooo good... open your legs a bit wider... Please?" Roberta begged.

Sandy went one better. She lifted her left leg up, put it on the seat over Roberta's leg, and opened both her knees, exposing her full pussy and nylon covered thighs for Roberta. Roberta could see Sandy's slit, framed by the light blue lace. The two of them sat close together, knees up, legs spread, staring at each other's panties. Roberta's hands were roaming up and down Sandy's legs. The feel of the nylons were turning her on.

"Oh, God, Sandy. That's hot. You've got a nice pussy, baby." Roberta moaned.

"You like to look up my skirt, don't you Roberta? Look at my panties baby. The girls were right. You're queer, aren't you? Only lesbians look up girls skirts. Feel my stockings. Do they get you hot, little lesbian?" asked Sandy.

"Yeesss. Mmmhh, I'm very hot. I can't help it. You're doing it to me". Roberta's hand moved down over her panties and pressed in. Looking straight into Sandy's eyes she asked, "are sure you about this, Sandy? This is turning me on too much?"

"Yes, very much. I can see how wet you are."

"Are your positive you want to see me do this?"

"Roberta... you couldn't stop if you wanted to. I'm getting you hot, you pussy slut. Show me how looking at pussies turns lesbians on."

Roberta moaned at that remark. She started rubbing her fingers up and down the front of her panties, over her pussy. She looked at Sandy's eyes. Her mouth fell opened and she moaned. She stared up Sandy's skirt at her panty covered pussy. and played with herself harder.

"Like my pussy, Roberta. Look at my panties baby. Play with yourself. Is this what that girl did to you at the slumber party, huh? Sandy asked.

"Uhhh huhh. Mmmh. I like looking up your skirt, Sandy. You're beautiful. Ooohh," Roberta said.

"Rub my legs, Roberta while you play with yourself. Put your hand inside your panties, pretty lesbian... play with your pussy. Tell me what turns you on." Sandy ordered.

Roberta put her hand inside her panties and put two fingers into her pussy.

"Open your legs way up, Sandy. Mmmmhhh. You've got such a nice pussy Sandy, I can see your wet slit. It gets me hot" Roberta said.

"You can? Want to see more? Watch this?" Sandy pulled her panties up tight so her whole pussy was visible through them. The wetness bled into the crotch.

"Ooooh," moaned Roberta.

"What are you doing inside your panties, Roberta. Are you playing with yourself?"

"Yes. Mmmhhh. I can't help it. I've got two fingers pumping my pussy. God, your gorgeous."

Roberta was going for it now. Sandy's legs were fully spread apart. The garter belt, nylons, and lace framed her pussy slit through the panties. Her long beautiful legs made Roberta groan.

"I love seeing how hot you get, Roberta. You're getting me wet, too. Just like when I saw Suzy make you come"

"Good. It makes me hotter to know your pussy's getting wet watching me play with myself," said Roberta.

"Control yourself, Roberta. You're not going to come, are you?" Sandy teased.

"Mmmmhhh. God yes. Oooh. I can't help it. I'm going to come in my panties looking at your pussy, baby." Roberta was finger fucking herself madly now. Her juice was dripping out onto her ass and wetting the back of her panties. She felt so perverted. She was a full-fledged lesbian, masturbating while looking up a beautiful girl's skirt.

"Do you want to see what's under my panties, Roberta. I know you can't talk while your jerking off you little lesbian slut. Just nod if you want me to show it to you."

"Mmmm hmmm," answered Roberta.

"What a little pervert. OK, you want to look my pussy, here goes." Sandy reached down and pulled her panties aside, exposing a beautifully shaped naked pussy to Roberta. Her lips were extended, very wet, and aroused. Sandy reached down and opened her slit up for Roberta. Sandy lightly stroked her clit with her right hand, while holding her pussy lips open for Roberta with her left.

"Oh, God, Sandy. I can't believe your showing me your pussy. Open it for me, sweetheart. Ooooh, your pussy is going to get me off. I'm going to cum. Your pussy gets me so hot. I've got three fingers inside... Show it to me baby. Ooooh this is beautiful. What a nice wet pussy. Rub your clit.... Oh, God... Oooohh... Mmmmh.... Here it comes. Ooooh, yes. Mmmmmmhhhh. Sandy baby. Sandy... you're pussy's getting me off. I'm cuummmiingg honey. OOOooooohh. Aaaaahhhhh. Oohh your gorgeous. Ohh I'm soaked. I'm going to get you when I'm done. Oh, God..." Roberta shot come all over the inside of her panties. Sandy could see the fabric turn dark yellow from the crotch down to Roberta's ass.

Roberta couldn't stop. "Mmmmhhh, here it comes again, Sandy.... Aaaahhhhhh.... oohh, hold it open for me, oohh yesssSSS, do it". Then a third time.... "OOOOhhhhh... here it comes... I'm squirting again, baby... Your pussy's making me soak my panties... look at me, I can't stop, AARrrrrgghh." Roberta squirted her panties a third time, as she stared at Sandy's gaping pussy. Her cum leaked all over the car seat. The musky smell was everywhere.

Sandy saw what she had done to Roberta, and she needed relief. Her finger started to move briskly over clit while she watched Roberta cum. Her whole pussy was wide open for Roberta to stare at... to masturbate looking at it. She was so hot she frigged herself watching Roberta's cum soak her panties. Her concentration was broken by Roberta.

"That's it Sandy. Go for it, baby. You like pussies, too?" asked Roberta.

"Oooh, your pussy got me so hot, Roberta. You wet your panties for me. I can't take it. This is getting me off. I think I like girls too." said Sandy.

"Here, Sandy. Let me help you do it." Roberta interrupted.

Sandy's was helpless. Roberta lay down and put her head right up between Sandy's legs. She brought her hand up and rubbed her finger rapidly up and down Sandy's wet slit. Sandy's hips started humping Roberta's finger.

"Ooooh, Roberta. What are you doing to me." Roberta took two fingers and put them in. She started fucking Sandy with them. Roberta was so close she could smell Sandy's pussy juice. Her other hand wrapped under Sandy around her garter/panty-covered ass to get a good firm grip.

"I'm going to fuck you, Sandy. You want to know what a girl can do to you? I'm fucking you, you little virgin. Tell me how much you like it, you little virgin dyke." Roberta fucked Sandy fast with her fingers.

"Oooh, Roberta, that feels so good. I love your fingers in my pussy. Yes, I like girls. I love girls. Do it to me."

"I'm going to make you cum like you never have before, Sandy." Roberta pushed her fingers all the way in deep, paused, then pulled out. She rubbed Sandy's clit several times, then dove back inside. She found Sandy's "G-spot" and pressed both fingers along it.

"You've got such a gorgeous pussy, Sandy. Go baby. Fuck my fingers. Give it to me. I want your come."

"AAAahhh. Roberta. I can't believe I'm letting you finger me. This is so hot. Look at my pussy while you play with it. I'm spread out for you, baby. Do it, fuck me hard. Oh, God, this is incredible. You're going to make me come." moaned Sandy.

Roberta pulled her finger out and licked it. The taste made her delirious. Roberta put her mouth down on Sandy's pussy and starting eating her out. Her tongue roamed over her clit, back and forth, and then down and inside.

"Oh, God, Roberta.. What are you doing to me... I don't believe I'm letting you do this. Oh, God, your tongue is sooo hot... I never felt anything like... Mmmmmhhhh.. Oh no. Stop Roberta... No... I'm going to come baby. Take your mouth off, I squirt too much."

Roberta ignored her. She licked and sucked Sandy harder.

"Roberta, if you don't stop, baby, I'm going to cum in your mouth. Don't. Oooohhh. Yes. Do it to me. I'm going to cum on your tongue baby. Look out... I can't stop it. Aaaaaahhhh... oh, God, suck it! Drink my juices you lesbian cunt lapper. Oh, I love letting you eat my pussy. Oooh God, I'm going to cum, baby. This is it... ."

Roberta put her mouth over Sandy's pussy. Sandy started squirting, almost as hard as Roberta did earlier. It took Roberta by surprise. "AAAaaahhhh, I'm cumming in your mouth, Roberta. Drink it. Swallow all of it. Ooooh, you're so hot. Here's more, baby ... Aaaahhhh. Take it. Keep sucking." Roberta was swallowing and sucking as fast as she could. Cum was pouring out of Sandy's cunt, all over Roberta's mouth and down her chin. Roberta kept going with her mouth and tongue. Roberta secretly put her hand down in her panties and fingered herself again, as she licked Sandy to several more orgasms. Roberta deliriously basked in the taste of Sandy's come, as it turned slowly from a watery liquid to a nice thick tangy cream.

"Your fantastic, Roberta. Clean me up... I see you playing with yourself again, you little lesbian."

The degrading talk egged Roberta on again. "OOoooohhh, Sandy. Your pussy's so nice... I love drinking your cum.." Roberta stuck her tongue deep inside and licked the tangy nectar, as she rocked up and down on her fingers. "Oh, you're young pussy tastes so good."

Sandy spread her pussy as wide as she could for Roberta's eyes and tongue. She moved her hips up and down, rubbing her pussy all over Roberta's face. "Lick it, Roberta. Suck all my cum. Like my pussy juice all over your face?"

"I love your pussy, Sandy... Ooooh, rub it all over my face. Do it. Ooohh... that's it... yes... you're going to make me cum in my pants again, baby." Roberta pressed her finger tight to her G-spot and came again, for the second time in less than ten minutes, while she continued to clean Sandy's pussy out.

Roberta finally said. "Ooohh, thank you Sandy. That was hot. That's the most I've cum, ever."

"Mmmmhh. Thank you, Roberta. I see how you have so much luck picking up girls... your tongue is amazing. Come up here and kiss me like you did earlier. Only this time, don't stop."

With that, Roberta sat back up and pulled Sandy up to her. Their skirts were still up around their waists. Roberta hugged Sandy, and kissed her intensely. The two of them made out for the next half hour. Roberta played with Sandy's little nipples while she frenched her and taught her the joys of gentle girl kissing.

Sandy drove Roberta home. They parked in front, and made out again. They pulled each other's skirts up, and played with each other while they kissed, finally cumming once again all over on each other's fingers.

From then on, Sandy also preferred girls.

Chapter 11 - Roberta, Sandy and Chrissy

While Sandy was by her locker one day, she overheard four new freshman girls talking. As girls do, they were gossiping. Sandy saw that they were blushing and giggling, they talked about boyfriends and sex. One of the girls mentioned that there were rumors that a junior, named Roberta, liked other girls. There was more giggling and carrying on. One girl, in particular, Chrissy, was really cute, and quite shy. She didn't talk as much. Her tongue licked her lips, and she stood there listening to all this chatter with her legs crossed tightly. She was very pretty. Her lithe 14-year old body filled a pair of designer jeans nicely. Sandy got very turned on watching her move her legs back and forth.

After the other girls left, Sandy walked up to her.

"Chrissy, I heard you girls talking. Do you really think that happens? I mean two girls?

"I don't know, Sandy."

"Are you curious about it?" asked Sandy.

"A little, I guess. Is it true? I mean, why would a girl like another girl, anyway?"

"Well, guess what. I'm good friends of Roberta. I could introduce you two. If you're really interested, you could ask her about it firsthand. I'm sure she wouldn't mind."

"Sandy, I really don't know. I mean, I'm curious, but I don't think I'd want to personally do it myself." answered, Chrissy.

"You wouldn't have to. You could just talk. I'm sure I could get Roberta to tell you what girls do together. Then next time the girls start gossiping, you can tell them what you know."

"Ok. I am sort of curious. When?"

"Look, dress up nice... a pretty skirt so your mom doesn't suspect anything. I'll swing by Friday night, with Roberta to pick you up."

"Ok. But, please, don't tell anybody? I'd be too embarassed if anyone found out," said Chrissy. She told Sandy where she lived.

Sandy told Roberta about the four really cute freshman girls, who she had overheard talking about her, and about how she approached Chrissy afterward.

"You should have seen her face, Roberta. She was licking her lips while they talked about girls doing it together. She didn't say anything, so I figured she's the type who gets curious when she listens to this type of stuff." said Sandy.

"What does she look like," asked Roberta.

"She's blond with short hair. Sort of short, and thin. Almost no breasts yet to speak of, just perfect little buds, you know, just as they start to blossom. She has the most beautiful little ass, squeezed into a pair of Calvin's. A sweet face, with a pouty mouth and big eyes, and the nicest, softest, sexiest little voice. I'll tell you, she got me wet." said Sandy. "Anyway, I suddenly had an idea and walked over to talk to her. I asked her if she wanted to meet you and hear about girls together. I invited her out with us Friday... and she accepted! What do you think of that. "

Sandy rubbed up next to Roberta and put her hand up her dress, on her panties. They were wet. "I think the idea of corrupting a cute little virgin freshman has you hot, baby. You like the idea of both of us taking her on a date, and sharing her cute little body, don't you?" Sandy rubbed Roberta's pussy lightly through her panties.

"Mmmh. Sounds hot, you horny little bitch. I can't believe you did this. But, it sounds interesting", answered Roberta.

On Friday, Sandy put on red translucent panties with a lacy pattern on front, and a plaid, pleated miniskirt. She wore a loose fitting white blouse. She wore white bobby socks, and brown penny loafers. She drove by to pick Roberta up. Roberta had on her favorite white miniskirt, with plain white cotton panties, and a loose fitting cotton blouse. She put on perfume and makeup, and a pair of gold circular earrings. She had on white socks and sneakers.

They drove by to pick up Chrissy. Roberta got out of the car to let Chrissy into the middle. Chrissy was wearing a beige mini-skirt, a tight white angora-type sweater, no socks and white sneakers. She had on a matching pair of beige panties, with lace around the waist and legs. As Chrissy got in, her legs flew open and Roberta got a flash of her panties as she slid across the seat. Roberta then got in, not taking any particular care with her skirt. When she sat down, it had ridden up quite a way on her legs. She made no attempt to pull it down.

"OK, where to, Roberta?" asked Sandy.

"I don't care. Let's go to the drive-in," answered Roberta.

"Good idea," answered Chrissy. "The other girls and I go there a lot. We park in back and watch the older kids make out. Its fun to spy on them." she giggled.

"Do you have any boyfriends yet, Chrissy" asked Sandy, as they drove.

"Gosh, no. I just started school. That can wait awhile."

Roberta saw how cute Chrissy was when she talked. She was so sweet and innocent. Her skin was soft. Her legs were gorgeous. And Sandy was right about her ass. Mmmh... that was definitely her best feature.

When they got to the drive-in, they parked way in a back corner, away from everybody.

"I'm going to park back here, Chrissy. Roberta and I kind of prefer not to be close to the other people," Sandy said. "So, Chrissy, I told Roberta about what the girls were talking about," said Sandy.

"Yeah," Chrissy said. "The girls said there were rumors that you were... well, uhh..."

"I know what they said," Roberta responded. "Did you believe them?"

"I don't know. I mean, it wouldn't bother me or anything. I figure that's your own business," answered Chrissy.

Roberta saw Sandy looking Chrissy up and down and licking her lips, as they talked. She smiled as she thought to herself, "boy, it didn't take long for Sandy to get as bad as she was at staring at girls. Sandy sure didn't need much persuasion... she was a natural."

"Are you curious about it?" asked Roberta.

"Well, a little. I mean, if you were... I mean, if you did like girls, what would two girls do with each other anyway?"

Roberta answered, "First of all, its true what they say. I do like girls. I like them a lot. And as for what girls do together, well, we can do almost anything a girl can do with a guy, if not more. With a girl it's so soft and sensual. Girls have such nice soft sexy skin. Looking or touching... it's a real turn-on."

"Wow. Like what do you do?" asked Chrissy.

"Well first of all, like kissing," Roberta answered. "Did you ever make out with a boy?"

"Not really. A couple of small kisses, that was all."

"You don't know what your missing. Sandy could demonstrate, if you want." Roberta suggested. Sandy blushed. She squeezed her legs together, excited about the possibility of kissing this little virgin.

"OK. I'll try it, but just a little," Chrissy said.

Chrissy turned her face toward Roberta. Sandy put her arms around Chrissy's waist, and pulled her back into her.

"OK, Chrissy. Relax. I'm going to show you something," said Sandy. Sandy started massaging Chrissy's shoulders and back. She softly caressed Chrissy's arms with her fingernails, and then moved her fingers up to her neck.

"Oooh. That feels nice. You're giving me shivers." said Chrissy.

Sandy started kissing the back of Chrissy's neck, and then licking it. She kissed up toward Chrissy's ears. Little chills went all through Chrissy's body. Her little budding nipples perked up.

"Ooooh. What are you doing to me Sandy. I've never felt anything like this," moaned Chrissy.

"Just relax, sweetheart. I'm showing you what kissing between two girls can feel like. Kissing isn't like doing it with your grandmother. You can kiss a girl anywhere." said Sandy.

As Sandy held Chrissy tightly around the waist, she made love to her ears, neck, cheeks and eyes. Finally, she pulled Chrissy's face around toward hers, and gently kissed her on the lips.

"Mmmmh," moaned Chrissy. She squirmed lightly while they kissed.

"Relax your lips, Chrissy. It gets even better." Sandy said.

As Chrissy relaxed, Sandy slid her tongue into her mouth and gently and rubbed it over her teeth. Chrissy's mouth relaxed further, and opened up. Sandy's tongue invaded her mouth. Finally, Chrissy's tongue darted back, lightly at first, and then harder. Their tongues were soon in a duel. Chrissy was panting and really getting into it. Sandy's hands were moving over Chrissy's little waist, up her sides, and then down, very close to her little tits. She rubbed down Chrissy's legs and back up.

As Roberta watched this, she started to get hot. Chrissy's little skirt was half way up her legs, and her sweater was pulled up, showing her tummy and belly button. Her back was arched so she could kiss Sandy, making her budding little nipples show clearly through the tight sweater. Roberta put her hand in her lap and started rubbing her pussy through her skirt. This was turning her on.

Finally Sandy relaxed her hold on Chrissy, and pulled her mouth away. "Well, Chrissy, what do you think of that?"

"Mmmmh. Fantastic. That was good. You made me feel sort of... warm and tingly," answered Chrissy.

"There are more feelings where those came from," said Sandy.

"Wow. Is this what you two do? Come back here and make out? I can see why! That was heavenly."

"Well, sort of. We make out a lot in fact. But there's more than that," said Roberta.

"Like what?" asked Chrissy.

"Well, we like to look at each other. Did you ever look at another girl, Chrissy?" asked Roberta.

" Well, we change clothes for gym in the shower. Once or twice I've seen other girls, if that's what you mean."

"Not exactly," responded Roberta. "I mean, close up. Did you ever show yourself naked to another girl... you know, let her look up close at your tits or pussy?"

"No. I get sort of tingly thinking about it though."

"Are you tingly right now?"

"Uhh huh," answered Chrissy.

"Where?" asked Roberta.

"Down... between my legs." answered Chrissy.

"Do you get hot thinking about seeing another girl's tits, Chrissy?"

"Mmmm, yes." answered Chrissy.

"How about seeing another girl's pussy?" asked Roberta.

Chrissy felt a strange buzz and squeezed her legs together. This was getting her hot. She never thought about it before, but yes, she sometimes thought about looking at another girl's pussy. "Yes. That might be interesting." answered Chrissy.

"Good. Do you want to see my pussy, Chrissy? Tell me. You have to say it."

Chrissy let out a soft moan. "Yes. Please. Show me your pussy, Roberta."

"I'll let you see me, only if I can see you."

"Ok. What should I do?" asked Chrissy.

"Lean back against Sandy, and pull your legs up on the seat a little. Mmmmh. That's right. Pretty soon you'll see why girls like this. You'll get an even warmer feeling. I sure do." said Roberta?"

Chrissy pulled her legs up onto the seat and leaned back into Sandy. Sandy put her arms around Chrissy's waist, and started kissing her ear, as Roberta gave directions.

"Now, Chrissy. I'll unbutton my blouse, and you pull your sweater up a little. Not all the way yet."

Chrissy pulled her sweater up almost to the bottom of her tits. Her cute bare tummy was now a free target for Sandy's warm hands. Chrissy moaned as Sandy worked her neck and ears over with her tongue.

"I love your neck and ears, Chrissy," whispered Sandy. "Want me to keep doing this?"

"Yes. Please. It feels good," Chrissy whispered back so Roberta couldn't hear.

"You horny little thing." Sandy made love to Chrissy's ear and neck with her tongue, while Roberta looked at her.

Roberta unbuttoned several buttons and pulled her blouse open. Chrissy could see her cute lacy bra.

"Do you like my bra Chrissy?" asked Roberta. Her hands came up to gently rub across her nipples under the thin fabric. They immediately became erect.

"It's very nice. I can see your nipples, Roberta. They look hard." answered Chrissy.

"Do you want my tits, Chrissy?"

"Sure." answered Chrissy.

"OK, but you're going to have to show me yours too." Roberta reached back, undid her bra, and pulled it off. She leaned back and opened her blouse for Chrissy. Roberta was getting very hot exposing herself to a 14-year old.

"OK, Chrissy. Look how big you're getting my nipples. They get hot letting you look at them."

"Oooh," moaned Chrissy. "They look so nice."

"Show me yours," said Roberta.

"Chrissy,... let me do it." Sandy said. Her hands came up to Chrissy's sweater, and lifted it up over her breasts. Her hands rubbed lightly over Chrissy's nipples. Finally, Chrissy, too, was totally exposed, her nipples extending beautifully from their tiny base buds.

Roberta's tongue licked over her lips. She started to play with her own nipples. "I like your little breasts, Chrissy. I like to look at them. Do you like looking at me?"

"Oooh, yes, Roberta. I'm getting all warm inside. The tingly feeling is stronger. What's happening?"

"You're getting horny, little baby. That means you're enjoying this. Do you like the feeling?"

"I sure do. My legs feel like squeezing together. It's all warm down there."

"Go ahead and squeeze," said Roberta. "My legs are squeezing together looking at you."

Chrissy squeezed her legs together, putting pressure on her pussy. These girls were getting her really hot. She wanted more.

Sandy kissed Chrissy's ear and whispered to her. "Want to make you feel really good, Chrissy. I'll get you even warmer" she whispered to her.

"Sure. OK." murmured Chrissy.

"Look at Roberta's nice tits, while I do this." Sandy's hands came up until they found Chrissy's breasts. She took Chrissy's nipples between her fingers and began to play with them. Chrissy's little legs were squeezing harder. Her breathing quickened. She looked at Roberta's tits and moaned.

"You like the way Sandy plays with your little tits, don't you Chrissy?" Roberta asked.

"Oooooh, yes. Oh, god, that feels good when she pinches them." Sandy pinched them harder.

"Do my tits get you hot?"

"Oooh. Yes, Roberta. They're making me real hot."

"Good. Then let's show each other something else." Roberta lifted her skirt up and spread her legs. "Look at me, Chrissy... see my panties? I can see you squeezing your legs together on your pretty pussy. You like them don't you? ... Want to show me yours?" "Mmmh hmmm." Chrissy lifted her plaid miniskirt, and opened her legs. Her little 14-year old mound and slit were visible through her cute panties.

Roberta moaned. "Look at my pussy, Chrissy. Can you see me through my panties?" asked Roberta. She rubbed a finger through her slit and pulled her panties tight so Chrissy had a good view. The wetness made it easy to see.

"I sure do," moaned Chrissy, as Sandy continued to tweak her nipples. "You're wet. Can you see mine?"

"Uh huh. I need to see more, baby. Please, take your panties off for me?" Roberta asked.

Chrissy eagerly reached down and pulled her panties off. She lifted her miniskirt and opened her legs for Roberta. Chrissy's pussy had virtually no pubic hair. Her mons was puffy, and small lips peeked at Roberta from within. Sandy's right hand reached down and rubbed Chrissy's thigh, up her leg, across her tummy and down the other one. "Oooh, your getting me so hot, Sandy," Chrissy whispered.

"How does it feel Sandy. Do you like showing your pussy to another girl," asked Roberta, as she pulled her panties down for Chrissy.

"Mmmmh Hhhhm. I like opening my legs for you. Show me yours, Roberta."

Roberta put her legs up on the seat, and opened them wide. Chrissy saw Roberta's pussy lips were distended and very wet. It was big, and had nice pubic hair."

"Ooooh, Roberta. I like looking at your pussy. It's big. God, I'm getting horny doing this. I can't believe I'm letting you look at my pussy. I'm getting real hot inside, like I'm going to burst. Do you like it, Roberta?" said Chrissy.

Roberta answered, "Oh, God yes. What a beautiful virgin little cunt. It's so cute. Put your hand down and open it up for me."

"That's OK, Chrissy, I'll do it for you." Sandy whispered again, and before Chrissy knew what was happening, Sandy's hand covered her pussy, and opened it up for Roberta. Chrissy had a nice little clit, obviously swollen from these events. Her little pussy lips were wet.

"That's good, Chrissy. What a hot little pussy." said Roberta. "Have you ever played with yourself before?"

"I'm a little embarrassed, but... well when I'm in the bathtub I sometimes rub my pussy. It feels real good," Chrissy answered.

"Well, I'm going to play with myself while you show me your pussy. That's what looking at you is doing to me." Roberta said. Roberta started rubbing her finger up and down for Chrissy.

Sandy rubbed Chrissy's pussy lightly. "Your pussy's wet, Chrissy. I can feel it. You're really horny doing this, aren't you?" asked Sandy.

"Oooh, yes. I'm getting all hot. Roberta's pussy's looks so good." answered Chrissy.

"Do you want me to help you some more?" Sandy asked.

"Sure. Please. Go ahead, Sandy," answered Chrissy.

Sandy's move her finger more surely, up and down Chrissy's slit. Sandy opened Chrissy's pussy to Roberta's gaze. It was very moist inside. As Sandy rubbed, she contacted Chrissy's clit.

"OOOoooh, what are you doing to me, Sandy. Oh, God. Ooohh, I've never felt anything like this." Chrissy said.

"Like that baby? Want me to do it again?" asked Sandy.

"Yes. Please. Rub me again. That felt so good. Ooooh, your pussy looks so nice, Roberta. I like watching you play with yourself. Please don't tell the other girls we did this." Chrissy said.

"It's our little secret, Chrissy. Play with her Sandy. Show her how a girl can make her feel." said Roberta.

Sandy rubbed her finger up and down Chrissy's pussy again, this time a little firmer. She rubbed around and over Chrissy's little clit. Chrissy's pussy started to leak a little wetness and her hips were beginning to move.

Roberta said, "I can't take much more of this, Chrissy... you've get me so fucking hot. Forgive me baby. I've got to jerk myself off." Roberta rubbed her pussy vigorously, up and down. She inserted a finger and started fucking herself with it.

Seeing this, Sandy put her finger inside Chrissy.

"Oooh, Sandy. Do that with your finger. Roberta, do yourself while Sandy does me. This is nice. Mmmmh, I'm burning up inside. Oh, I love to watch your pussy, Roberta. It's so big and wet." Sandy finger fucked Chrissy more vigorously, while roughly pinching her ripe tits with the other hand.

"Look at Chrissy, Roberta. Look at her little pussy. Show her how turned her pussy gets you. Show her how you jerked off looking at me last week and came in your pants." Sandy said.

"Sandy, don't, please," begged Roberta, helplessly humping against her hand.

"Your friends were right, Chrissy. Look at Roberta play with herself, watching you. Roberta's a little lesbian. She can't take her eyes off your wet little pussy. Fuck my finger, Chrissy. Make Roberta cum on her hand, looking at your 14-year old pussy."

"Roberta?" You like looking at my pussy? You're finger fucking yourself on me, aren't you? Tell me, Roberta... you're a lesbian. Say it. Look at my little pussy," said Chrissy.

"Oh, god, you two. Chrissy's pussy is so hot. So young and ripe and open. Yes... I'm a lesbian. I love you're virgin little cunt. How about my pussy, Chrissy. How do you like it?"

"Mmm Hmmm. It's hot. I love watching you finger yourself. Your so wet," said Chrissy.

Roberta said, "You're a little lesbian too, aren't you, Chrissy. Sandy's finger fucking you, you little girl lover. Show me how hot you get with Sandy fucking you. Open your legs all the way up, Chrissy. That's it. Lift them up. Let Sandy finger fuck you, baby. Oh, God, I can see your little asshole. Oooooh, Chrissy, baby. Honey, I'm going to cum. You're going to get me off." Roberta slammed two fingers home and drove them in and out at high speed. Every once in a while she stopped to rub her G-spot. "Oooooh, I'm cumming. Do it to her Sandy. Fuck her. Make her cum. She wants it. She's looking at my pussy while you finger her. I want to cum with her."

Sandy sped up her pace, until Chrissy's hips and ass were bucking on the car seat. "Ooooh, Sandy. Do me. Your getting me so hot, baby. Finger fuck me. I'm going insane... Ooooh, I'm... I love what your finger is doing to me... jerk me... Ooohh, AAAAhhhhhhh..." Chrissy's screamed. Cream spurted out of her pussy and down her ass, while Sandy continued to fuck her.

Sandy soothed her "Nice Chrissy. Now you know what two girls do together. We make each other cum. That's it, squeeze my finger with your cunt, cum all over it with your sweet young pussy. Squeeze it all out. That's it baby. Once more, squeeze, give me all your cream... Mmmmh. That's nice. You like my finger, don't you?"

"Mmmmh. Its delicious. I can't stop squeezing it." Chrissy responded. Her hips kept bouncing up and down as she watched Roberta's cum spurt all over the seat. "Oh, Roberta. Wow. Look at you come. You're soaking the seat. Did my pussy do that to you?"

"It sure did, little one. I've never seen such a nice little body," answered Roberta while she stroked slower. "Poor Sandy, though. She didn't have any fun," noted Roberta. "Lick your finger Sandy. Tell me what Chrissy's cream tastes like.

"Mmmhhh. Delicious. You'd love it, Roberta," said Sandy, reaching down to rub more of Chrissy's cream off her ass and putting her finger in her mouth again.

Chrissy turned herself around to face Sandy. She put her arms around Sandy and started making out with her. Sandy loved this nice little virgin's tongue. Chrissy noticed the tangy taste of her pussy juice on Sandy's tongue. "Sandy, you were so good I soaked my skirt when you made me cum. What can I do to return the favor." Chrissy lifted up Sandy's skirt and looked at her panties. Her crotch was enticing. Chrissy moaned and kissed Sandy.

"Open your legs, Sandy. I want to try to make you feel good. I've never done this before." She placed her hand on the front of Sandy's pussy. "Oh, my. Have we been wetting our panties?" Chrissy giggled. Sandy's panties were soaked. "Did I do this to you? Poor baby. I'm sorry" She tongue fucked Sandy, who was starting to writhe on the seat.

"Here, let me fix it." Chrissy put her hand inside Sandy's panties, and onto to her pussy. Her finger slid inside easily, in the wet lubricant. "I'm going to finger fuck you, Sandy. Tell me how it feels." said Chrissy.

"Ooooh. Ugghhhh. Mmmhh. Yes. I need it bad, Chrissy. Please. Finger me, baby." was all Sandy could say.

Chrissy's little fingers worked Sandy's soaking pussy like an expert. Sandy's hips responded. "Kiss me, while you do that, Chrissy. I love to kiss you." Chrissy kissed Sandy, and stuck her tongue in. "Oh, God, you're going to make me cum baby."

"Mmmmhhh., Oh, God" moaned Sandy. "Do my cunt, you little virgin lesbian. Fuck me. Show me you enjoy fucking girls with your finger."

Roberta had a good view of Chrissy's little ass from this angle. Her hand had never left her pussy. While the two girls made out, Roberta finger fucked herself again. Chrissy's ass was too much; it was going to get her off again. "Ooooh" said Roberta. "You two are hot."

"Roberta's peeking at your little ass, Chrissy," moaned Sandy. "She's playing with herself. You're body's still getting her hot."

"If my ass turns her on, I think can help her," said Chrissy. She pulled her miniskirt all the up way over her ass, and opened up fully, so her little anus and pussy were both exposed to Roberta.

Roberta screamed. "Oh, god. I'm going to cum, Chrissy. Ooooh, your little asshole is too much. You're getting me off again pretty baby. Aaaaggghh.... Oooooohhhhhh.... Oh, I'm cumming. God this feels so good. Oooooh, here I go. Aaahhhh." as Roberta's cum again squirted all over the car seat.

"Get Sandy off, Chrissy. Jack her off. Make her cum on your hand." Roberta said.

Chrissy vigorously jammed two fingers into Sandy's cunt. Sandy moaned and writhed under Chrissy's control.

"Mmmmhh, you're getting me Chrissy. Keep kissing me. You'll make me cum like that. Mmmmh. I love your kisses. Tongue fuck me. Oh yeah, like that. .. I'm going to cuuumm all over your fingers baby... Do it... Fuck me. Oooooh, Chrissy. What a fast learner. God, your good. Aaaarrggghh..." Sandy thrust her hips up and down. Her pussy squeezed Chrissy's finger as she came on Chrissy's pretty little hand. The come pulsed out, into her panties, squeezing thick cream onto Chrissy's pleasure-giving hand.

After they all calmed down, Sandy drove them home. On the way, Roberta got to feel what Chrissy's kisses were like.

"Did you enjoy that, Chrissy?" Asked Roberta, frenching her.

"Mmmm Hmmm. That was the best." answered Chrissy, tonguing her back

"What part did you like best?" asked Roberta.

"Making her cum all over my hand," answered Chrissy.

"Mmmmhh. Do you like making girls cum on your hand."

"Mmmm Hmmm. I love getting them hot... so warm... and wet. I love it when they squeeze my fingers and squirt inside their panties."

"Give me your hand. I'll cum for you if you want to feel it again," said Roberta.

Chrissy put her hand up Roberta's skirt, and stuck her hand down Roberta's panties. Roberta slouched down in the seat and spread her legs wide for the little virgin's access. Chrissy felt how hot and wet her open cunt was, and finger fucked her, just like she did to Sandy.

Chrissy leaned over to kiss Roberta. "Cum for me, baby. I want some more cum on my hand."

"Ooooh. Your so good Chrissy. I can't hold it, baby. Tell me what you want."

"I want your wet pussy to squeeze my fingers, Roberta. I want you to wet your pants for me. For my little fingers. We me baby... Come on."

"Aaaahhh. Ooooh, Chrissy. Here it comes... I'm doing it. I'm wetting my pants, honey. Oh, god... I can't stop. Fuck me. Aaahhh. Here it comes again. Finger me hard!!!" As they kissed, Roberta soaked her panties again, just as they pulled into her driveway.

"Oh, you're so good, little baby. You make my pussy so fucking hot. What's your opinion of doing it with girls now?" Roberta asked Chrissy.

"I got so hot. I've never cum like that. I don't think the other girls know what they're missing. I liked playing with your pussies and getting you off, too." answered Chrissy, frenching Roberta gingerly. She raised her hand to her mouth, and licked the two girls' pussy juices off. "And we get free refreshments!" She giggled.

"Do you have any more friends who might enjoy the feminine virtues?" Sandy asked.

"God, you are two nasty little lesbians. You want more virgin pussies to corrupt? Not all of them might be as well behaved as I was."

"I must say, you were very cooperative. Lucky for us, huh Roberta?" asked Sandy.

"I'll say. I never though a 14-year old could get me off like that. If there's more where that came from, I'm sure game," said Roberta.

Chrissy said. "Well, I have to be careful. I can't just go up and tell everybody what I dd. I have to think about it." She paused, and thought, " Ooohh, yes. I think I may know one girl who might be interested. And I think you two would like her too. She's even a little younger than me, since you like them young." Chrissy answered.

"Well, if you can get her to do it, perhaps we can "double-date" next week," said Roberta, eagerly.

"I'll see what I can do." said Chrissy.

"Isn't this great, Chrissy?" asked Roberta. "The best thing about playing with other girls, is that your parents don't worry at all about you. What parents would care if their nice little girl went to the movies with a group of other girls? If they only knew?"

Chapter 12 - Double Date

Sandy caught up with Chrissy in the hall on Tuesday and asked her to meet her in the girl's washroom during lunch break. When they got there, Sandy pulled Chrissy into the back stall and locked the door. "I enjoyed Saturday night, Chrissy. I thought about what you did to me all day Sunday and Monday. How about you?"

"I enjoyed myself too. I think I love you." said Chrissy.

The two girls locked in an embrace, and opened their mouths to each other's tongues. "You're such a hot little virgin freshman. I love to kiss you." Said Sandy.

"Me, too. I'm glad I met you and Roberta." said Chrissy, tonguing Sandy the way she knew Sandy liked it. "You get me so turned on." Her instincts told her she was getting Sandy going.

"Your soft little body is turning me on, too. You're getting me wet, Chrissy," said Sandy, as she hugged and rubbed against Chrissy's tits.

"Oh, God, Sandy. I'm me wet, too... real wet. I need to cum bad. Help me...please." Chrissy pleaded.

"Right here... now?" asked Sandy.

"Oh, God, yes Sandy. Nobody'll catch us. Please?"

"OK, you little pervert, but let's make it fast before anybody finds us.?" Sandy whispered.

Roberta put her hand on the front of Chrissy's blouse and pinched her nipple while they continued to kiss, hungrily. Their legs opened for each other, and they dry humped while they kissed. Sandy took both of Chrissy's tits between her fingers and massaged and pulled them.

Chrissy responded, "Oooh, God, your turning me on. Pinch my nipples, you queer. Play with them. You're going to make me cum on your leg, you lesbian slut."

"Cum all over my leg, Chrissy. You're as queer as I am, you virgin dyke. Hump me, queer love."

Chrissy humped against Sandy's leg until she couldn't hold back. "Pinch my nipples. Both of them. Pull them hard. Oh, God Sandy. You're going to get... me.... AAAaaaggghhh, Noooo.... I'm cuumming in my panties. Look what you're making me do it, you pretty queer. Ooooh. I'm soaked. I'm going to get even with you for that."

Chrissy put her hand up Sandy's skirt and down the front of her panties. Sandy was soaked, as usual. Chrissy stuck two fingers into her and started jamming them in and out. "OK, queer love, fuck my fingers. I know you want to cum all over my hand... just like in the car. Do it... come for me baby..."

"You little slut. I'm so wet. Finger fuck me. Faster... Oh, yes... yes... here it comes... oh, baby I'm going to squirt... look out... Ooooohhhh, Aaarrggg... I'm cumming." Sandy squirted cum so hard it leaked down her legs while Chrissy frigged her off. They kept kissing until Sandy finally calmed down.

"Oh, my God, look at me. I'm soaked. Boy, you're a fast learner. Only last Saturday you were a virgin" said Sandy.

"I like to finger you, Sandy. You're so responsive. Mmmhh, and so creamy." said Chrissy, as she continued to fuck Sandy's pussy. She took her finger out and showed Sandy the cream all over her hand. Then she extended her tongue and licked her fingers, making sure she got every drop. Chrissy put her hand back in Sandy's panties and gently fingered her some more. "We'd better calm down now Chrissy. Once is enough." Said Sandy. Her pussy squeezed Chrissy's fingers unconsciously. "I don't know. Your lesbian pussy's still responding, Sandy. I think it wants some more. Let's check" Chrissy thrust her two fingers back in hard, and simultaneously rubbed her thumb up and down Sandy's clit. "Oh, God, Chrissy. Ooooh, baby. Nooo. Stop. Ooooh, God, your fingers feel so good... Aaaaahh. Oooooohh... Finger fuck me you pretty dyke. You're going to make me cuuumm again, baby. Do it. Aaaaahhh... I'm cuumming... Mmmhhh.. Oooh... Wow, Chrissy, Honey. You're too much." "Glad I could give you a hand. We'd better clean up for class." said Chrissy.

"Hey, Chrissy. Want to go out again Saturday with Roberta and me?" asked Sandy.

"I sure do. My pussy can't wait. Oh, yeah. I talked my friend Deirdre into coming with us. She's a virgin too, but I think she's a hot one. I got her to confess that she had some fantasies about girls. I think she reads dirty magazine articles about it, maybe even looks at pictures, while she plays with herself, even though she wouldn't completely tell me everything. I think she'll be an easy target. You'll like her. Small tits like me. No hair down there yet. Very cute... brunette."

"Did you two do anything together," asked Sandy.

"No. But I was getting hot discussing it with her, and I think she was too. Something might have happened if we had more time.

"I'm looking forward to meeting her, Chrissy. Since there are four of us, we each have a date. Whose date is whose anyway?" asked Sandy.

"I want to be your date, Sandy... you get me so turned on, and I like to make you cum.. I'm sure Deirdre would like Roberta breaking her in. We can always switch later if you still need more pussy after I'm through with you." Chrissy giggled.

"You are bad, aren't you! Want to girl swap, huh? Of course I'll be your date. But I'd like to see what Deirdre looks like. I may want to spend a few quiet moments with her, too... if you'll let me."

"You'd like that, wouldn't you, Sandy?... sloppy seconds from a 14-year old," Chrissy giggled. "I've heard of girls and guys who double-date at the drive-in, and do it in front of each other. Each couple can hear the other. I even know two girls who do it and then switch guys and do them again. But switching partners with girls will be a first. This'll be hot."

"Remember, Chrissy. No talking to others about this. It's our secret." reminded Sandy.

"You don't have to remind me, Sandy. It wouldn't be much fun if my parents knew what I was just doing with you here in the washroom, or in the front seat of the car last Saturday. They'd kill me. And I'm certain the other girls wouldn't understand." said Chrissy.

"Yeah, but despite the risks you want to do it some more, don't you cutie," said Sandy, as they gave each other a last hug and kiss.

"You better believe it! I need your hot body again... real bad... real soon. I don't know how I'll last until Saturday." exclaimed Chrissy, sticking her tongue one last time into Sandy's waiting mouth.

"You'll make it, Chrissy. This comes in real handy!". Sandy held her middle finger up, and giggled.

They straightened out their clothes and made their way out of the washroom.

On Saturday, Sandy picked up Roberta and they drove to Chrissy's house. Roberta was wet from stroking her pussy all day thinking about making it with another girl virgin. She couldn't believe it. Two new delicious young girls in two weeks. God she was getting bad. She didn't even know this new girl Deirdre, all she knew was how warm it made her pussy feel... how nasty Oh she loved Saturday nights. Her pussy had ached all week waiting for this.

Again, the girls chose mini-skirts. Sandy's was red and Roberta's was blue-green plaid. Sandy wore a pink blouse, with the top three buttons open. Feeling slutty, she had bought a pink garter belt, pink panties with lace trim and dark stockings. Putting them on and picturing Chrissy's hands all over them got her juices flowing.

Sandy was hot too. She had thought of Chrissy every night since last Tuesday. She had brought herself to orgasm every night, thinking of their tryst in the washroom. God, Chrissy made her cum hard.

Chrissy and Deirdre came out of the door running toward the car, in a flash, waving back at Deirdre's parents. Chrissy wore a tan mini-skirt, accenting her hips and ass the way Sandy liked.

Roberta got out of the car to meet the 14-year old Deirdre. Roberta couldn't take her eyes off her as she walked down from the house. Deirdre was definitely younger than Chrissy, and looked really cute with her brown hair done up in a pony tail, with bangs. She had on light spring print dress, with loose sleeveless arms, a loose fitting top, cut very low, and an airy lacy bottom. It came a good twelve inches above her knee. Her size "A" breasts did not need any support. She was luscious. Roberta knew this could be an interesting evening.

Chrissy quickly said quietly, "Come on, lets get in the car. Deirdre's parents are watching. We can talk after we get moving.

Chrissy immediately jumped in the front with Sandy.

Roberta waited and motioned Deirdre in, who got into the back first. Roberta caught a glimpse of her soft thigh as she maneuvered to get seated. Roberta got in second.

I told Deirdre she might enjoy going to the drive-in tonight with two older girls."

Roberta took Deirdre's hand while Chrissy talked.

Chrissy explained, "Deirdre and I are pretty close friends. We got to talking about boys and sex and stuff. As the talking got hotter, I confided in her that I was more interested in girls than boys. As we opened up, she told me she too had fantasized about girls. As we talked, she asked me to tell her more. I trusted her, and told her what happened last week when we parked, and how turned on you guys got me. It turns out she wants to see if she's interested. She knows this is a real date... I mean just like if we had decided to go and make out with a couple boys... but that it was girls night only. She asked me who my date was, and I told her that it was a cute girl named Sandy. I explained that I could get a cute blind date for her... and repeated that she would be dating a girl. She also knows she's required to let her date make out with her in the back seat. She said OK, didn't you Deirdre?" Deirdre blushed, and looked down.

Chrissy then introduced them. "Deirdre, meet your date Roberta; Roberta, Deirdre.

"Hello, Deirdre. Pleased to meet you," said Roberta, and squeezed Deirdre's hand. "Do you mind if I'm your date for the evening?".

"Not at all, Roberta. It's nice to meet you. You're very pretty." Deirdre's face continued to blush, as she looked deep into Roberta's eyes. Roberta was extremely beautiful, just like she had always fantasized. Because of Chrissy telling her about her own experience, she decided to try it. It took some nerve, though, to accept going out with a girl, much less two girls she didn't even know... she felt like such a little slut... but her body's inner heat forced her say yes.

Roberta and Deirdre held hands .like a boy and girl on the first date. The tender warmth affected both of them. Roberta squeezed Deirdre's hand. "Deirdre, you're very cute. I won't make you do anything you don't want. But you realize the three of us are going out tonight because we need the touch of another girl badly, so you'll at least have to sit still and watch. If you're interested, say so. I'd love to teach you. Chrissy, you haven't introduced Deirdre to Sandy."

"Deirdre, this is Sandy, the one I told you can really get a girl hot with her kisses. Roberta taught her, and very well. She got me so turned on last week!" Chrissy said.

"Nice to meet you Sandy," said Deirdre.

Chrissy moved over very close to Sandy, who put her arm around Chrissy. "Sandy's my hot date tonight. You watch what happens when two girls date." Chrissy snuggled in close and gave Sandy a big kiss on the cheek.

Deirdre blushed, and squeezed Roberta's hand unconsciously. Roberta got hotter inside as she realized that Deirdre was being affected by all this.

Roberta felt strange and just a little jealous. After all, it was her that introduced Sandy to lesbian sex. It was a blow to her pride to realize that Sandy wanted to make out with Chrissy instead, and that all she was thinking about was letting Chrissy bring her off.

She was also jealous that Chrissy wanted Sandy so badly. Roberta would have to wait for sloppy seconds, content with being a voyeur, unless Deirdre warmed to the occasion. But she was mature enough to know how the two young girls felt.

While they drove, Chrissy put her left hand on Sandy's leg, and started playing with her thigh. Sandy whispered, "Easy girl. We don't want to go too fast, do we? We might scare Deirdre off."

Chrissy responded, loud enough for Deirdre to hear "Deirdre won't get scared off. She may be quiet, but she's as sexed up as I am. Aren't you Deirdre" Chrissy giggled. Chrissy secretly moved her hands further under Sandy's skirt and onto her stockings. "Mmmmh. Nice, Sandy. For me?"

"Mmm. Hmmm. Wait until you see what else I wore for you," Sandy whispered back. Sandy reveled in Chrissy's toyful teasing of her leg. Her pussy started to moisten.

When they arrived, Sandy automatically drove to their favorite spot at the back, away from the crowd, parked and turned of the lights. A "safety" light a little distance away gave enough illumination that they could all see each other. "Well girls, we're here. Let's go to it."

"Deirdre, don't get offended, but I've been waiting for this all week," Chrissy said. She took Sandy in her arms, and they immediately hugged, and started to kiss. It escalated quickly, and their breathing quickened. "God, I'm hot Sandy." She turned around to the back seat. "Are you sure you understand, Deirdre? I won't be able to control myself."

Deirdre was blushing. She was unconsciously squeezing Roberta's hand. She watched the two girls in the front seat intently. "It's OK, Chrissy. I understand. I've read some X-rated letters in some magazines about this... they were interesting. Go ahead. I'm OK." Chrissy turned back to Sandy, and they started making out again. Chrissy again put her hand up Sandy's skirt; this time up to her panties. She moved her finger down over Sandy's slit, and pressed in. Sandy moaned. Sandy put her hand under Chrissy's skirt and did the same. While they french kissed, they massaged each other gently.

Roberta nudged Deride. "Come over here a little closer." She took Deirdre's hand and pulled her right next to her. "Do you want to really be my date. You can sit on my lap. You'll be able to see better." Deirdre cooperated quite eagerly. Roberta luxuriated in the warmth of her body. Her little butt was pressed nicely into Roberta's crotch, and her back was so soft. Roberta's arms went around Deirdre's little waist.

"Ooooh. Chrissy. You're french kissing her?" asked Deirdre?

"I sure am. Sandy's kisses turn me on. That's not all we're doing, either, baby." She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue back in Sandy's luscious mouth. "Look at my hand, Deirdre. I've got it under her skirt. She's wet, aren't you Sandy."

Sandy moaned.

Deirdre said, "Oh, my, you move fast don't you." Her own little pussy began to get warm as she watched the girls kiss, and imagined what the caresses of their hands felt like underneath their skirts. Roberta's arms around her waist didn't help any.

"Deirdre, do you want to kiss me?" asked Roberta.

Deirdre turned her head around without a word. Roberta pulled her close, and they started to kiss, gently. Roberta pressed her lips lightly to Deirdre's at first. Then backed off. Then they came together again, Roberta pressing harder. They held the kiss longer. Again Roberta backed off. She trailed her lips lightly up and down Deirdre's cheek... down to her throat. She nuzzled her throat with her teeth, then sucked, giving her a light hickey. Deirdre was really enjoying this. Her skin was on fire. Roberta kissed her ear, and teased the earlobe. Then Roberta moved her lips back to Deirdre's and pressed harder. Deirdre pressed back, and her head started to move. Roberta hugged Deirdre's warm body tightly in her arms. Deirdre's breathing picked up. Their kisses became more frenzied. Deirdre's mouth relaxed and began to respond. Finally, after about a minute, they gently separated.

"Wow. That feels so nice Roberta. I've never felt a kiss like that before."

Chrissy said, "Kiss her some more Deirdre. Roberta loves to kiss. Ask her to show you how to french."

"OK, Roberta. French kiss me so I can see what it feels like."

Chrissy was getting doubly hot listening and watching her virgin girlfriend make out with Roberta. "Play with me harder, Sandy. This is so hot, making out in front of two other girls, and listening to them make out in the back seat."

Deirdre prompted, "Go ahead, Sandy. I want to see my little slut Chrissy get off with another girl. Show me what you do to her."

"Ask and ye shall receive," said Sandy. She pressed her lips hard onto Chrissy's, grabbing the back of her head with her right hand. Her finger on Chrissy's pussy was alive. Chrissy moaned and humped Sandy's hand as Deirdre watched.

"See how easy she is, Deirdre. She's letting me play with her pussy through her panties... aren't you Chrissy? Show her how you beg for it"

"Mmmmhh. I love you Sandy. Give it to me... please." Chrissy continued to thrust her tongue in Sandy's mouth, while she let Sandy take the aggressive role. Sandy opened Chrissy's blouse, and pulled down her bra. She moved her hand up onto Chrissy's tits and squeezed her nipples while she continued to tongue her. She knew how much Chrissy loved her nipples pulled. "Oh, God, Sandy. Squeeze them baby. They're yours. Oh, yes." Sandy lowered her mouth down onto Chrissy's breast, and rolled her tongue around Chrissy's small aureole. She felt the heat in Chrissy's little body, as she thrust her chest out to make maximum contact. Sandy teased, and wouldn't let Chrissy get her full nipple in her mouth. "Ooooh, please Sandy, don't tease. Kiss them. Bite them... Please?" Sandy moved her mouth over Chrissy's right nipple and took it into her mouth. She bit gently with her teeth, and then rubbed the tip with her tongue. Chrissy was in ecstasy. She was very close to cumming just from having her nipples sucked.

Deirdre moved back to Roberta, and this time took the offensive kissing her. She took Roberta's right hand, and moved it up to her own breasts. While they kissed, Roberta pressed Deirdre's nipple with the palm of her hand, through her dress, rubbing her hand back and forth as she felt Deirdre's nipples enlarge.

"You like what Sandy's doing to Deirdre tits?" Roberta asked. "It's your turn, little baby." She quickly pulled the elastic down over Deirdre's pretty, ripe, little breasts and moved her mouth over the right one. Following Sandy's lead, she tongued Deirdre and teased her, getting her nipple nice and firm. She then moved to the left one and repeated her attack. Deirdre's hand was clutching the back of Roberta's head, pulling her into her chest.

"Ooooh. God, that feels good. Lick them Roberta. They're hot. Ooooh that's nice!" Deirdre moaned. While she did that, Roberta decided to go for broke. Her right hand moved onto Deirdre's leg, and started gently rubbing her thigh. Deirdre didn't complain. Her little legs moved with Roberta's touch, while Roberta continued to attack her virgin breasts. Sensing that Deirdre wanted it, Roberta boldly pulled Deirdre's skirt all the way up and put her hand on her pussy. Deirdre moaned parted her legs for her. To her surprise, Roberta felt Deirdre's wetness through her tight panties.

"Ooooh. This is getting you hot, isn't it baby," Roberta said.

"Mmmm Hmmm. Oh, I love this Roberta. Go ahead. Play with me. I want you to." Deirdre replied.

Roberta complied, pressing her finger well into Deirdre's little slit, and rubbing up and down on what she knew was Deirdre's hot clit. Deirdre pushed her pelvis out and spread her legs. Roberta wanted full access. She asked Deirdre, "How's that feel?"

"Fantastic. You have me ready to cum. I can't believe how hot I am."

"Pull your panties off for me Deirdre. Get your pussy naked." Deirdre quickly removed her panties and threw them on the seat.

In the meantime, Chrissy was responding to Deirdre's sounds and the feelings as Sandy moved her hand inside her panties and fingered her. "Ooooh, Sandy. Finger fuck me. Make me cum, baby. I can't hold it much longer This is so hot... listening to little Deirdre get fucked by Roberta."

Sandy put two fingers inside and moved them rapidly, rubbing the roof of Chrissy's pussy. "Pay attention to me, baby, or I'll get jealous." Chrissy moaned, and they kissed as Sandy finger fucked her.

Roberta stuck a finger inside Deirdre's tight, bare pussy, and held her in a tight kiss. "Go ahead, Deirdre, do it sweetheart. You know you want to cum for me. Listen to Chrissy get fucked" Roberta fucked her finger in and out, as Deirdre's hips responded rhythmically. "Come on Deirdre. Tell me how much you like another girl's finger in your pussy."

"Oh, God, yes. I knew I'd love letting a girl play with me. Finger me, Roberta."

"Is this why you wanted to go on a date with a girl? To let her to put her hands in your panties and finger fuck you? Tell me how hot you get with me playing with you, and I'll go faster."

"You've got me on fire, Roberta. I'm going to cum. Faster, please!"

"I'm fucking you, baby. Another girl's fingering your virgin little cunt, and you're going to cum. You like queer girls, don't you Deirdre. It's just like your fantasies, isn't it. I bet you've frigged yourself off many times dreaming of being fucked by another girl. Come on, do it, cum on my female finger."

"Aaaaah. Oooooohhhhh. Roberta..... yes.... I love your queer hand on my pussy. Oh you're such a pretty queer. This feels so good. Do it... yes, that's it... I'm going to.... Cuuummmm... Aaaarrrrggghhh... oooohhhhh, fuck me... yes... yes... oh, god, I'm wetting your hand.... I can't stop... Oh, god... Oooooohhh."

Roberta felt Deirdre's little pussy clamp down hard on her finger and felt her wetness explode. Her little pussy squirted cream onto her finger and onto Roberta's dress. Deirdre's hips flailed up and down, as Roberta continued to play with her. Roberta had a great view of Deirdre's pussy and nipples while she did this, and her own pussy was on fire. Roberta's hips moved too, as she pulled Deirdre's little butt right on top of her pussy.

"What a hot little baby." Roberta said. She pulled her skirt up, so Deirdre's ass was right on top of her panty covered pussy. "Hold still baby. I want to kiss you and play with your tits. You're going to get me off, too." Roberta pulled Deirdre into her, and grabbed her nipples. She ground her pussy into Deirdre's little ass. Roberta watched Deirdre's hairless pussy while she did this, and as usual, Roberta's wetness grew. "Ooooh, Deirdre. Yes, baby. What a nice little body. I love it. I like to look at it. Your such a pretty little queer." Deirdre spread her legs slightly for Roberta, and pressed her ass back into Roberta's pussy. She kissed Roberta, then put her right hand onto Roberta's pussy and started rubbing. "Ooooh, god. That's good Deirdre. Put your finger inside me."

Deirdre put her hand down Roberta's panties, and put her middle finger inside. She felt that Roberta was warm and soaked. "Your pussy's so wet, Roberta, and hot. It feels good on my finger. Tell me what you like. Tell me how queer girls o it."

Just then Sandy jammed three fingers into Chrissy. "Deirdre's about to make Roberta cum, little baby. Remember how you made Roberta cum letting her look at your pussy?".

"Ooooh. Sandy... do it... yes. I'm going to cum... Aaaahh. Ooooooh yes... That's it.... I'm cuuuummmming! Aarrggghh. Oohhhh Sandy, finger fuck me. Yes, give it to me. Oh yes. Give it to Roberta, Deirdre. She's such a lesbian slut."

"You're are a lesbian slut, aren't you Roberta?" asked Deirdre, wiggling her finger inside Roberta.

"Ooooh, Deirdre. Fuck me. I'm going to shoot baby. I'm going to soak your little fingers. Ooooh this is good. Give me another finger." Deirdre inserted a second finger, and used her palm on Roberta's clit.

"Cum on my hand, Roberta, you big queer. Show me how you like being finger fucked by a 14-year old girl. Look at my 14 year old tits, Roberta. I'm a little girl and you love it don't you."

Roberta couldn't take any more. She looked at Deirdre's nipples while Deirdre controlled her pussy with her two beautiful little fingers. She pulled Deirdre into a kiss. "Do it, Deirdre. Yes, baby... I love your little body. I'm going to cum honey. Ooohh.... Aaahhhhh... Ooooh, Yeeessss! I'm cuuummmminnggg. Fuck me. Fuck me you queer little girl. Oooooh you're so good. Feel how a big girl's pussy squirts all over you. That's it, keep it up. I'm soaking your hand baby. Look what you're making me do."

Chapter 13 - Voyeur

My wife was really turned on by one girl named Jean, who is still her best friend and also her lover. They met by accident. The story is pretty straightforward.

Roberta's fetish with girls had gotten the better of her. She was constantly looking at them and fantasizing. The same as most boys do. Exactly the same. Her fantasies centered on what they looked like beneath their pretty clothes. Roberta had an advantage over the boys, however. She looked so innocent, she would not easily be suspected of anything strange at all.

Roberta had a tremendous compulsion look at a girl's tits through their shirt buttons or loose arm holes. Whenever possible, she would also try to peek at their legs and under their dresses. Like a boy, she would follow a cute girl in a short skirt up the escalator at the mall, and squeeze her legs together as she admired the view. After a day at the mall, the front of her jeans were quite damp. Usually nothing eventful happened during these innocent adventures.

One day Roberta was at the library. A new girl walked by, tall, with Farrah Fawcet styled reddish blonde hair. She wore a tight, black, leather wraparound miniskirt and had on a sheer white blouse, with several top buttons undone. Her breasts were a good 34-B. As with most girls these days, her sleeveless blouse was cut high. This plus the low-slung mini dress, showed off her hips and tummy to any who cared to look. She had nice big hips and a rounded ass... the kind that gave Roberta's pussy a twinge. Her name was Jean.

As she walked by Roberta, a book slipped out of her arms. Jean turned back around, facing toward Roberta and stooped down to pick it up. Her knees fell open, exposing her sheer white panties to Roberta for several seconds. The heat immediately hit Roberta's pussy. Fortunately, she had worn a wraparound plaid skirt. Roberta made sure she wasn't noticed as her right hand silently stole underneath, and gently pressed into that sensitive spot in front of her panties. "Ooooh." Roberta sighed. Her legs clenched her finger, as she replayed this historic victory.

Just then the blonde came back. She walked over to the next study table and sat down facing Roberta. No boys being around, she didn't do it properly, and her miniskirt was not pulled down... her panty covered bottom sat right in the wooden chair directly opposite Roberta. Roberta had a very clear view of this under the table. As Jean opened her notebook, she casually crossed her left leg over her right. Her whole leg and left side of her panties were visible, as was a cleft of white panty between her legs.

"Ooooh" sighed Roberta, "this could be interesting." Turning her head from one side to the other, Roberta made sure nobody else was around. The blonde was intent on her work. Roberta's horniness compelled her to do a risky thing and continue to finger herself up and down her panty slit. She was confident in the risk.

Roberta pulled her wraparound off her right leg and opened her legs up a little bit for a little better access. Her panties were on display now too. She quite vividly stroked the front of her cunt, and started getting wetter and wetter. "Mmmmh, she's hot. Look at those legs and that ass," she thought.

The blonde then nonchalantly leaned back and uncrossed her legs. They were wide open. Her panties were pulled tight into her slit, which was outlined clearly. Her pubic hair was visible through them.

"Oh" Roberta thought, "very nice, sweetheart. Show it to me. Show me your hot slit." Roberta moved her finger inside her panty leg and pushed it inside, looking around quickly again to make sure she was safe. "God, I'm hot. Keep your legs open baby. Oh that's sooo nice. You don't even know it, but your cunt is going to get me off." Roberta finger fucked herself unabashedly. She was in her own world now. Her cream was dripping down her ass until she could feel it's stickiness.

Suddenly, the blonde looked up. Roberta jumped, and slammed her legs shut while looking away. She blushed profusely. Too late. Her hand was still down there and her skirt was pulled way up. She glanced up. The blonde had caught her. After a heartpounding pause, Jean gave Roberta a big smile and licked her lips. The blonde stared straight into Roberta's eyes, slumped down and opened her legs further. She looked down indicating that Roberta should continue to focus her attention between her legs. Roberta needed no further hints. She opened her legs back up to the blonde's gaze and resumed finger fucking herself. The blonde watched Roberta's hand grinding into her pussy. Her own mound moved up and down provocatively. Jean held up two fingers, in sign language. Roberta again understood, and stuck two fingers inside her pussy . It was too much. "Ooooh God, what a sexy cunt. She's letting me look at her. She's going to make me cum. Oooh. aaagghhh. My pussy can't take it much longer... Spread it, sweetheart.. Oh, I'm cumming. What a beautiful display." Roberta sprayed the chair with cum as she bucked her hips and continued to frig herself. Finally relieved, she fell back in the chair, gave one last stroke, pulled her fingers out, and licked them clean. She remained with her legs open, laying back for a few minutes.

When she lifted her head up, the blonde was heading over to her table. "Oh no." Roberta thought. What will I tell her. I shouldn't have done that."

"Hi beautiful" said the blonde. "My name's Jean, and that was quite a show you put on. I know you're nervous. Relax. No need to say anything. I guess I should have been a little more delicate in sitting down... but I didn't see any boys around. Little could I have known, huh?. I've never had a girl get off looking at me before. That was hot. Somehow I'm not offended. In fact, I'm going to have to go home and do something for myself now. Here's my phone number. Call me if you want to come and see me again." Oh those double meanings!

With that, beautiful hips turned and walked away.

Chapter 14 - Jean Finds out More about Roberta

Roberta found out Jean was 18, a year older than her. After a few get-acquainted visits, Jean discovered exactly how much Roberta liked to look at other girls pussies. She didn't know why she did it, but Jean invited Roberta over to her house twice. Roberta's sexy innocence turned her on, even though she wasn't particularly interested in girls. As Roberta sat opposite her in a chair, Jean leaned back on the couch, and would lift a leg up onto the couch and spread herself open, so Roberta could stare at her again. It made Jean's pussy and panties wet to flash her, particularly one who obviously couldn't control her emotions. She made Roberta helplessly play with her pussy until she came. After Roberta left, Jean would masturbate herself, overwhelmingly excited at her unexplained exhibitionist behavior.

Jean had not yet had to deal with her own sexuality. She clearly got hot letting Roberta look at her. Something inside forced her to keep pushing Roberta a little further. She asked Roberta to go out with her Saturday, but Roberta already had a date with her boyfriend Jerry to go to the drive-in.

"That's OK, Roberta. Why don't I join you. I'll make it worth your while afterwards," Jean said, honey-toned.

Roberta's pussy contracted, and she quickly accepted, not considering the dangers or the consequences. She was too addicted.

When Saturday came, the three of them went to the drive-in.

Jerry drove and Roberta sat next to him. Jean was by the window.

"Sorry Jerry that I had to bring Jean along. It's just that... well. I don't get to see her very much," Roberta whispered.

"That's OK, Jean. As long as I get my normal... uhhm, you know", said Jerry.

"We'll see what we can do." she whispered, "I don't know how this'll work We might have to wait until later.."

"Come here, Roberta", Jean said. "I have to tell you something". As Jean leaned over, she moved close to Roberta's ear and whispered. "I'm pretty hot tonight, baby. I want to see if you still like what you saw the other day." She kissed Roberta on the ear, and stuck her tongue inside. Roberta shivered.

"Don't Jean, she whispered. Jerry won't understand"

"OK, I won't right now. But I have the feeling he'll find out anyway." said Jean.

"How?" asked Jean.

"I've got some tricks up my sleeve". Jean slumped forward in the seat. Her beautiful hipped figure was bounded by one of Roberta's favorites, a beige pleated, wraparound mini-skirt, coming just about crotch high. Roberta moaned when she saw what Jean was doing to her.

"Jean, I have to go to the bathroom. Let's go... please!" said Roberta loudly. They got out of the car and walked to the bathroom. Jean took Roberta's hand on the way.

"Jean, will you stop it. Wait until later." Roberta pleaded.

"Roberta. If you don't pay attention to me, I'm going to do something that I know will embarrass you," Jean said.

"I can't Jean. Jerry's there. Don't you see. Maybe later, OK?"

Jean leaned back against the wall. Her large breasts pushing against her soft, white, mohair button-up sweater. Most of the top buttons were undone. She undid a couple more. She moved her right leg out to the side, and reached down to pull the wraparound up past her hip. Her leg and the whole hip-side of her panties were open to Roberta's eyes.

"Ooooh Jean. Please honey. Don't do this to me."

"You like, baby? If I pull the other half open you'll really be in trouble won't you?"

"OK, OK. Yes. I'd love to, But we can't."

"Oh I don't know, sweetheart. I have an idea." Jean said, and grabbed her hand and walked back out to the car.

When they opened the door, Jean surprised Roberta by getting in first next to Jerry. She looked up at Roberta and patted the seat next to her. "Come on Roberta, get in. It's cold out there."

Jerry was puzzled. Roberta was puzzled.

Jean looked at him. "Jerry honey. Roberta told me something that got me awfully hot."

"What's that Roberta."

"That you've got one of the biggest, thickest cocks she's ever seen?" Roberta reached over and pressed on the front of Jerry's jeans.

"Oooh, God Roberta. What's going on.", Jerry asked. He sprung a hard-on before he could control it. Roberta was totally embarrassed.

"Roberta? Is it really as big as you said?" Jean said, as she continued rubbing up and down on his pants?

"See for yourself, Jean."

Jean opened Jerry's zipper and took his cock in her hand before he knew what hit him. Roberta chuckled to herself. "Why the little devil! Wanting to get her hand around Jerry's cock, and using my weakness to do it."

"I think I can help you with your problem Jerry", said Jean, and started stroking it.

Looking over at Roberta, she said, "Look at Jerry's big cock Roberta. Want to see it come in my hand? Play with yourself while I do this".

Roberta opened her wraparound, slid down in the seat a little and started playing with herself. The pavlovian reaction was too much. She started wetting her panties immediately as the warm feeling flooded over her..

As Jean played with Jerry, she slid lower in the seat. She opened her legs, and let the beige miniskirt open up. Her lacy white panties were clearly visible. The crotch of her panties gripped the outline of her pussy lips tightly. The top 4 buttons of her sweater were open parted down to her tummy. Her soft tits looked so huggable under her sweater.

Jean looked back at Roberta, who had her dress pulled up, and was rubbing the front of her panties with her hand as she was told to do.

"That's good Roberta. You like to play with yourself while I jerk Jerry off, don't you. Look how wet you are. The front of your panties are soaked". Roberta moaned and rubbed her finger up and down front of her panties, until they were melded into her slit and she made good contact with her clit.

Jean enjoyed watching Roberta play with herself. Just before she turned back to Jerry, she noticed what she suspected. Roberta wasn't watching Jerry at all. Roberta was looking back and forth between Jean's tits and panties.

"Mmmh, you little slut. Thought you could fool me, did you. I can see what you like. You're not watching Jerry's cock at all, are you."

"Mmmhh. No. Please Jean." sighed Roberta.

"What's making you so hot, sweetheart. Tell Jerry what gets you so hot"

"No. Nooh. Nothing. I'm just having fun.", said Roberta.

"Don't give me that, baby. I think I know what's getting you so hot". With that, Jean slid a little lower in the seat, pulling her skirt up to her waist. She parted her legs, so Roberta could see her slit through her tight, moist panties completely. "How's that, sweety... better?

"Mmmh. Oh, God", moaned Roberta, as she started to finger herself harder.

"Do it Roberta. Jerry, you don't mind do you. Roberta likes to play with herself while she looks at my pussy. Did she ever tell you that?".

Jerry's cock grew in her hand.

"Go ahead Roberta. Show Jerry how you got off in the library the other day looking up my skirt. Jerry doesn't mind. He likes to look at my pussy too, don't you Jerry". Jerry gave a gasp of shock, and moved faster in Roberta's hand.

"What do you think, Jerry? Look at your little Roberta. Look how hot she's getting playing with herself. Look at her staring at my panties and my pussy. She's worse than most boys. Aren't you Roberta?"

"Oooh. God. No, Jean. Don't.". Roberta started stroking herself even faster.

"Go ahead, baby. Play with yourself. Show Jerry how much you like to look at my pussy. Tell him what you really do to get off."

"Oh, God, Jean. Please.... Don't embarrass me.", Roberta said, but she couldn't stop fingering herself..

"It's too late, baby. He can see what it is you like. Can't you Jerry? Look at her finger herself. Go ahead, slut. I know you want to see more. Just a second, I'll take my panties off so you can see better", said Jean.

Roberta couldn't stop now. Jean quickly pulled her panties down her legs.

"OK, pussy slut, let's see you play with yourself, while I finish Jerry off. Jerry, have you ever seen a girl soak her panties. Watch our little Roberta".

Jean opened her legs, giving Roberta a clear view of her wet pussy. Roberta didn't even flinch, she stroked wildly, while she looked deep between Roberta's legs.

"OK, slut, show Jerry how much you like my pussy".

"Oooh, God", moaned Roberta, not taking her eyes off Jean's moist cunt. She frigged herself faster and faster. "Oh God, Jean. I'm going to cum".

"What's making you so hot, my cute little lesbian lover.. Say it.".

"Your pussy, Jean... Oohh God, Jean. It looks so good. Your going to make me cum, I'm cumming. I can't stop. Oh god I love looking at your pussy. Oh God. Aaaggghhh......I'm cumming on your pussy, baby." Roberta's panties filled with juice, as she stroked herself. The warm liquid oozed through the legs and onto her skirt.

Just then, Jerry shot his cum all over Jean's hand.

Roberta turned to Jean put her arm around her, and started to kiss. "Mmmmh, this feels good," thought Jean, surprised at her move.

"Head on home, Jerry", Jean said.

Turning to Roberta, she gave her in a big hug. "God, I love you", said Jean. "I love how you love my pussy. I'm lucky I met my hot little lesbian slut" While Jerry drove, they started hugging and kissing like lovers in heat. Jerry tried to not look at them. Jean licked Roberta's ears, which she knew got her hot. Jean whispered into her ear, "God what a wanton little slut you are. What a great performance tonight. Have you had enough, or are you still horny?"

Roberta merely murmured onto Jean's tongue.

"Roberta, sweetie, if your not finished, just tell me." said Jean.

"Here." Jean pulled the right side of her sweater completely open to Roberta's view. "See anything else you like?" To Jean's surprise, Roberta's right hand went up to her right tit.

"Ooooh. That's it." sighed Jean.

Roberta started caressing Jean's tit and playing with her nipple. Jean started getting wet She needed to stay under control. She'd never really had physical contact with a girl, and didn't want to push too far. But, this was clearly exciting to her, and would make her little play session after she went home doubly exciting. A little nice feeling on her tit didn't make her queer, she rationalized.

Jean put her leg over Roberta's. Roberta could see Jean's wet pussy almost in her lap. Jean pulled Roberta close and kissed her again. She whispered in Roberta's ear... "Go ahead and look some more, baby. It makes me hot when you look at me like this".

Roberta sighed. Jean laid Roberta's head on her right breast, and put her arm around Roberta's back, and gently massaged her hips and ass. Roberta put her mouth on Jean's nipple and sucked. This position allowed her to study Jean's pussy without Jerry being able to see. The whole situation overwhelmed Roberta's senses... Her pussy was indeed getting horny again.

Jean stroked Roberta's hair, and kissed the back of her neck and ears. She could see Roberta's legs starting rubbing together.

"Oooh, so you do want to keep looking at me huh, baby. Go ahead. bite my nipple. Look at my pussy,. Here, I'll make it even easier.", said Jean. Jean opened her legs to Roberta's gaze some more.

Simultaneously, she pulled Roberta's skirt up and moved her right hand silently around her hips and inside her panties. Roberta spread her legs open to the right, and humped her thighs together. Jean's hand played, then moved her down into the dark cleft of her pussy. Jean's then slid her finger along Roberta's very wet slit, onto her clit.

"Ooooh. Oooh that feels good" sighed Roberta. "Do it to me," she said, as she let Jean have her way with her.

"Look at my pussy, Roberta. Look at how wet you make me, baby. Let me show you how grateful I am. Look between my legs, honey."

As Roberta continued to look at Jean's outstretched pussy, Jean frigged her clit. Just as they drove up into Roberta's driveway, Jean jammed her finger inside Roberta, forcing her to have her second massive climax of the evening. Her hips moved violently against Jean's hand. Her cum ran out of her panties, and onto the seat.

As Roberta got out of the car, the two girls hugged, harder than ever before. "Let's do it again, Roberta. That was fun".

"Mmmmh. I'll say. Goodnight Jerry. Take Jean home safely. See you next week". Roberta walked, exhausted up the sidewalk to her house.

Chapter 15 - Jean Learns More

Saturday night at the drive-in became a regular event for Roberta, Jean, and Jerry.

While Jerry kept lookout, Roberta and Jean would climb into the back seat. Jean discovered the mutual joy, tenderness, and sexiness of making out with another girl. She and Roberta did this for hours, gently caressing each other's backs, hips, ears, and each other's tits through their blouses or sweaters.

One night, Jean laid Roberta down in the back seat, and moved on top of her. They made out like that, pressed together, tit to tit, legs straddling each other. Roberta's opened her legs wide and gently started to rub her pussy against Jean's leg. Jean noticed.

"Mmmmh. Interesting move, Roberta", as Jean kissed her. "Where did you learn to do that?"

"Ooooh" sighed Roberta. "Nowhere. I just can't help it. You turn me on so much."

"I don't know whether to believe you or not, baby. You keep coming up with surprises. Here, let's make it a little easier." Jean said. She pulled Roberta's dress up to her hips, and did the same with her own. She then put her leg's around Roberta's thigh so she could try the same thing. Roberta moved her hand behind Jean's right thigh, and pulled it tightly against her pussy. Jean balanced on her elbows, and moved her lips over Roberta's. Their mouths opened, and tongues moved. Their hips started rubbing.

"Oh, Roberta. That's feels good. Your leg feels so good against my pussy. Your going to make me cum like this, you horny bitch" moaned Jean. "I don't believe I'm enjoying sex with another girl. Oooh, God. I can't stop."

Roberta was enjoying Jean's new-found involvement in their little games.

Jean asked, "Any other tricks up your sleeve my little lezzie lover?"

Roberta was a little nervous, but desperately wanted to feel Jean's pussy. "OK, Jean. I'll show you something else you'll like. Move your hips up here closer."

Jean moved her hips off Roberta's leg, keeping her thigh tightly against Roberta's pussy. Roberta moved her right hand under Jean's skirt, across her panty covered ass, then around to the front. She slid open the waist-band Jean's panties, and moved her hand down inside. She placed her middle finger right down and along Jean's slit. Jean was soaked. She had big, inch long lips. Roberta's fingers moved to the top, where she felt that Roberta had a very distended clit. Roberta flicked it back and forth and rubbed it up and down.

"Oooh Roberta. What are you doing? Rub it baby. Rub my slit. Oh God, what a horny slut you are !" Jean cried, as she mashed her lips against Roberta's. "I've never let a girl do this before. Oh, God, you make me feel good. I'm getting so wet. Oh, baby. Get me hot. Ooooh, play with it. You enjoy playing with my cunt, don't you."

"Oooh, yes", Roberta sighed, into Jean's mouth. "Enjoy it. I love to play with your wet pussy. Ooooh what a nice clit. This is getting me hot, too." Roberta humped Jeans leg harder.

"You like to play with my pussy, huh baby? Pussy's get you hot? You get off as much playing with them as looking at them, huh?" asked Jean.

"Ooooh, yes Jean. I love pussies. I love big clits and wet, juicy, pussies. Yours is getting very wet, honey. You like having girls play with you, don't you bitch. You're a lesbian, bitch, admit it. Hump my fingers, you queer."

Jean, , hunched furiously up and down Roberta's finger. "Do me, baby. Make me queer. I don't care. God, your good. Play with that clit. Oh, yes.... You're going to get me... Oooooh Roberta.... Ooooh no... I'm cuuummmiiing lover.... You're making me cum." And Jean sprayed Roberta's fingers with her tangy juice. "Ooooh. Ooooh. that's fantastic, as Jean continued to slide her finger up and down Roberta's clit, while she french-kissed her and humped against her leg.

"Oooh, Jean. I can't take it. I'm going to cum on your leg sweety. I can't stop. Oooh yes, here it cuuums....",. Roberta pulled Jean's leg hard into her crotch, wrapping her thighs tightly to make maximum contact and wet all over Jean's thighs.

Jean laid her head down on Roberta's chest. Roberta stroked her head, as Jean sighed, "Oooh baby, I don't know where you learned that, and I don't care God that was good. Ooooh. You've corrupted me honey-love. You're my first girl lover. You've definitely made me queer. That's the hottest I've ever gotten in my life. Oh, God, what a feeling.... Thank you."

--------------- And More...

In the backseat, the next week Jean whispered to Roberta, "put your finger where you know you want to, baby. You know you want to touch my wet pussy".

"Need it again, huh Jean? Didn't get enough of your girlfriend last week? Tell me how you want it. Tell me you want a girl's hand inside your panties. Tell me you're a lesbian queer," said Roberta, as they kissed tenderly.

"Oh, God, don't torture me Roberta. OK, I want your sweet feminine hand on my pussy. Please!"

Roberta loved the feel of pussies. She showed no hesitation in putting her hand under Jean's skirt. Jean french kissed Roberta, who's cheeks flushed, and whose breathing got heavy immediately. While Roberta rubbed the front of Jean's panties, Jean whispered, "I wanted to feel your finger in my pussy all week, so badly. Oooh God, that feels so good, you little lesbian corrupter. That's it, baby, rub me. Oooohhh. You're so much better than my boyfriends. Stick your finger in me, please. I need it."

"OK, Jean. I'll play with your pussy. I'll get you wet. Wetter than any boy has ever gotten you." Without hesitation, Roberta put her middle finger deep Jean's pussy. "Go ahead, baby. Fuck my finger. Show me how much you like girls to play with you. That's it."

"That's it baby. Finger fuck me. Oh, God, yes. Yes, I like to let girls play with me. Do it to me." said Jean.

Roberta rubbed her own thighs together while she fingered and continued to hug and kiss Jean. Jean moaned, "You like to do this, don't you, Roberta. Mmmhh. The perfect couple."

Jean noticed Roberta's writhing. "Getting hot, baby? I bet your going to cream in your panties just by playing with me aren't you? You little lesbian slut. You don't even need me to touch you do you."

"Oooh, no. Oooh, God, yes. I love to play with your pussy. I'm going to make you cum, Jean." murmured Roberta.

Roberta thrust her finger deep in and out of Jean's pussy, until she came all over her hand. Roberta then pulled her hand out and diligently licked her hand and fingers off. The taste made her start rubbing her thighs harder. Jean grabbed Roberta and stuck her tongue down her throat. "Put your hand on my slit again, you pussy slut. Your turn to cum" Jean said. "Put your finger in my pussy and feel how wet it is. I know that gets you hot."

Roberta put her hand in Jean's pussy again. As Jean kissed her, Roberta taunted "Jerry's in the front seat, slut. Your not going to cum while he's listening, are you?".

"Ooooh. Jean, don't"

"You little slut. OK, I'm going to let him listen to this.... Jerry, Roberta here is very hot and wet. She doesn't want you to listen while she comes in her pants while as she fingers my pussy. My pussy gets her hot. Want to hear her cum?"

Jerry obviously listened, while playing with himself, which is what he usually had to do now.

"Mmmhh", moaned Roberta, who couldn't stop kissing Jean. "Oooh., Jean. Please. Don't. Oh God your pussy's good. You're so wet. Oh, your clit is big. Oh, baby, I'm going to cum. I'm not even touching myself. God, how are you doing this to me. Keep kissing me. Wet my finger. I love it. Aaagghhh, I'm cumming, right inside my pants. Ooooh, God, Jean. Oh what a feeling. Ooooh that's good! Oh Jean, I love your pussy."

They lay there, hugging, moving their hands through each other's hair, and kissing. "Jean? Thank you. I love you. I love what you do to me."

"I love you too, Roberta. You've turned me queer, but I love it. I've never felt this way with anyone before.

"Jean?", Roberta whispered sheepishly. "I have to try something with you. I can't help it. I'm still horny."

"OK, baby, what is it?"

"Mmmmhh. Please? Take off your panties for a minute?"

"OK, if that's what you want. Want to play with me naked, huh." Roberta helped Jean slide her panties off and throw them over the front seat.

"Well, not exactly," Jean said as she put her finger inside Jean's pussy and started fingering her again.

"Ooooh. That's good, baby. Finger me. Who's getting who horny again?" Jean said.

"Come up here closer" Roberta requested. "Put your knees on either side of my chest".

"Oh, you sexy devil. You want to look at me close up while you get me off, huh."

"Sshhh, "said Roberta. "Just do it." Roberta moved up. Jean had her kneel her body right up by her chin. Roberta moaned and put her hands on Jean's ass. "Oooh, you look so good. Your pussy's so wet, Jean. OK, come up a little bit closer where I can see you." As soon as Jean did, Roberta flicked her tongue out and moved it quickly into Jean's cunt. She licked upwards, and then sucked Jean's clit into her mouth.

"Aaaaagghh... Roberta. No, baby. I can't let you do that. Oooh, no". But it was too late. Jean was gone. Her pussy settled in on top of Roberta's mouth. "That's it. Oooh, suck me. Suck my clit. Oh, you horny slut, where did you learn this.

Roberta's hand slid down to her own panties, put two fingers inside her pussy. She finger-fucked herself madly. Again, she was in seventh heaven, as she let her female lover sit on her face.

"Ooooh. Yes Roberta. Tongue me... Suck me. Oh you dirty, naughty little slut. I can't believe I'm letting you do this," Jean moaned

"Want me to stop?" Roberta asked, humping herself to an orgasm.

"No. Please. Do it. Make me cum, baby. Eat me. You like to eat my pussy, don't you. Suck my clit... Oooh.... Oooooh". Roberta pressed down on Roberta's face and grew toward the most intense orgasm of her life. Her pussy contracted, "Aaaaghhh. Look out, Roberta. I'm going to cuummm! Take your mouth off. Please". Instead Roberta clamped her mouth even tighter, over Jean's entire pussy, while she tongued Jean's engorged clit profusely. Jean started squirting her cum straight into Roberta's waiting mouth as she fucked her tongue. And the little cum licker swallowed it all. She didn't lose a drop.

Roberta simultaneously frigged herself until she pumped the rest of her cream into her saturated panty crotch. She continued to suck Jean and frig herself for ten minutes, through two smaller orgasms.

Jean never did get Roberta to confess where she learned that trick. But it didn't matter. She wanted more of it. After that, the two lovers were inseparable.

Chapter 16 - Roberta's Birthday Present

Roberta and Jean were lovers from Senior year on. After graduation, they went out together several times a week. While Jean had a steady boyfriend, boys didn't really turn Roberta on.

Roberta was happy with Jean who turned her on. Jean was happy with Roberta, who she found out was the best pussy eater in town,. Jean took advantage of Roberta's voyeuristic tendencies. She knew how turned on Roberta got by looking at pretty girls. She loved teasing and getting Roberta hot, because Roberta then gave her a better time when they got home.

One Friday it was Roberta's birthday. They had made a date to go out. Jean rang Roberta's doorbell, and waited. Roberta answered the door, dressed in a sexy black pleated miniskirt, with a red blouse, and a gold necklace. She was in a sexy mood, so she wore nylons and a garter belt, with no panties, and black high-heeled shoes. Jean had on a pleated white mini-skirt and black crotchless nylons pantyhose. She had a sweater on, but no bra. She had a big red bow tied around her waist, just above her hips. As they hugged and kissed, Roberta pulled Jean close. She rubbed herself against Jean's breasts and put her hand on the back of Jean's skirt.

"I've got a present for you.." Said Jean, kissing Roberta. "Go ahead. See what's underneath. Open it.".

While they kissed, Roberta's untied the bow. Her hands moved down Jean's back and she pulled her ass into her so she could do her favorite rubbing trick. Slipping lower, her hands went under Jean's dress.

Roberta liked the feel of Jean's silky pantyhose. She rubbed it all over with both hands, while they kissed, and she knew she was getting all turned on. Roberta rubbed against Jean's leg while she massaged her ass. Finally her hand moved way to the back, where she discovered Jean was naked on her rear end.

"Oooh. My god, Jean. You're wearing crotchless pantyhose. Mmmh. For me? You know how hot that gets me."

She brought her hand under the front of Jean's skirt, and while they kissed, stroked her nylon thigh. Then Roberta moved her hand right onto the front of Jean's pussy. She rubbed her fingers through Jean's pubic hair while they continued to kiss. This got her hotter. Finally, she couldn't help it anymore, and she slid a finger down into Jean's pussy.

As they continued to kiss and hug, Jean slipped a hand under Roberta's dress, and rubbed her nylon-clad legs. "Two can play this game, darling". Working upwards, she came to Roberta's naked pussy. "Ah, ha. No pantyhose or panties. I should have guessed. Mmmh. That's my little lover. Can't wait to go out can she. But wants to leave herself open for options, huh?"

Jean rubbed up and down over Roberta's pubic hair, then down to her clit. Jean kissed Roberta harder. As Jean felt Roberta's moistness build, she inserted a finger into her pussy, moving it around gently.

Roberta moaned into Jean's mouth. "Oooh, don't baby. You know that'll get me off. You keep doing that and we won't be going anywhere tonight". They kissed for another minute, before breaking it. Both panting, and very hot and wet.

"OK, where do you want to go tonight on your birthday?" Jean asked.

"I don't know. Got any ideas?", Roberta said.

"Well. You've made me awfully horny. Now its my treat for your present. How about doing something we never do. Something daring and hot. Let's go to a male strip-club. I think we could just put our hands under our skirts while nobody is looking, and have a little fun while we watch them dance".

Roberta looked puzzled, almost pouting.

"What's the matter, you don't like strip clubs?"

"I don't know", said Roberta. "I've never been to one. Does it have to be male".

"Oooh, come here my hot little baby. I'm sorry. I forgot." She hugged Roberta and kissed her again, pressing her body against hers. "What kind of a strip club would you like to go to, my horny little lover? Wait, let me guess", Roberta said, looking down into Roberta's eyes.

Jean put her tongue in Roberta's mouth. Roberta pressed gently against Jean's leg.

"I bet I know what would get you hot. You don't want to see male strippers, huh? No big cocks bulging against their little outfits?" She kissed Roberta again.

"Uuh, uuh. No." moaned Roberta, grinding a little harder into Jean's leg.

"OK, Let's think. You want to go to a strip club, but not men ... hmmm. But you want it to be daring... and hot. Yes let's not forget hot" Jean again forced her tongue into Roberta's mouth.

"Oooh, God. Jean, please stop" Roberta panted, continuing to press herself into her lover.

" I know. I know what my little lover wants for her present. Oooh... what a naughty little girl you are, aren't you. I bet my little slut wants to see some girls, doesn't she?".

Jean pushed her tongue more forcefully into Roberta's mouth, and pulled her ass so she was tight against Jean's leg. Roberta started moaning and grinding herself desperately into Jean's leg.

"You want to go to a girl's strip joint, don't you, Roberta? But wait, that might make me jealous. Would you look at them instead of me?" She kissed Roberta harder. Roberta was clearly in heat now.

"Well, it's your birthday. If you want to be a naughty girl, I guess it's your treat. Is that what you want to do? Do you want to see the girls show you their tits and pussies? Let's see if that's what you want".

She put her hand under Roberta's skirt and rubbed her clit. "God, your absolutely soaking, baby. That's it, I guessed it. You want me to take you to see some naked girls. Kiss me hard, lover".

"How would you like them baby. Young?


"Big tits? Small tits?"

"Ooooh, Jean, don't."

"Long legs Roberta? The kind you could rub off on?"

"Aahhh, Oooh" said Roberta.

"Do you like big nipples, baby?"

Jean continued to french kiss and rub Roberta's ass. Roberta was now moaning loudly.

"I know one thing".

"What's that", sighed Roberta.

"I don't think you care how their breasts look, or how long their legs are, do you."

"Huh, what do you mean?" asked Jean. John slipped her tongue deep into Jean's mouth.

"What I mean, lover is you don't care as long as they show you their big wet pussies... big wide, open, wet pussies, with a big clit. That's all you need, isn't it?" Roberta said.

With that she stuck two fingers forcefully into Roberta's pussy and started jacking her off.

"Oooh, oooh, no. Oh, God Jean. Yes. I want to see the young girls. Oh my god, I'm going to cum". With that, Roberta came violently, trembling in Jean's arms.

"Oh, God, Jean. That was too much. Why did you do that to me. I've never cum so hard in my life."

"I guess I know too many of your little secrets, huh". Jean kissed Roberta tenderly for a minute before saying, "OK, my little pussy lover, let's go find some little pussies to watch for you".

The two girls got into Jean's car, Roberta sliding over to the middle, with her arm around Jean. She enjoyed watching Jean drive, especially her watching her nylon clad legs as they moved up and down on the accelerator pedal and brakes. Watching legs usually got her pussy going as much as looking under dresses. They drove to the "Brass Nickel", a classy strip joint out of the county, which was know for girls stripping all the way, and sometimes doing more than that. (None of this "Pasty" stuff for us, as Jean said). It was Ladies Night, so they wouldn't look to strange going in there. Although, as classy as they were dressed, some of the men might have thought they worked there.

They walked through the door, and waited until their eyes grew accustomed to the light. Jean had her arm around Roberta's waist, with her hand on Roberta's hip, holding her close. There were a couple of other women there, some with men, but two tables had two women each. Roberta wondered if they were looking for men, or if they were as curious as she was about looking at the strippers. Jean pushed Roberta over to a table right in front of the stage.

"Not here", said Roberta, "it's too close".

"Sit down love. Better to see your prey." Jean told her. "You know you like closeups, darling. You can tell me if they really enjoy themselves or not."

"Jean!" said Roberta, embarrassed.

"OK, honey. I'm sorry. But remember, they don't know you. Don't be afraid to look as hard as you want. I'm serious about them enjoying it. I'm told that some of them actually get off doing this."

Roberta sat down, and said to Jean "Watch your skirt so the men don't look up it. We're not exactly covered up, you know.".

Jean laughed, and whispered to her, "You should talk my little cunt lover. Who is it that I found looking up my skirt that day in the library. The girls should be more afraid of you then of the men! It's a good thing I let you have your fun and look at me, wasn't it."

Roberta giggled. "I'm not that bad, am I".

"I don't know, sweetheart. Let's wait and see."

The announcer came on, telling everybody that the next dancer was "Long, Tall Sally". Sally came out, wearing a white evening gown, slit up the side. She was a gorgeous, tall blonde, with small breasts, big hips, and beautiful legs. She was bedecked in jewelry, and had long white gloves on her arms, like the girls who grace the Penthouse centerfold. She had white nylons, and very high heels. The men began to whistle, as the music started.

Jean moved closer to Roberta. She whispered, "So what do you think. Is she your type".

Roberta was nervous, but starting to feel another sensation as well. "I don't know. I'll tell you in a minute". The fact was, tall blondes were very much Roberta's type. She loved wide hips, and long legs. She also liked small breasts with big nipples.

The girl started a graceful bump and grind, slowly removing her gloves and twirling them around. She threw them to the men in the audience. She turned around, and with her hands on her hips, started a very sexy swaying of her rear end, her long leg stretched out to her right. While she did this, she looked over her shoulder sexily.

Roberta gasped. "Oh, my goodness."

"What's the matter, lover. Like nice rear ends, huh." Her hand went under the table onto Roberta's leg, which she noticed was moving back and forth gently.

"Uh, huh" Roberta answered.

"Like long legs, too, don't you?" Roberta's hand dropped over Jean's and pressed it firmly in response, almost pushing it into her crotch. Jean felt the warmth.

"You better believe it". Roberta almost didn't believe she said that.

"Yeah. I remember. You get off rubbing on girls legs, don't you baby?" said Jean.

"Oooh God. Jean. Don't. I mean, no. I mean yes. Mmmh. Yes, I like Long legs and tight asses."

"Yeah, but what about the part where you like to rub off on them?" whispered Jean.

"OK, OK. So I enjoy holding women." said Roberta.

"Enjoy isn't the only word that comes to mind, my little cum-buncher". Jean retorted.

The blonde then turned around and started unbottoning the top of her evening gown. She slowly peeled the straps off her shoulders, revealing her naked chest, with a white lacy "half-cup" bra. Her nipples were standing out over the cups. She peeled the dress down to her waist, and then danced around the stage bending over, and letting everybody spend time eyeing her breasts.

She came over near Roberta's table and looked down. A gleam came in her eye. She bent over, so her cleavage was even more accentuated, and looked directly at Roberta. She then reached up and played with her nipples, grabbing them between her thumb and index fingers, and rolling them until they became about and inch long. She licked her lips and stared right at Roberta as she did this.

Roberta's fingers started clenching Jean's hand tighter. "Oh, my God. Oooh Jean" was all Roberta could mutter.

Jean's fingers started lightly stroking Roberta's leg, and she whispered "I guess you like big nipples, too, don't you my pussy lover".

"Oooh, yes. Oh, honey lover, this is good. Very good" Roberta said. She was clearly getting horny now, and her legs were clenching together.

The dancer kept rubbing her nipples in front of Roberta. Then blew her a kiss, and danced away.

"I hope you can hold out. She's just started." Jean kidded.

Roberta blushed and said, "I hope I'm not too obvious?"

Jean turned to pretend to whisper, and licked Roberta's ear. "Go ahead, honey, enjoy yourself. This is your treat. I'm just having fun with you. If she turns you on, go for it. I think she likes you."

"Mmmmh, I will, don't worry" said Roberta, "She does turn me on. Alot".

Roberta rubbed the back of Jean's hand and pushed it lower on her leg, below her hemline. Jean got the hint, and slid her hand up under Roberta's dress. She gently rubbed the inside of Roberta's left thigh as the dance went on. Roberta's legs started opening slightly. Jean rubbed higher, until her hand was over the tops of Roberta's nylons. She played with Roberta's thigh, as Roberta started to groan and move her legs apart some more.

The dancer then unzipped the back of her dress and slipped it down over her hips. She had on a gorgeous satin white garter belt, white stockings, and nothing else. Roberta gasped. She was entranced.

Roberta stared between the blonde's legs. Sally was a natural blonde, with beautiful, light, long, fluffy pubic hair. Jean rubbed higher on the inside of Roberta's thigh.

Jean leaned over and whispered, "So what's the answer, sweetheart. Do you like blondes, you little pussy slut?"

"Oooh yes. Yes I definitely do" answered Roberta, as her legs opened and closed.

"Is this as good as that girl you told me about in high-school, that you apparently couldn't stop looking at without coming all over your (and her) hand?"

"I don't know. Maybe."

"Maybe? Well let's just see. How wet did that girl in high school get you? About a six on the ten-point scale when you first looked at her, wasn't it."

Roberta's hand slowly slid up all the way to Roberta's pussy. She moved her finger down over Roberta's slit. She found Roberta already had her right hand down there.

"Why you little sneak. Couldn't wait for me huh?." Jean asked.

"Mmmmhh," Roberta sighed.

Roberta's lips were wide and open, and she was soaking wet.

Jean whispered "Hmmm. Looks to me that you're wetter now than you were then"

Roberta moaned, and rubbed her wet pussy more on Jean's hand, while staring at the blonde pussy about ten feet away.

"Roberta, honey. I'd say you were way up there, probably around an eight on the juice- meter." Jean stroked Roberta's clit some more. Roberta opened her legs, letting her skirt ride up to her hips. She didn't really care who could see her. Her pussy was clearly available to Jean's probing hand.

"Oooh, God. Jean, don't. OK, Yes. I'm getting hot. Oh yes. This is definitely better than the high school. But nothing I can't control."

The blonde turned around and bent over at the waste. Her asshole and pussy was staring Roberta right in the face. Roberta gasped, and her legs clamped down on Jean's hand, then opened again. Several times in succession. Then she ground her slit up and down Jean's finger.

"Hot isn't the word for what you are, you little slut. Look at that pussy. Like that?"

"Mmmm, Hmmm"

"She's showing you her ass, too. Or didn't you notice. Oh, I know better. I know you noticed. Did you see her nice little puckered asshole. Or were you concentrating on her pussy."

"Oh, God, Jean. Don't. Please."

The dancer came up stage and got on the floor on her knees only two feet in front of Roberta's table. She parted her legs widely, and bent over backwards.

"Oooh, God, no". Roberta had a clear view right up her cunt. Her legs were spread wide. Her labia were very big and extended.

"Oooh. Oooh, Jean. Please.".

Jean started frigging Roberta rapidly now, rubbing her clit briskly.

"How's that lover. That feel good. Look between Sally's legs, baby. Go ahead. Like to look between her legs, huh? Look at that pussy, Roberta. Tell me how hot she makes you".

"Oooh, Jean, oooh, Noo."

"Don't lie to me baby. Your pussy's doing the talking. Your now at ten on the wetness meter."

Roberta looked mournfully at Jean. Jean kissed her. Roberta tore her gaze back into the crevice between Sally's legs.

"Oooh, yes, Jean honey. Oh, yes, I like her pussy. God she's beautiful."

"Look at her pussy, baby. Look at those long legs. She's beautiful enough to make you cum hard, isn't she my little pussy lover. She's your little birthday present pussy." Jean now put her finger into Roberta's pussy and started finger-fucking her.

"Oooh, yes, Jean. Do that. While the girl shows me her pussy. Finger fuck me, baby."

At that moment., the blonde reached down and opened her pussy lips for Roberta. Opened them so Roberta could see deep inside her. Her clit was very large. She was wet... obviously enjoying it. She started playing with it.

"Aaagh, yes. Oh God, she's going to make me cum.. I can see her pussy lips. Her clit. Oh, God, she's playing with it. Jean, she's... oh my God, she's wet in there. Keep fingering me, Jean. Here comes. Aaaaaaagghhhhh..... Oooooohhhhhh... Oh, God, yes. What a pussy. Oh yes. Oh, she's beautiful. Oh my. Oh, that was great." Roberta's cum drenched Jean's hand and the chair, and the back of her skirts. Roberta was breathing rapidly and trying to calm down.

Jean leaned over and kissed her on the cheek as she continued to finger Roberta's slit until she was done.

By some miracle nobody appeared to have seen them.... except Sally. She blew Roberta a kiss and licked her finger as she got up and danced away. Roberta could see the cum leak out of Sally's pussy. Roberta was sure Sally did that on purpose, opening her pussy in front of her like that. She also could tell Sally had a minor orgasm doing it. She wondered why Sally enjoyed getting other girls hot. Oh, well. She was glad she did.

Jean asked, "Had enough?".

"Mmmhh. I don't know. Maybe. What about you?" and kissed Roberta soundly.

They sat there for a minute as Roberta recovered. Jean continued to stroke Roberta lightly. Roberta still watched Sally intently . Sally moved in front of Roberta and spread herself even more. Sally could clearly see Jean playing with Roberta. She looked under the table at Roberta's wet pussy and licked her lips. "I see you enjoyed my show?", she whispered. "I usually please my clients... Even the girls. How much did you like it?"

"She wants you to tip her, sweetheart," said Jean. Roberta reached for her purse and pulled out $10. She placed it up under Sally's bra. A tingle went through her, as she got a brief feel of Sally's hot nipple.

Sally moved over in front of the next table over. Also two more girls, a blonde and a very stunning brunette. The brunette was staring hard at Sally. The blonde was sitting very close to her, and was whispering something into her ear. Again, Sally got down on her spread knees, and leaned back, this time putting on her show for the brunette. Her pussy was stretched open. Roberta could see the eyes of the brunette were locked straight into the blonde dancer's cunt, just as hers had been. The brunette was flushed, and she appeared to be breathing heavily. The hand of the blonde was under the table, and her arm was visibly moving up and down.

Roberta looked down. The brunette's legs were splayed wide open, and her skirt was also up around her hips. Her panties were down around her knees. Her blonde friend was finger fucking her in open view.

"Jean. Look. That girl's playing with the brunette. She's trying to maker her cum."

"Why you sly little pussy looker. Leave it to you to find the girls pussies under the tables. " Mmmmh. I bet you like the side-show as much as the main event, don't you?"

"Mmmhh. Not bad." Jean and Roberta tongue-kissed.

"How do you like the brunette, Roberta?" asked Jean.

Roberta couldn't help herself. She looked back at the brunette's beautiful face, then down to her pussy.

Jean had not removed her hand from Roberta's pussy. Jean started stroking Roberta's clit again.

"Oooh, no Jean. I can't take anymore." said Roberta.

"Oh, I don't know, my little pussy slut. You look like you're enjoying the new show" said Jean.

"Oooh. Oooh, my god", said Roberta, as Jean rubbed her.

Roberta kissed Jean's ear and whispered "Go ahead, lover. This is your treat. Watch the brunette's pussy. Your second pussy of the night. Watch the blonde play with the brunette's pretty pussy. Bet you've never seen that before. Watch the pretty brunette cum all over her friend's hand."

"Oooh. Oooh my." Roberta started moving her hips starting to move visibly, along with the brunette.

Jean stuck her finger into Roberta and started to rub her "G-spot".

"Tell me how you like to watch the brunette get finger-fucked, Roberta. Come on, baby. You like to get finger fucked while you watch that don't you."

"Look what's getting the brunette off, Roberta. Sally's spreading her wet pussy for the brunette too. Just like she did for you, baby. Look, Sally's rubbing her clit again. This time for the brunette".

"Oooh. Oh, yes, baby. Frig me. Sally's cunt is so hot. Aaahh, yes. God, I love watching the brunette's pussy getting played with. The brunette's so cute. Her pussy is wide open and she's letting the blonde play with her."

"Go my little pussy watcher. Enjoy yourself baby. Like this, don't you. Oh, my, I feel your pussy starting to pump again. The brunette's not the only one letting another girl play with her, is she. You're addicted to it."

"Oh God, Jean. I'm going to cum again. Oh Jesus, Jean. Ooooh. Nooooh.".

"Go pussy slut. Watch the brunette's pretty pussy while you come all over my hand. Give the brunette a nice little present on my hand"

"Oooh, yes. God. I'm cuuuummmmiiiiinnnngggg... Aaaaagghhhhh. Ooooh. Ooh. Oh. Oh God" moaned Roberta as her cum again drenched Jean's hand and the chair.

Roberta lovingly licked all her cum off Jean's hand and fingers. They hugged and french kissed. Roberta forgot to let her skirt down. She looked over and noticed that the brunette girl was taking a good look at her pussy, as the blonde continued to finger fuck her. Smiling at the brunette, Roberta spread her legs more. The brunette started cumming violently, looking right at Roberta's pussy. When she came down, all flushed, she looked up at Roberta, and smiled weakly. "Thanks!", she mouthed.

"OK, baby, your turn", said Roberta to Jean.

"I don't think I'll get off like you did. Looking at girls has not been my addictions" said Roberta. "You're my addiction".

"Mmmh, I don't know. I don't think you've tried hard enough. Let's try."

The next dancer came out. She was a shapely black-haired beauty, dressed to kill in a latex bra and french-maid type skirt (cut just below her pussy). The bra had 3 thin latex straps, and black half-cups below. The top half was clear latex, framed by a lacy black border. The pleated skirt was also clear latex framed in lacy black.

"Mmmmh. Now that's interesting" said Roberta. "Better than some of my magazines. Relax Jean. Look closely." Roberta slid her left hand up Jean's mini-skirt and went right for the bare target. Yes, just as she thought, despite her protestations, Roberta was wet. She started rubbing against Jean's hand.

"Jean, give me your hand," said Roberta.

"What. Why?" Roberta asked.

"Just give it to me". Roberta took Jean's right hand, and put it under her skirt on top of Jean's hand. "Help me."

Roberta started moving her hand over Jean's fingers, and massaging them down into her pussy.

"Like that?" Roberta asked.

"Mmmh, nice. Do me honey." Jean replied.

"You're going to do it baby." Roberta switched, and put her hand on top of Jean's. Jean now had no choice but to stroke her pussy herself. Roberta rubbed Jean's hand sexily, as Jean started playing with herself.

"Show me what you used to do when you'd go home after our dates at night." Roberta said.

"Ooooh. Oh, Roberta. I'm playing with myself. You got me so hot."

Roberta hugged Jean and kissed her ears as her pleasure elevated.

She whispered, "Are you watching the show Jean. Look at that nice pussy. Look at those beautiful tits while you do that. You'll see why I like it so much."

Jean looked, as the black haired girl moved in front of her, and squatted down with her legs spread. The girl's pussy had huge lips. She opened it wide, and was obviously very wet. Jean was stroking faster. She couldn't believe it, she was looking at a wide open pussy. Her hips were flying wildly. It was too much. "Ooooh, no. I can't be getting excited looking at a pussy. Oh, my God. I can't believe I'm doing this. Oh Roberta, honey. Help me. Forgive me. Oh, God, she looks so good. Why are you doing this to me Roberta. Oh, baby, hug me. Oh, Roberta. I'm going to cum lover. Oooh.... Ooohh Roberta. She got Aaaaggghhhh. Oh, shit. Ooooh that's good." Jean pulsed her cream into her palm, and continued to rub it up and down, back into her pussy as Roberta kept kissing her cheeks and ears.

"Mmmhh. That got you off good, didn't it my love. Now we can enjoy looking together. I think you've just graduated to full-fledged lesbian, tonight. Wanna go home and play some more?"

"God, yes. That was good Roberta. Happy birthday my horny, corrupting, little slut." With that they got up and left.

Chapter 17 - The Nude Beach

One weekend, Jean was lying around dreaming of her little Roberta. She called and asked Roberta if she wanted to go the the beach. Roberta had been lying around, too. She hadn't had any in several days, and was feeling a little horny. "I don't know, Jean. I've been sitting here dreaming about you, and I'm not sure I could take an afternoon on the beach unless you take care of me first. I'm apt to attack the first good looking girl I see."

"Why, Roberta, you'd cheat on me? Look, I know a very great beach which will interest you a lot. If you're horny, so much the better. I'll have to take the risk. You'll be sorry if you miss it."

"OK, sounds kind of interesting", said Roberta. "Where is it?"

"Well, I could tell you, but I'd like to leave it as sort of a surprise." answered Jean.

"Oooh, goodie. I love your surprises. Will it be like your last one for my birthday?

"You naughty thing. You need to go get yourself off, before you get in trouble. Look, I'll pick you up around 11:00. Wear something interesting, OK?"

"You, too, Jean. I can't wait."

Jean reached down in her bed and stroked her pussy a couple times. "God, I'm hot today. I hope Jean hurries up." Jean got up and found a sexy white two-piece. She had removed the liner from both the top and the bottom. It became virtually transparent when wet. She put on sexy makeup, gold earrings, and a gold ankle-bracelet. She knew that would get Jean hot. She put it on, and put a white, crotch-length terry cloth robe over it.

At 11:00 Jean drove up. Roberta ran out to the car, with her bag of paraphernalia, including sun cream, sunglasses, a beach towel, a drying towel, her purse and other odds and ends. She opened the door and slid into the seat. Moving over next to Jane she put her arm around her and kissed her hard. "Mmmhh. Glad to see you Jean. You feel good."

"You, too Roberta". She opened her mouth for Roberta's access.

Jean had on a very thin, red, almost transparent two-piece... Speedo material, only thinner. Roberta reached a hand up and started pinching Roberta's right nipple while they kissed.

Jean said "Roberta, sweetheart. You better stop that if you don't want me to wet my pants right here. C'mon, there'll be plenty of time for that". Jean reached her right hand down to Roberta's thigh and moved it up over her pussy. Jean's thighs parted. Roberta's cute suit was already wet. "You are horny, aren't you, baby. You'll have to wait until. Try to hold it in, OK?"

"Jean. I don't know what's wrong with me today. I just need it badly. I'll try to hold out. But with you sitting there half-naked this is going to be tough."

Jean broke away, sat up, and started to drive off. Roberta moved over a little, and pulled a book out of her bag to read, to take her mind off matters. Jean looked down periodically at Roberta's legs and suit. God she was cute. Enough to make her wet too.

They drove about a half hour, when Jean took a turn onto a small unmarked gravel road. "Where are we?" asked Roberta.

"Relax. You'll see soon enough. Actually I've never been here myself. A friend of mine told me about it."

After about a mile, they reached a paved road, with a sign saying "Welcome to Shady Rest Nudist Beach". Underneath in small print it said, "Complete nudity is required. Bashful people stay home. There is an indoor trial area where you can keep a little on (underwear or bathing suits only), while you decide if you want to try it.

"Jean! Where are you taking me. A nudist beach?! Oh my God. I can't do this. I've never walked around naked in front of a bunch of people before in my life!" said Roberta.

"What about that slumber party a few years ago. You didn't seem to mind showing your cute little pussy there, did you?" asked Jean.

"Yeah, but that was friends. And only a few at that. This is anybody. I mean they'll all be looking at us" said Roberta.

"Roberta. Number one, these people come here all the time. They're families. This is not a sexual deal to them. And number two... may I remind you who's more apt to be doing the looking." responded Jean.

"OK, OK. Let's go in. At least I can work on my tan. But we might be leaving very shortly if they don't have a nice beach or pool or something."

They nervously held hands and walked in. At the check-in desk a nice middle-aged lady asked how old they were (Roberta lied and said 18) and took $5 from each. Realizing they had never been there before, she told them where the ladies locker room was, and how to get to the beach and pool area. They scurried quickly to the locker room.

They both nervously undressed. Roberta looked at Jean's naked body. She never usually saw her totally nude. Was she a turn-on! Roberta licked her lips. Jean saw her and shook her head... "You have a one-track mind, don't you beautiful. Come here". Jean pulled Roberta's naked body gently into hers, rubbed against her a few times and kissed her. Then she moved back. "C'mon baby. Lets' control ourselves or they'll kick us out of here."

"Good. Then maybe we can go back to the car and have some real fun", said Roberta.

Roberta ignored her, and said, "C'mon. Let's be brave".

They picked up their bags with the towels and walked out toward the beach. It seemed to be nice. The sand felt good between Roberta's feet. As she looked around, she noticed most of the people were older. None of the women really did much for her. She noticed a couple of the men really looking her up and down. None of them were hard, but they stood out a little. It wasn't all innocent, she thought. Surprisingly, there were numerous children, all prancing around naked. Roberta looked at all the little cocks, and found herself blushing when she looked at some of the little girls. Their little buns were kind of cute. Quickly, she shook it out of her mind.

Nervously, she took her blanket over to the side of the beach, sort of away from everybody, and put her towel down. She lay down on her belly, feet facing the grass away from the beach, and head facing the beach. That way nobody could look up her legs.

Jean chuckled. "Chicken! No adventure. Well, I have some. If you don't mind, I'm going to lie back here, behind you. That way I can keep an eye on you, so to speak." She put her towel down about 10 feet behind and slightly left of Roberta. Just far enough she could see Roberta's cute little body, and just close enough she could whisper loudly to her, if she wanted to.

Suit yourself, Jean," Roberta responded.

Jean also laid on her belly. She crossed her arms and put her chin on it, staring lovingly at her little girlfriend. Mmmm what a beautiful little ass, she thought. Jean pressed her thighs together lightly and pushed her mound against the sand. Getting an idea, she got up, pulled up her towel, and made a little mound of sand, kind of like a pillow. She put her body back down, resting her pussy on the top edge of the mound. She pressed again. "Ooooh. Oh this might be fun she thought."

Roberta moved her legs apart slightly so Jean would have a better view. "Jean, how are things looking back there?" she chuckled

Jean saw Roberta's little slit, and started moving her hips lightly. Not hearing a response, Roberta turned around and saw her. "Why you horny bitch. Are you looking at my pussy?"

"I cannot tell a lie." answered Jean. "Uh, huh. At least, if you don't mind. You sure looked at mine enough."

"OK, Jean. Enjoy yourself. I'm going to get a tan." Roberta moved her left knee to the side to give her lover an even better view.

Jean saw a younger girl, about 12, walking onto the beach with a boy who was about a year younger. She recognized the girl as Vanessa whose parents she knew from down the street. Jean used to babysit the girl's younger brother. They lay down blankets about 15 feet in front of Jean, facing the same direction, inward toward the beach. As they talked, facing each other, the young girl turned and faced the boy, and said something. The boy all of a sudden looked down at the little girl's pussy for a minute. Watching, Jean saw his little cock start to grow. Within a minute it was rock-hard, up against his belly button. The girl said something to him, grabbed his hand, and they stood up. She gave him a towel which he used to cover himself. They looked around, and then started walking off of the beach and a little way into the woods. Roberta could still sort of see them. The girl had her back to her and leaned back against a tree. She lifted her left leg up and put her foot on the tree right behind her. "Why the little cock-tease" thought Roberta. She's letting him look at her pussy. She could see the whole thing. The boy's hand was firmly gripping his hard cock, and he started moving it up and down, while he stared down at Vanessa. Roberta saw Vanessa talking to him, while she was obviously letting him jack off looking at her. The boys face started to contort, his fist moved faster, and he shot his cum all over the ground and his hand. Roberta ground her hips into the sand some more.

"Pssst. Roberta" whispered Jean

"Look. Over there by the woods." The girl and boy were walking back, hand-in-hand toward their towels. The boy's cock was soft now.

"Yeah, what about it" whispered Roberta.

"I know that girl. Her name's Vanessa. She lives in my neighborhood. She's a little cock-tease. She just got that boy's cock all hard, and then took him over there to the woods. She opened her legs for him to look at while he jacked off all over the place." said Jean.

"You're kidding. Quit making up stories" said Roberta.

"Roberta. I didn't make it up. I saw him cum. Look at me."

Roberta turned around and saw how flushed Jean was. She saw her rub her hips up and down a couple times.

"My God. You're telling the truth. Oh goodness." said Roberta.

She turned around and innocently put her chin on her hands, and watched the two kids walk up to the towels. The boys cock was little, and he was skinny. She looked at Vanessa, who Roberta guessed to be about 12. She was gorgeous. Waist-length long blonde hair, about 5' tall, thin with an ass that stuck out just right. Her boobs were just beginning to show, cute little cups, with nipples that were obviously aroused. Her pussy mound was bare, and puffy... a young, beautiful, growing girl's pussy.

Roberta felt funny. She tingled. She squeezed her pussy lightly. "Oh no", she thought. "Not now." The sight was very arousing. Roberta started squeezing herself very lightly, so nobody could see,. Her hips imperceptibly started to move.

Vanessa looked Roberta's way, saw her, and smiled. Roberta had her sunglasses on, so Vanessa couldn't see her eyes. But somehow Vanessa knew she was turning this older girl on. Roberta wondered, "was that smile for me?". Little Vanessa sat down on the towel, with her feet facing Roberta. She took out some lotion and started rubbing it on her arms. Then she reached for her feet. She pulled her right leg up to rub lotion on it. She purposely put her little pussy on display for Roberta. Roberta's pussy was growing wetter as she moved her hips a little more. "Mmmmh. This is interesting", she thought." Roberta watched the girl spread lotion all over her body, including turning around and doing her cute ass. Roberta's pussy started opening more, and her wetness became apparent to Jean behind her, she had forgotten about.

"Roberta. What are you doing?" whispered Jean. "I can see you from here".

"I can't help it Jean. I told you earlier how horny I was." said Roberta.

"Roberta, I know you better than that. What's getting you so hot?" Jean looked up the beach, and then it hit her. "You're looking at Vanessa's little pussy, aren't you lover!"

Roberta's legs closed and opened in a couple big squeezes, as her lust overtook her. "Uh, huh."

"Why you little slut. Now you're looking at little girl's pussies. I've got to admit, Roberta, she is cute... very cute. Just don't cause a scene, OK? In fact, I'm kind of enjoying what I can see myself Jean reached underneath herself with her right hand, and started to inconspicuously rub her pussy while she watched Roberta's pussy ass move up and down.

Roberta turned around and saw her. "Oh, you naughty girl. See something you like?" Roberta opened herself, and moved up and down obscenely once for Jean's benefit, then went back to her previous position. "You come up with great ideas, Jean. I think I'll keep my attention in front of me. Don't get jealous, sweetheart. It's your fault for bringing me here anyway. I've got to do something about this." Roberta slid her right hand under her body, and started rubbing her pussy along her middle finger. Her hips moved harder. She tried to stay quiet. "oooh... mmmpphh."

Vanessa lay down on her back, with her legs slightly spread. Roberta had a great view. She rubbed herself slowly but very intensely. She couldn't be too obvious. She didn't mind letting Jean see this. Jean moved her towel closer, until she was just even with Roberta's knees and could watch her play with herself.

Roberta's thoughts were focused on Vanessa. "Oooh this is hot. What a cute little cock-teaser. First she gets the boy to jerk off, and now she's got me jerking off. A grown girl, jerking off to a little 12 year old. Ooooh.".

Vanessa sat up, leaning back on her hands. her beautiful little nipples in view. She lifted her right knee up, and moved it to the side, opening it up fully. "Ooooh God" Roberta thought. "She knows. She's doing this on purpose. Roberta frigged herself harder.

"Roberta, quit playing around. Stick your finger in. Fuck yourself baby. Look at her little cunt." whispered Jean.

Roberta stuck her middle finger deep inside her pussy with no hesitation.

Jean put her own finger inside. "Roberta. Is my hot little slut going to make herself cum looking at a little girl's pussy?. Look how hot you are. Play with yourself baby. A 12 year old is getting you off".

'12 years old?!' thought Roberta. 'Oh, god. Oooh, I can't believe what a slut I am. Look at that little 12-year old virgin pussy.

Jean watched Roberta's finger pump in and out. 'Ooooh.... ' she thought, 'I'm going to come watching this.' Jean realized her lesbianism was fully developed now. She found it easier every day to look between a girl's legs. Roberta's wet pussy was her favorite.

Roberta started moaning heavily. "Ooooh. Ooooh.... I'm going to cum, Jean. Vanessa's looking at me.... what a pretty bitch... Oooh, she knows I'm playing with myself looking at her," Roberta whimpered. Vanessa licked her lips, and moved her hands down to her right leg and started rubbing up and down on her thigh, as she spread her other leg. She was fully exposed to Roberta. now

"Do it", Vanessa mouthed.

That was too much. Roberta couldn't take anymore. Her finger pushed into her as fast and hard as it could. She stared into the middle of Vanessa's pussy. Her orgasm started building. She fingered herself. Harder. Faster. It hit! Her hips bucked with each spasm. Jean saw the cum squirt out of Roberta's pussy. Once.... Roberta's finger pushed in hard... twice... Roberta's hips lifted, and she parted both legs wide in a lude position, and pushed desperately again... The third time, the cum shot three feet onto the blanket, as Roberta writhed on her finger in pure lust.

Jean watched. Her orgasm came on fast l at this scene. "Ooooh nooo..... here it comes. I'm cuuumiiiing... all over my hand...." Jean's pussy squeezed her cream out... Once..., twice...., and, oooh.... a third time, into a big creamy blob. Jean rubbed it all over her pussy, as she continued to look between Roberta and Vanessa's pretty cunt. "Ooooh that felt good. Feel how much cream I made", she thought. This was definitely a great idea.

Chapter 17 - The Anniversary Present

I had never had the pleasure of seeing both of them in action before we were married, although I did come home late one night, and after kissing Roberta, could tell that they'd been to bed earlier, as she had pussy juice on her face and lips.

They went out twice a week, by themselves. Wednesday and Saturday nights were Roberta's nights out with Jean. She was never wetter than when she came home after these evenings.

Our 22nd wedding anniversary was coming up, and Roberta asked me what we were going to do to celebrate. I had planned a nice dinner, perhaps a stage show or dancing, then back home to screw our brains out. When I explained, and asked why she wanted to know several weeks in advance, she simply smiled and suppressed a giggle, her gray eyes twinkling with an impish gleam.

Luckily, our first anniversary fell on a Friday, and reservations made, we dolled ourselves up and went out for the evening. Dinner at a fine restaurant and dancing at a local hot-spot kept us laughing and in a good mood. As we drove home, Roberta sitting next to me, leaned over and caressed my thigh with her fingernails, sending a shiver through me.

"You still want to fuck my brains out tonight?" She cooed.

I said yes, I would happily keep her wet and jumping all night long. When my wife came, no one could doubt that she wasn't faking. Her tendency to "let go" in bed meant that she was prone to outbursts of very erotic and sometimes downright dirty) talk, as well as moaning and thrashing wildly about the bed.

Arm in arm, we climbed the stairs to our apartment, and once inside, we kissed passionately for several long moments, running our hands over each other and bring desire to a boil. Roberta broke the kiss and knelt straight down, unzipping my pants in the entry hall. She pulled my hardening cock out of my pants and slipped it into her mouth. Tonguing the underside of the head, and teasing me, I felt my balls tingle and her wet mouth gliding like wet velvet over my shaft.

I pulled her up to me and kissed her long and hard, my tongue exploring her mouth, teasing her tongue to follow mine back, squeezing her tits through her blouse. As I knelt in the hall, lifting her dress, she leaned back against the wall, bending her knees and spreading her thighs. I moved the hem of her dress up, and stared straight at her naked blonde pussy. She had been dressed in a garter belt and stockings, without panties, all night. I looked up at her, my warm breath tickling her bush, and she smiled that special way of hers, telling me she did it for our pleasure.

I dove into her soft moist pussy, licking the glistening drops of cream from her bush. My tongue parted her moist lips, feeling the warmth of her, tasting her sweet eagerness. I circled her clit several times, holding on to her thighs when she tried to lower herself against my tongue.

She pulled me up and kissed me long and hard, showing me how very hot her passions had become. She pulled a scarf from her pocket, smiling at me.

"Stand still." She said. "I have a surprise for you."

She used the scarf as a blindfold and led me into the darkened bedroom. I figured she'd gone out and bought some sexy clothes for me to take off of her. I heard matches striking, and the fragrance of scented candles impinged on my senses. "Setting the mood" I thought. She stood next to my, kissing me lightly on the cheek, her bare breast touching my arm. Slowly, she began to undress me. Making me feel every fiber move against my skin. Telling me to stay still, not to reach for her. She removed my shirt, gliding her hands lightly over my chest, tickling the hairs around my nipples. She removed the belt from my pants, slowly pulling it through the belt loops, making a long hissing sound as it slid against the fabric. She knelt and started untying my shoes, helping me out of them, sliding my socks off my feet. Her hands unfastened the snap at my waist, my zipper already undone, with my cock, hard and straight standing, waiting to be touched. She stopped and breathed into my ear, her tongue tracing the edge, warm and wet.

"Just a second." She said softly.

I heard her climb onto the bed, moving around on the sheets. My pants were pushed away from my hips, and I could feel her hair against my bare thighs as she lifted one leg, then the other out of my pants. Hands caressed my thighs, sliding up under the legs of my boxer shorts, fingernails lightly raking under my boxer shorts. Lips closed around the end of my shaft, with a tongue lightly caressing the head of my cock.

"Tease." I muttered.

Hands quickly pulled my shorts off, making me naked and blind in the fragrant darkness. I moved to the bed, and her hands pushed me back against the pillows. I could feel the warmth of her body near me and I longed to reach out an stroke her.

"Just lay back and enjoy this." She purred.

More movements as she positioned herself on the bed. Again lips encircled the head of my cock, tongue swirling, wet and warm. The velvety smoothness caused me to moan softly, and I could feel her warm breath against my skin.

All at once she swallowed my cock, deeply, into her throat. She'd never before been able to 'throat' my seven inches, and I gasped loudly as her lips tickled the hairs at the root. Rising slowly, lips tight against me, she flicked her tongue back and forth over the muscular ridge under my cock. I moaned my pleasure, letting her know I enjoyed this and wanted more. My hands reached out, only to be slapped away. I laid back and enjoyed the sensation of my cock being swallowed over and over. Slowly. Lovingly.

She began to move quickly, her lips lightly touching the shaft, her saliva making moist noises as she changed directions. Using only her mouth, she pumped my cock up and down, her efforts shaking the bed. Several fast strokes would be followed by a long plunge. Taking me deep into her throat, she'd pause, letting me know how deep I was, feeling the tightness of her mouth. The velvety smooth, slick skin in the back of her throat caressed the head of my cock, feeling sooo very nice. Then she would pull up quickly, and repeat her fast strokes, again, only to plunge long and deep.

She didn't touch me except with her mouth. Her hands I could feel near me on the bed, her hair not touching me as it normally would. Lacking any other distractions, my world consisted of my cock and her mouth, eagerly trying to suck me off. I could feel my cock trying to stiffen even more, as my balls tightened and tingled.

"Unnghh...I'm...gonna...cum!" I panted.

Her pace quickened, her saliva dripped onto my balls, feeding the fires in them instead of quenching them. My hips moved up, a primitive instinct taking over control. I want to come in her mouth, give her all of my sperm, never wanting to stop.

The dam broke, Vesuvius erupted, the floods came. Sperm rushed from my cock as she held me about half way into her mouth. Spasms wracked my body as come surged from me. After the fourth surge, I felt her let go and put my spurting rod against her chest, rubbing me back and forth until I spent myself.

Breathing heavily and moaning, I began to relax; to drift into that warm "afterglow" of total contentment and relaxation. I felt her hips move over mine, as she sat just over my lower stomach. Her hands untying the blindfold.

As the scarf fell away, revealing her slim form and pale skin in the flickering candlelight, I looked at her smiling above me, wearing only her garter belt and stockings. As she sat, almost grinning at me, I realized that her chest and tits were dry, yet they should have been shiny and wet with white drops of come.

"Did you like that?" She laughed huskily.

"Mmmmm, yessss!" I replied, still feeling the "glow".

In a sudden motion, she moved off of me, laying on her side next to me.

"You'd better thank her then." Roberta laughed.

I looked down, and laying alongside my legs, I saw Jean, Roberta's best friend and lover, naked, except for a red bow tied around her neck, her breasts twinkling wetly in the dim light, her tongue licking her lips. She smiled at me, her light brown hair seeming to glow as a candle's light tried to weave its way through.

"Happy Anniversary love!" Roberta laughed, kissing me on the cheek.

I grabbed her and kissed her back, hard and rough, as much to thank her as to tell her that I'd wished I'd known it wasn't her.

Sitting up, I pulled Jean to me and kissed her too, tasting the salty remnants of my come on her tongue.

"That, sweetheart, " I said to Jean, "is for that tremendous headjob!"

Jean laughed, telling me how much fun it was to suck me while I thought it was Roberta going down. Roberta told her it would be a few minutes until I was ready again, indicating my flacid cock.

"Well, what about me. I certainly got all worked up over that." Jean said as she stood up. Roberta got up, walked over to her and started kissing her. Her hand dropped down to the front of Jean's pussy, and gently rubbed the hair there. Jean put her hand behind Roberta's head and started kissing her harder. Her mouth opened, and Roberta stuck her tongue deep inside it, and started moaning softly. The two of them french kissed, as Roberta's hand went lower, into Jean's slit. "Oh... god, you are hot aren't you", Roberta said. Jean responded by hunching herself onto Roberta's hand, and kissing even harder.

"Easy, dear. I don't want you to come yet. You know what I like to do to you", Roberta said.

My wife had her lay back, and as I watched, laid herself down between Jean's thighs. Her blonde hair and fair skin contrasting to the darker skin tone of the brunette. She slid her hands under Jean's thighs, as her mouth found the moistness between them. Jean crossed her ankles over the middle of Roberta's back as a tongue caressed her warm, damp flesh.

As I watched, I could feel my rod begin to straighten, getting harder and fuller as Roberta moaned softly between Jean's thighs. A candle on the headboard illuminated Roberta's creamy ass, and I could see a glistening reflection deep between her legs. She continued to suck, her hands reaching up to pinch Jean's dark nipples, squeeze her full breasts, caressing the soft tender area on their undersides with her fingers. I placed my hand on the back of her thigh, sliding up halfway to her asscheek, stopping to give her thigh a gentle squeeze to let her know I was enjoying her "show". She moaned again, wiggling her ass slightly. Jean's face was one of concentration. She was laying back, trying to concentrate on the pleasures Roberta was giving her, her legs locked tightly over the more delicate girl's back.

I moved my hand up, cupping Roberta's asscheek, pushing it up and away from me.

The second time I did that, I heard a wet "smack" come from between her legs as her wet pussy lips parted stickily. I leaned over and began to alternate lifting each asscheek, pushing them together and pulling them apart as I did. It took only seconds to cause her pussy to make its approval known with wet noises. The candle light on her lips showed twinkling droplets of juice forming in her golden bush, moist and inviting. Her lips were full and beginning to swell as a white pearlescent drop began to peek from her cunt. I moved a finger down into her slit, and found that she was soaked. I knew she liked eating pussy, but this told me more than words ever could.

My handling of her ass was driving her crazy, as she sucked and licked Jean's pussy. Her soft moans indicated that she liked me feeling her ass, and that she wanted to make Jean come.

Jean's legs suddenly closed around Roberta's head as her hips lifted off the bed, carrying the blonde covered head with them. I watched as she stayed locked like this, her legs quivering, her breathing a series of short loud pants, until, finally, she collapsed on the bed.

My wife caressed the dark bush and pussy, kissing it lightly several times in different places, causing Jean to ripple with shudders each time. When she sat up, she crawled down toward her friend, kissing her tenderly on the lips.

"I love to eat you like that." Roberta said softly.

Jean replied lazily, "Ummmm, I love to cum in your mouth like that."

Roberta slipped off the foot of the bed and walked around to me, sitting on the edge of the bed. We grabbed each other and kissed passionately, our tongues tasting Jean's cum together. I licked the slick wetness from her chin and neck, squeezing her small tits and pinching her nipples. As our mouths parted, we looked into each other's eyes.

"See what a wanton slut you married?!" She laughed.

Her use of the word "slut" told me that she was incredibly turned on. In the year we'd been married, she only used that word in bed when we had kept teasing each other, increasing our lust to a frantically high level.

"Yes, I can see what a slut you are." I replied, playing on her horniness. "I saw how wet your cunt was getting while you fucked her with your tongue."

"Oooh, yesss, I'm sooo wet. See?" Her hand rose from her moist lips, the fingers glistening with a thick cream as she showed me her hand. "I'm sooo wet! Having you watch me suck pussy has me ready to cum!" "I don't think my watching has anything to do with it", I said. She purred again, as she rubbed her own slick juice over her nipples and into her mouth.

I leaned down, my tongue circling her nipples, licking her cream from the hard tips. I sucked a nipple into my mouth, pulling hard as my hand slid between her thighs.

"Hmmm, suck my tits." She whispered. "Lick my nipples."

I slipped three fingers into her sopping pussy, feeling her warm wetness ooze down into my hand. My cock touching her stomach caused her hands to encircle it and begin a slow stroking.

"Do you want to watch your wet slut rub her pussy all over Jean's tits. Make her nipples all wet and creamy. Watch as your slut tries to fuck those nice big tits? Can you feel how wet I am? How wet my pussy is for her?"

"I don't know... what about me?"

"You just had yours, honey. I need it now. God, I'm hot. You don't mind if I let Jean makes me cum, do you?"

I stroked her pussy lips and her cunt some more. "How much do you want her".

Her head tossed back, her mouth open slightly, she moaned and hissed her reply.

"Honey, she gets me very hot. Feel how wet my pussy is looking at her.

"What gets you the hottest about her, baby."

"When she spreads her legs and lets me look at her open pussy".

"So you like looking at pussies, huh slut".

"Oohh, God yes, honey. I love pussies."

"How about her big boobs, baby. Look at those big nipples."

Roberta moaned. "Oohh, yes, honey. I like Jean's tits."

"How much baby. As much as her pussy?"

Roberta moved up and down on my hands. "Mmmm. Yes, honey. I like her pussy. I love her tits. You don't mind do you, that I get hot looking at her?" She was getting wetter and wetter as she watched Jean on the bed.

I had never seen my wife this hot. I new she liked to look at girls, but I never knew what it did to her. She was a wanton animal.

"Wanna cum, baby? Should I let Jean make you cum?"

"Oooh, yes, honey. She's getting me hot. I want to fuck her tits...her wet creamy tits... I want to cum on her titssss."

"Interesting. Have you cum on her tits before?"

"Oooh, yes, honey. She lets me rub on her tits. She watches me and talks to me as I soak her tits."

I glanced at Jean, laying back, watching us as she stroked her pussy. I kept my three fingers in Roberta's dripping cunt as I renewed her lust.

"Jean's watching you...She's watching your cunt cream in my hand while you look at her pussy and her tits...I don't think today she wants you to cum on her tits, though.

"Oooh, no. Please honey. Let me rub off on her tits. She's got me so fucking hot."

"Well, baby, the truth is, your girlfriend wants to lick your dripping pussy...She wants you to cum in her mouth this time...make her face all wet. Would that be an acceptable alternative."

Roberta looked at me with a primal, carnal lust. She grabbed my head and kissed me hard, her tongue shooting into my mouth barely after my lips parted. She pulled back, and wordlessly move away, my fingers sliding from her very wet pussy. She crawled down to Jean, pausing to look at her naked form. She turned around, lifting her ass and throwing one leg over Jean's body. Then, while she lowered herself onto Jean's left breast, I could see drops of her juice actually dripping onto the nipple, just before her blonde bush covered it.

Looking directly at me, she began to rub herself against Jean's tit. Her pussy making wet smacking sounds as she moved faster.

"I love to see you naked," I said, "with your cunt sooo wet and horny."

"Naked? I'll show you NAKED." She said.

Her arousal was complete and high. She ripped the garterbelt from her waist, tearing her stockings. Without lifting off Jean's nipple, she began to tear the stocking from her thighs, shredding the fabric.

"Strip me. Strip me naked. Get me naked." She panted.

Jean pulled the stockings from Roberta's legs, as this carnal blonde fucked at her tits.

"You wanna see me cum?" Roberta said, looking at me with glassy eyes. "You wanna see me cum on her tits? On her face?"

She slid backwards up to Jean's mouth, her nipples standing up like small cylinders from her breasts. Her panting loud. As she sat on Jean's face, she moaned, then commanded; "Sssuck me! Yesss, eat my pussy. Make me cum, sweetheart. Make me cum in your mouth!!"

I moved over to her, her eyes half-closed, hips rocking furiously. I kept up the taunts hoping to send her over the edge.

"You're such a hot carnal slut -- licking a girl's pussy until she cums. Playing with girl's pussies. What's the matter, cocks not good enough for you. Getting your twat sucked by a girl. Naked in bed with your girlfriend's tongue in your cunt, and you're going to cum, aren't you. Your getting all wet with HER tongue in you... why don't you show me what a hot pussy slut you are and eat her cunt too?"

"Ahhhnngg" Roberta moaned as she fell down between Jean's open thighs.

Her hands pushed the tanned thighs apart, as she shoved her face tightly against Jean's soaked pussy. She rocked her face back and forth, tongue extended, making wet slurping noises.

"Ooooh that's sooo HOT!" I crooned to her, "Watching you rub your face in her cunt...I'd love to have a picture of you, naked, your legs spread, her tongue in your gushing wet pussy, while you rub her cum on your face."

She stopped sucking Jean, her head arching back, mouth open, her eyes closed. Short sounds escaped from her lips as she neared her moment of triumph.

"Make her face wettt babee...CUM in her mouth...make her face WET with your cum!" I encouraged.

She started cumming, thrusting her ass against Jean's mouth, her body first falling flat, arms splayed out, then she was upright, her hips shaking and her body twitching as she received little electric shocks through her clit.

"Huh! Uh! Huh! Huh! Huh!" were the only sounds in the room except for the wet noises Jean was making between her soft thighs.

She fell off of Jean, still shuddering and moaning. Her lust only partly sated, her eyes fell on us.

"Quick Jean," She panted, "fuck him. I wanna watch you FUCK! See your cunt FUCKED by his cock!"

We moved together, Jean on her knees, and I slid into her pussy easily. Jean's pussy was so wet that I had trouble feeling anything as I pumped her hard and fast. She ground her hips against me, trying to bury me deeper in her smouldering cunt. We pounded each other, her cheeks rippling after each thrust, her tits bouncing, until I felt her hole tighten around my shaft. I plunged as deep as I could, splaying my legs wider than hers to get some leverage as I drove it deep against her cervix.

Jean collapsed against the bed, her legs straight and locked together tightly, her moans and cries announcing her orgasm. I lay still until her contractions eased on my cock, then I started slow movements, drawing my cock slowly from deep inside, then quickly plunging back.

"You're...still....hard?? Unngh." She said as I lowered my cock back to the depths of her cunt.

Roberta pulled me off of her brunette friend, eyes still filled with lust, as my cock slipped wetly from between Jean's cheeks.

"I'M going to make you cum and cum and cum." She announced proudly.

With her proclamation, she laid down and began to suck my cock, licking Jean's juice from my balls with a greedy tongue. Jean looked and made a comment about her being greedy, and a kinky idea hit me.

"You want me to fill your mouth with my jism?" I asked Roberta.

Her moaned response was a definite yes, as she laid under me, playing with her clit. Her hands were a blur over her light bush as she continued to suck me into her mouth.

I pulled her into position having to forcibly remove my shaft from her eager mouth. I laid her on her back, sitting almost upright against several pillows as I straddled her stomach. She leaned forward to suck my cock, but I pulled back away, denying her. I had Jean sit next to us and placed her hand around my cock, showing her the best grip with which to jack me off. I sat back, resting not quite on Roberta's stomach, and reached behind me to stroke her drenched pussy as Jean began to pump my shaft. I told my wife that Jean was going to make me cum in her mouth. That her best friend was going pump my cock until I came in her mouth, feel me cumming as she sucks the cum from me.

I leaned forward so my cock entered her mouth, as Jean pumped me. Jean used her thumb and forefinger, pulling tightly around my cock, pulling the skin with her as she stroked. My fingering of her pussy made my wife greedy and she wanted to suck me herself. Several times Jean pulled me out, and still pumping my cock, kept it away from this carnal blonde until she started to behave.

I reached down and stroked Jean's bush since she was doing me, and she leaned over and sucked my nipple. Jean's pussy was still wet and slick, her thighs wet from Roberta's frantic licking. A look came into her eyes, and she slid her body down to lay on her side next to us.

"Mmmm. Lick the head." She instructed. "Lick any cum from the head as I get him off. I'm gonna pump him into your mouth...fill your mouth with his hot spurting cum...I want to watch while he cums in your mouth."

Roberta was sucking too much into her mouth, so Jean took me out and teased her with it, rubbing me against the side of her face, making her swing her head from side to side while she chased it.

"Mustn't take too much." Jean warned as she slid me back into Roberta's mouth. "C'mon you naked little bitch, let him know how much you want him to cum. Make him cum in your mouth as much as he did in mine. Can you feel his balls rubbing your stomach? Those cum filled balls...rubbing on you?"

I felt a well know sensation rising from those balls too. I was getting closer as these two teased.

"After he gets hard again, I want him to fuck you from behind while I eat your pussy. I want to taste his cum inside you...suck it from you, drink you both.."

Jean was stroking at a steady pace, but I wanted faster and told her to go faster, to make me cum. At the speed she was moving her hand, Roberta had to pull back to just beyond the end of my cock to keep her lips from getting bruised. This left me looking at my naked wife, her gray eyes filled with a primal lust, mouth open, her tongue eagerly awaiting the arrival of the first drop as Jean sucked at her nipple.

"Ohh God...I want to...Cum!" I panted.

"Yessss!" Roberta hissed back. "Shoot your hot thick cum in my mouth I want you to fill my mouth. Shoot your jism all over me! Shoot your jism... let me drink you...drink your cum..."

Jean chimed in with "That's it...tell him...I'm going to suck your wet cunt while you swallow his cum...suck you and make you wet and horny again. I want your slick cum on my face while he shoots his load in your mouth... your wet juice, his cum, all over us..."

"Ohh, NOW!" I shouted, "I gonna...CUM...NOW...CUM!"

I felt a surge well up inside me, a rush of cum flowed from the end of my cock into Roberta's open mouth. She moved forward against the torrent, taking me into her mouth. Jean held on to my cock, holding her hand in one place while I bucked and worked more cum into my wife's hot mouth. Roberta was whimpering and moaning as I shot another flood into her mouth, my cock twitching and throbbing. Another pulse exited my cock into her mouth. I could feel the warmth of my cum still in Roberta's mouth, exciting me.

Jean pulled my cock from Roberta's mouth, jacking me off onto my wife's tits, while her voice dripped with lust, "Cum on her tits...yeah...all over her tits...make her your wet little slut..."

Roberta grabbed Jean's head and pulled her down for a kiss, cum dribbling from the one corner of her mouth. As they kissed, more cum leaked past their lips, as Jean rubbed my cock over my wife's chest and tits. As they parted, I heard them both swallow, Jean pulling my wife up from the bed to wipe the cum from her face with my softening cock, which Jean then sucked into her mouth.

I collapsed on the bed and watched as they both licked each other off, and started touching and caressing each other. Later, I made love to each of these wonderful women, separately, and together. When we were all finally sated, we cuddled and kissed, falling asleep together, content and smiling.

From that night forward, Jean was always invited for a birthday or an anniversary party.

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